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The New Great Game Round-Up: October 21, 2014

This round up brings to you the latest on Kyrgyzstan targeting U.S. NGOs amid Fears of Kyrgyz Maidan, Tajikistan’s struggle with Syria Blowback, Abkhazia & More!

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BFP Exclusive Report- A Distillation of DOD Funding Priorities for September 2014: Part II

The Department of Defense (DOD) spent at least $32,510,210,101 on 693 individual contracts in September 2014.

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BFP Exclusive- Hong Kong’s Umbrellas are ‘Made in USA’

The “umbrellas” for Hong Kong’s ongoing Umbrella Revolution are made in Washington.

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ISIL: From Decapitation to Islamophobia

A path most appealing to the West and the West, for its part, is furtively and consciously weaving a sham narrative on Islam in the world.

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