Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds         <span> Episode #4 </span> Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds Episode #4
The Feds’ Coming War Against Homeschoolers
Homeschooling- a path to independence and critical thinking & how homeschoolers can preempt and challenge the Feds’ coming assaults.
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De-Manufacturing Consent with Guillermo Jimenez<span>Episode #63</span> De-Manufacturing Consent with Guillermo JimenezEpisode #63
Silk Road & the Trial for Internet Freedom
The philosophy of the Silk Road, the merger of internet anonymization technology & cryptocurrency as a way of circumventing the state's unjust laws
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Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins <span>Episode #62</span> Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins Episode #62
Former Sex Slave Accuses Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew
Journalist Nick Bryant on Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, and Bill Clinton angles in the brewing sex scandal.
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BFP Roundtable<span>Episode #9</span> BFP RoundtableEpisode #9
Porkins Policy Radio- Gladio Operations in Russia’s Backyard, Chechens...
We continue our roundtable discussion on Gladio B with Sibel Edmonds and Tom Secker.
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Empire, Power & People w/Andrew Gavin Marshall<span>Episode #135</span> Empire, Power & People w/Andrew Gavin MarshallEpisode #135
The World Economic Forum & the Global Plutocracy
This episode examines the history & role played by the World Economic Forum as a socializing institution for the emerging global class of plutocrats.
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The Eye Opener Report with James Corbett<span>Episode #137</span> The Eye Opener Report with James CorbettEpisode #137
Changing the World for the Better through Giving
Challenging other alternative media producers, as well as the general public, to start changing the world for the better through giving.
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Saturday Night BFP-Jamiol Music         <span>   Episode #157 </span> Saturday Night BFP-Jamiol Music Episode #157
Temple of the Dog- “Hunger Strike”
Hunger Strike was written by vocalist Chris Cornell and it was released in 1991. Turn up the sound, forget about snow and...enjoy...DJPJ
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The New Great Game Round-Up: January 26, 2015

This round up brings to you the latest on ISIS Looking for Russian spies, China’s crack down on illegal border crossings by Uyghurs & much more!

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BFP Exclusive- The Balkans Elections Update: Croatia & Greece

The genie of political anti-imperialist rebellion in Europe is out of the bottle & cannot be repressed.

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Murdering journalists … Them and Us: The West & the Real Origin of Islamic Fundamentalism

The West’s weapons of choice in the Middle East- Bombs, Invasions, Overthrows, Torture & Drone Attacks.

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BFP Exclusive Report- A Distillation of DOD Funding Priorities for December 2014

The Department of Defense (DOD) spent at least $19,277,561,596 on 322 individual contracts during December 2014.

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