Exclusive Interview with Sibel Edmonds by The American Conservative Magazine


The American Conservative Magazine cover story is now available online!

‘Who’s Afraid of Sibel Edmonds?’

The new issue of The American Conservative Magazine with a cover story on my case and an exclusive interview with me is now available. It is a ‘must read’ story exposing treason in high places.

Here is how the ACM describes it on their site:

    There’s a new issue of The American Conservative going to press today, and it includes a story that will make more than a few congressmen and foreign lobbyists intensely uncomfortable: an in-depth interview between Phil Giraldi and FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. She tells us exactly how Turkish intelligence have penetrated national secrets, suborned government officials, and blackmailed Congress. It’s going to be explosive.

This new issue is currently available to subscribers online at: http://amconmag.com/. The print copy will be out early next week.

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  1. "What strikes me is the pre-9/11 business discussions regarding the division of Iraq…"

    That Northern part that the appointed civilians at DoD did not want to have as Turkish protectorate, would be the independent Kurdistan I had mentioned.

    And it wouldn't have been exclusive to Northern Iraq; the point would be to re-draw the middle east, it would carve into Iran and Syria (likely Turkey too). That's what Clean Break was about – re-drawing the ME; Iraq got the ball rolling.

    This stuff was discussed earlier than the four months before 9/11. Like I said, Clean Break was one public iteration of it; but it goes back to at least 1980's Israeli strategic theory.

  2. Just reading about Clean Break (on wikipedia – do you recommend other sources?). Looks like that was 1996 and included Perle and Feith.

    Man these are some scary people. Let's not forget the (2000?) PNAC document almost calling for a "New Pearl Harbor".

    With what Sibel's already mentioned and aparently that can be proved, it's not hard to stretch the imagination about what would be done in the name for security for Israel. Is that what they're really about?

  3. It was 9/11 that got Iraq started.

  4. There will never be peace with morals like these. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article23551.htm

  5. @Zica,

    For part of the intellectual origins of the blood borders scheme see The Zionist Plan for the Middle East by Oded Yinon from the winter 1982 issue of Kivunim.

    People get hung up on PNAC, and especially the "new Peal Harbor" part. I don't read to much into that; what is significant about PNAC's aims is the idea of ensuring American power by blocking the emergence of future powers.

  6. "it's not hard to stretch the imagination about what would be done in the name for security for Israel. Is that what they're really about?"

    It is a significant factor. They would argue that American interests and Israeli interests are shared, and what is good for Israel is good for America.

    I would note the divergence of the Jim Baker-Big Oil crowd from the neocons mentioned in the article. Those guys do not necessarily care about Israel; the neocon plans of creating small states and privatizing oilfields is counter to Big Oil’s interest. Oil is for the most part a government business; big oil wants to keep it that way because governments can control prices but companies cannot.

    Creating small states and privatizing oil, where small oil companies would come in and produce at a rate of maximum extraction would flood the market. Flooding the market like this would help break the back of OPEC and the Arabs, which Israel would like to see. Notice how Perle works with small independent oil companies in Kurdistan, and not for the big boys.

  7. Metemneurosis says:

    @ Kingfisher

    Do we know what companies Perle works for? It's not the homonymously named Pearl Petroleum Limited is it? That would be really cheesey.

  8. @Metemneuris,

    Check out:

    Perle Linked to Kurdish Oil Plan, by Susan Schmidt and Glenn R. Simpson. The Wall Street Journal, 29 July 2008.

  9. Great article Sibel and Philip,

    What a farce Guantanamo and this supposedly war on terror is. Here you are, providing information, exposing acts of treason, exposing threats to national security, drug smuggling, money laundering, corruption, etc. and nobody in power or the Media touches it. If one of detainees revealed some of this information, what would they do with it?

    Unfortunately, the parties involved in this web of corruption are all too powerful and it’s reasonable to assume that nothing will ever come of it but keep putting the truth out there, some of us are paying attention.

  10. Thanks for the info, KF.

  11. I haven't added much, but I find the blindness and misinformation within what I call the Texas fundamentalist Christian movement pervasive and manipulated by at least one person that knows better. Try getting this information into the hands of some of these fundamentalists that have rebelled from the brainwashing, but are still subject to its influence.


  12. Sibel, though TPTB is trying to silence these issues, There are at least 90 million Americans that are VERY UPSET about it. With winter coming up in a few short weeks away, I suspect that they will try to run out the clock on this (and other issues). The result will be 167 million very upset americans. All we can say is "go ahead, make our day"! http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/general_politics/september_2009/66_angry_at_government_policies_60_say_neither_party_has_answers

  13. Just read the article…

    Encore!! Encore!!

    Keep up the great work, Sibel.



  14. @ KF

    "…what is significant … is the idea of ensuring American power by blocking the emergence of future powers."


    Ironically (or perhaps not), many people would probably say that that is a good thing…


  15. Sorry if this is repetitive, but for the THIRD time since September 19, "Who's Afraid of Sibel Edmonds?" is featured on the front page at


    and this time with a direct and unrestricted link to the full article.

    They are featuring this story big-time (which is not surprising, considering its content).

    "Tom Joad"

  16. Anon the Neocon:

    Congratulations Mrs. Edmonds. Finally, you are speaking openly. I though it was high-time to challenge that state secrets privilege nonsense. I doubt anyone can do anything to silence you, when you decide to speak fully.

    I also appreciate your venue – Pat may not like neocons, but he represents the best of America – values, freedom, identity. Sorry for your readers who have an ideological revulsion to sound thought.

    That said I want to ask a few questions-

    What do you base your statements on? Your FBI briefings on the case, or secondary sources?

    1) You claim Grossman was removed from Turkey due to the Susurluk scandal. How do you know this?

    2) You claim Perle and Feith had an access list for the Pentagon – again, where did you get this info?

    3) Dr. Sabri Sayari a spy? When you say "widely considered" what do you mean?

    4) Describing the information that was given to Turks, what exactly are we talking about here? Can you give one concrete example of the information transferred? Not by source, but content?

    5) Pre-911 discussions of Iraq invasion. What are your sources? You mention the usual culprits, but you weren't at the FBI. You are suggesting the FBI had taped such exchanges, months before 911?

    6) Students paid for spying at laboratories? Again, what do you base this on? This sounds unlikely. Why would they have to be paid, when all it takes is requesting that they bring back materials to the professor under various pretexts?

    7) If you were privy to conversations about Central Asia and Jihadi groups, why can't you ascertain the identity of the conversants? If it wasn't the CIA, or any state agency, then why implicate our government? Who is "they"?? Not DOS, not DOD, not CIA…in fact, is it anyone even remotely connected to the US?!

    8) The word corruption, has legal implications. But you don't mention one case that could be considered as "corruption". You are also attributing criminal conduct to various player, but what do you base this on. If something is carried out with an executive order – within the confines of international law – what kind of criminality is construed?

    Two pointers Mrs. Edmonds.

    1) You are suggesting that one regional FBI and headquarters were involved in decade long surveillance of people intimately involved with forces behind 911, the Iraq invasion, and "corruption" in the government, yet failed to squeeze in even a footnote about such surveillance in the prolific 911 report. You are either discussing the biggest cover-up in history, requiring insane efforts, or more likely, you are undermining a very very big sting operation.

    2) RAND does research for many institutions, most of it confidential. Recently they did a piracy study for the MPAA. They have neither the capacity nor centrality to provide information that would be worth 400,000 dollars to anyone. At best, the fools who paid that much, were had.

    Which basically points to one conclusion: you still don't understand something basic about how our government functions – AIPAC is an appendage of the government, not vice versa. G2B and G2NGO doesn't only flow one way.

  17. Excellent!!! This was so well done. Hopefully there won't be negative repercussions for Sibel because of the past gag orders. Was this in violation of them or are they void without renewal?

    Anyone know what "Bin Ladens" plural was referring to? Relatives in on the covert activities? Or other like figures? Am I correctly inferring that this includes "the" Bin Laden himself? I remember the claims about Bin Laden's relatives being flown out of the U.S. shortly after 9/11 supposedly over concerns for their safety.

  18. http://screwloosechange.blogspot.com/

    The comment section pretty much sums it up…

  19. “But the national media don't report that Andre Fladell is a political Proteus with a drive to win at all costs. They don't know he is an independently wealthy activist and dealmaker who rewards his friends and bashes his enemies with Machiavellian gusto. They don't know the man who professes an aversion to all the hype surrounding his court case yet laps up media attention like a thirsty mutt at a muddy puddle.” Roger Williams & Bob Whitby
    There is a danger in libel and slander even if it is not worth litigating. Here is an example of the sort of people that the Sibel Edmonds revelations can target. By using the Internet and each person finding some person they know that is controlled, we can break the Matrix. Fladell was a major player in the hanging chad debacle with Theresa LaPore and Secretary of State Harris. Allegedly a Democrat, one wonders when Clint Curtis is relegated to the backburner for identifying Tom Feeney as culpable in rigging ballot boxes, by no less than Rahm Emmanuel. These players like to remain anonymous and influence by proxy. Fladell plays poker with a cousin, and is half Jewish. Don't ask me what the other half is. I don't know. I know my cousin likes fame and glory, name dropping, and at heart is a good person, but not very bright. He is exactly the sort that Fladell can use to keep Texas christians in support of Israel, blind faith as I like to call it. Did anyone see Netanyahu last night? No apology for the settlements, the wall that confiscated Palestinian farmland, and the gates that keep the cattle in their pens.


  20. Anon 6:20 am:
    "You are either discussing the biggest cover-up in history, requiring insane efforts, or more likely, you are undermining a very very big sting operation."

    You mean like that "very big sting operation" carried out by Anglo-American intelligence agencies, covering three decades of the A.Q.Khan proliferation network, facilitating it and allowing it to prosper until Libya decided not to play ball any more in 2003?

  21. Sibel, three cheers for you, Mr. Giraldi, and The American Conservative!

    But did you see the following story?


    What do you make of this? I think it's ominous. Is it some kind of warning to the President? Exceedingly strange how this highly irregular breach of the president's security follows so closely upon the heels of your specific revelations this past weekend concerning Congressional and Executive Branch corruption by the Turkish Lobby. Call me a nut, but…Wow!


  22. @anon 10:13
    There also were reports of the Israeli P.M. security detail delaying Netanyahu at his hotel from attending his meeting with Obama.

  23. "2) RAND does research for many institutions, most of it confidential. Recently they did a piracy study for the MPAA. They have neither the capacity nor centrality to provide information that would be worth 400,000 dollars to anyone. At best, the fools who paid that much, were had."

    Individual employees at RAND would hold TS/SCI clearances, they probably have some with Q clearances. In fact it probably has one of the highest concentration of people with such clearances in the private sector. It is not illogical that employees there would be a significant intelligence target.

    I would also note that Steve Rosen, perhaps by coincidence, spent four years working at RAND before he left to work at AIPAC.

  24. Edit_Mommies says:

    This is still very helpful. The way you were trained conflicted with Can and Grossman. They do things like that on purpose for exposure. A new healthier FBI. You really treat them better than you understand.

  25. I just learned about you from the @TAC website. We're lucky to have you and I'm impressed you do your own blogging. That's no way to be famous.

  26. Sibel Edmonds says:
  27. Rady Ananda says:

    Barnes & Noble doesn't have it yet, and Bob's News & Books (Ft. Lauderdale) doesn't carry American Conservative… guess that blows their reputation that "if Bob's doesn't have it, it isn't published"


  28. Oh, yeah, I'll comment on the Undemocratic Underground thread:

    "Gee, doesn't Schakowsky sound exactly like Hastert?"

    I remember a time not too long ago when Undemocratic Underground and Daily Krap were totally gung-ho for Sibel's story. And I knew exactly why they were so gung-ho: Because it was partisan.

    Well, now partisan is on the other foot, isn't it? It should be blindingly clear to everyone that the Demopublicans are cut from the very same cloth as the Republocrats.

    I never forget that it was the Democrats who gave more weapons to Turkey during the Clinton administration than Turkey received from the US in all the combined years of the Cold War, and those weapons were used to murder well over 40,000 Kurdish civilians, forcibly displace millions more, and destroy some 4,000 villages.

    And if people are going to be willingly blind to the obvious, then I hope the Turks (and the Israelis) continue to screw over the US like they have been doing for YEARS.

  29. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Coming UP Momentarily: My Response to Rep. Schakowsky on 'Credibility.' Please Stay Tuned…

  30. @neocon
    1) You are suggesting that one regional FBI and headquarters were involved in decade long surveillance of people intimately involved with forces behind 911, the Iraq invasion, and "corruption" in the government, yet failed to squeeze in even a footnote about such surveillance in the prolific 911 report. You are either discussing the biggest cover-up in history, requiring insane efforts, or more likely, you are undermining a very very big sting operation.

    The 911 commission report failed to mention the 6.5second total 'collapse' of a 47 storied steel framed highrise. At least 2secs. of which was free-fall.Thats not a bad footnote miss. It failed to include public testimony of Norman Maneta whos statements on record totally confused Dick Cheneys account of the Pentagon strike, in fact giving evidence of Cheney ALLOWING what ever struck the Pentagon TO DO SO. It has been recorded by its own members to having been under the control of Phillip Zelikow to a maximum degree;not bad given the partisan nature of its membership anyway, and was exposed this year as having had bush administration 'minders' interfering to the point of aggression in interview situations. It based a large percentage of its storyline on the 'evidence' tortured out of one man .KSM. waterboarded over 100 times. David Ray Griffins excellent book 'Omissions and Distortions" deconstruct this report with academic rigor and leave no doubts about its direction.
    The notion that this 'prolific report' might be able to 'miss' information streams not suited to its preconceived outcome should hardly be an issue here.


  31. @ Rady

    I'm not sure if you are crying ebcause you haven't read the article or because you haven't been able to obtain your own copy of the mag for posterity, but…

    if you haven't read it, the full body of the interview is available, for free, here:



  32. TWIMC:

    It's been a comparatively quiet day here in Pittsburgh for the G20 conference. 800 protesters compared with 35,000 in London, riots in Seattle, etc. Can't say as I'm really surprised. I guess Pittsburgh just isn't that important or high profile enough to waste time and money protesting here. (It must really piss people off that we keep winning the superbowl and stanley cup… lol)

    Oh well… I'm going back out to play with the National Guard tanks rolling through town everywhere. It's rather surrealistic.

    Especially on the heels of a dozen county sheriff's "accidentally" coming through my door at 6:15am a couple mornings back looking for a fugitive who was staying at a neighbors' place… "Oops… wrong address. But we aren't sorry… "

    No… really.


    PS ~ Sorry, Dad… I know it would make you proud (finally), but, I have no intention of getting myself arrested. Nothing personal, but, somehow I don't think it would help my pending contracts or job app's. Maybe someday when I'm retired and no longer need to earn a living…

  33. Anon the Neocon:

    The suggestion that a decade long FBI surveillance operation carried out at HQ and independently in Chicago can be covered up – reveals total ignorance of the frailty, incompetence, and imbecility of our intelligence community. If Edmonds could do it, so could ten other boy-scouts. Curiously, neither Mrs. Edmonds, nor her strongest partisans here, choose to answer any of my questions, except Kingfisher who mentions RAND.

    One look at procurement requiring security clearance at a range of departments reveals that RAND may posses just a bit less valuable information than a single large corporate contractor. But I wont belabor this, as I am curious to see what I've missed.

    But I get the picture, talk of democracy, prison state, and corruption is only good when it goes one way. Asking questions that go to the heart of the matter, is about as anathema here, and to Mrs. Edmonds, as asking the same questions of the government – at least in Edmond's words.

    Hypocrisy exposed?

    But then I always maintained, there is zero dedication to any ideals here at 123, it's sheer whistleblowing entrepreneurship, footloose and untethered to any national ideal. Hence all the self-hate stuff. Bravo.

  34. John Francis Lee says:

    Excellent! You are a brave person Sibel Edmonds, tenacious too. Thanks for fighting this fight.

    You are one of my American heros. We should all be more like you.

    Thanks again.

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