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The Boiling Frogs Presents Dr. Nafeez Ahmed

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Dr. Nafeez Ahmed provides us with an overview of the role played by US military and intelligence practices in the creation of terrorism, particularly Al-Qaeda. He tells us about the status of investigations into the Blair government’s complicity with the Bush administration in supporting the invasion of Iraq. He discusses possible factors behind Americans’ long-held denial and dismissal of dark US foreign policy practices as conspiracies. Mr. Nafeez talks about the Obama administration, the ongoing posture of US corporate interests and the desire to dominate world energy supplies, the so-called liquid bombing plot and how it was mythologized in the US, and more.

AhmedDr. Nafeez Ahmed is a bestselling author and political analyst. He is the Executive Director of the Institute for Policy Research & Development, and has taught courses in contemporary history and international relations theory at the University of Sussex. His Doctoral thesis investigated the radicalization processes and dynamics of violent conflict in the context of hierarchical social systems in the modern world. Dr. Ahmed has also published extensively on international security issues, including The London Bombings; The War on Truth; Behind the War on Terror; and The War on Freedom. He has been an expert commentator for BBC News 24, BBC World Today, Al-Jazeera English, among others. He is currently advising the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst on engaging British Muslim communities. Visit Dr. Nafeez’ website.

Here is our guest Nafeez Ahmed unplugged!

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  1. Sibel: The Blair government’s complicity with the Bush administration in supporting the invasion of Iraq is far less interesting than the Bush administration complicity to violate the US Constitution. The War on Freedom is not being significantly curtailed by the O’Bama administration.
    On February 28,2006 political prisoner, Al-Arian was famously double-crossed by the US Government with a crooked plea agreement. The man still under house arrest in Virgina has been harassed by the Federal Government for 8 long years.

    Sibel at least you are free to work and live your life. Please publicize this scandal on your website.

    From Wikipedia we read:

    “Dr. Sami Amin Al-Arian is a civic activist and a former professor of computer engineering at the University of South Florida. In 2006 he made a plea agreement to plead guilty to conspiracy to help a “specially designated terrorist” organization, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Al-Arian was sentenced to 57 months in prison and given credit for time served. He was to serve the balance of 19 months and then be deported. In March 2008 the U.S. Department of Justice subpoenaed Al-Arian to testify before another grand jury. Because he refused to testify, prosecutors charged him with criminal contempt in June 2008.On September 2, 2008, Al-Arian was released from detention on bond.He will remain under house arrest as he awaits a trial on contempt charges”.

  2. @Will: First, thanks for the first comment. Second, Al-Arian case is extremely important and has even more important implications. I’ve been following his case on & off for the last few years. I’d like to get Dr. Weaver’s sound analysis on this, since he has the legal expertise. My response would be: Police State here we are.

    And finally, would be nice to have your comment/take on the important points discussed during this interview.

  3. Noam Chomsky finishes off this great podcast:


    Oldie but goldie.

  4. ZicaTanka says:

    “…practices in the creation of terrorism, particularly Al-Qaeda”

    Whoa, where’s KF, to shoot this down as prattle?

  5. ZicaTanka says:

    Hey, Dr. Nafeez Ahmed!

    What happened to the Fruit of the Boom’s handler?

    Why do we need to consider what we are told to consider?

    What you are telling us is merely disgusting (just about anyone can do that these days). What we really need for you to tell us is how to go about some prosecutions.

    Do you have any information which could further this cause?

  6. This was, again, a great interview!

    It was also one on the first times that the at the Boiling Frogs addressed the Deep International State explicitly. Between 44:30 and 49:30 Nefeez Ahmed described the Deep International State and pointed out a book “Government of the shadows”. It was a pity that Peter B. stopped him at 49:30 by directing attention to the underwear bomber. I sometimes have the impression that Peter B. does not like to talk too long about conspiratorial Deep State issues. Well, I consider these more important than any type of underwear 😉

    Our friends in the clouds around the top, who form and operate the Deep State, like nothing more than that we are wasting our time on irrelevancies and unproductive reasoning. This podcast had little of this!

    Nefeez Ahmed is a great addition to the site and I am looking forward to many more of his excellent contributions.

  7. Of all the podcasts I listen to, none can come close to yours for clarity. After Pablo Escobar speaking plainly and voluminously about the Great Game behind every war since 1990, so clear!

    Now, this, Nafeez pointing out the ideologue core nature of the Left, fearful of “conspiracy theories”, thus condemned to facilitate every conspiracy that comes, and its ALL conspiracy. Even Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky sky away from the thickest part of that fray, for all their great work and courage. Maybe they would say, “true or not, it’s counterproductive to become enmeshed in it”. But to my mind, nothing is more important than moving the focus to the Deep State and the Great Game and the fierce and unscrupulous battle for resources, to get and to deny to others. The American people are like lap dogs of the Empire, and won’t countenance the real story.

    When a majority or sizable minority of Americans understands the Deep State for what it is, and the Figureheads for what they are, then a new, hopeful (but probably more dangerous) phase will begin — and not before.

    If only you had twice as many per week! But then again, I need to hear them twice or three times to understand the full impact.

    All power to your great cause Sibel, and Peter, you are a masterful facilitator. A great team!

  8. @ ProudPrimate
    Well put! I am leftish as well and I avoided conspiratorial interpretations for a long time: almost as if there was an emotional blockade. But confronted with overwhelming evidence pointing to a hidden global reality I feel forced to make this a core topic, even if I loose sleep over it or loose whatever is left of my naive optimism about the world.

    We have to find a basis for some sort of realistic optimism. For example, it is quite possible that the Great Game and the Deep International State need secrecy to remain viable and that it cannot function when it is exposed. Alas, with the state of the media this is not yet feasible. But I am sure the Deep International State has its own precarious dynamics: it will not be easy to reach and maintain some sort of consensus and communality among greedy and ego-inflated people. There will be dissenters, losers, schemers, and frightened and some decent members who spill the beans and provide us with valuable information. The better we know how to find, interpret, and include this information, the more we’ll be able form a basis of realistic optimism and, eventually, become effective.

    Anyway the Boiling Frogs is developing in a fantastic resource. Even for a European such as myself.

  9. Very interesting podcast, made me search for papers by Tunander, a.o. “Democratic State vs Deep State”.
    Look forward to articles by Nafeez on this site.

    I can recommend the following article, re the collusion between right wing terrorists, and elements of the security/intell services, which is available on the lobster website:

    Bale, Jeffrey Mackenzie: “Right-wing Terrorists and the Extraparliamentary Left in Post-World War 2 Europe: Collusion or Manipulation” (Lobster 18).

  10. mcthorogood says:

    It took a while to listen to the podcast and I don’t regret it. I think this is certainly the best podcast so far.

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