Daniel Ellsberg Endorses Boiling Frogs Post

“Let’s help each other jump out of the pot and off the stove”

EllsbergIf we human frogs are to escape boiling–or baking, frying, glowing and other fates our leaders are warming us up to–we need to heed the voices summoned by Sibel Edmonds on Boiling Frogs Post warning us to help each other jump out of the pot and off the stove.

Boiling Frogs brings to you crucial voices, viewpoints and stories that are blacked out elsewhere. In these times when truth seems to be harder to come by, and maintaining hope keeps getting harder to do, here is an oasis in the desert of spin, half-truths, and fabrications that sadly passes for the “free press” guaranteed by our Constitution. What you read here, what you hear here, and what you will soon see here is un-filtered by government or corporate interests and not driven by ideology – a breath of fresh air.

I want to congratulate Sibel on launching this much needed venue free of partisanship focused on issues that truly matter. I wholeheartedly endorse and support this site and the distinguished team of truth-reporters, and I invite all of you to do the same: join this movement, spread the word, and contribute what you can.

Dan Ellsberg


Dan Ellsberg graduated from Harvard in economics in 1952, served in the US Marine Corps from 1954-57, and obtained a PhD in economics from Harvard while working for the Rand Corporation in 1962. In 1964 he joined the Defense Department to work principally on decision-making in the Vietnam War. Mr. Ellsberg precipitated a national political controversy in 1971 when he released the Pentagon Papers, a Top-Secret Pentagon study of US government decision-making about the Vietnam War, to the New York Times and other publications. He was indicted facing 115 years in prison; charges were eventually dismissed on grounds of government misconduct, White House crimes against him which figured in President’s Nixon resignation facing impeachment. Ellsberg has ever since campaigned for peace, encouraging others to reveal truths that are wrongfully withheld by those in power.

This project is solely dependent on your donations. Your contributions will allow us to:

  • Purchase and publish investigative news stories and exposés
  • Bring to you in-depth commercial free Podcast interviews
  • Present independent editorials and analyses
  • Showcase original editorial cartoons
  • Facilitate lively discussions
  • Maintain & Manage this Website

We need your support to make this project a reality. Please contribute what you can, and many thanks for all you do.


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  1. avatar theepitbull says:

    The cream is raising to the top ;) You go girl!


    Link of the week: http://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_a_Favicon

  2. I’ll contribute once I’ve got some spare change. Right now I’ve got more gritty realities to live with – buying food, paying my electric bill, putting gas in my echo. But my friends keep telling me this is going to be my year – and that one of my many irons in the fire is going to get red hot! But thanks for the good words Daniel, your support is magnificent. I was a draft resistor during vietnam and had to eat a lot of shit because of it. I prevailed in the end because I was a real pain in the ass for the draft board. I got them so tied up in their paperwork that they finally figured out I was a lost cause… at least for them!

  3. Please try and get any or all of these people for future podcasts/columns:

    Robert Fisk
    Noam Chomsky
    Peter Lavelle
    Aimee Allison

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