The New York Times: A Curious Case of Change of Heart?

Seeing the Light, Sanctioned Illusionary Game, or …

seethelightI am going to stay true to my pledged position on Wikileaks related topics, and stick with questions rather than hasty analyses and interpretations. I’ve been highly puzzled by the recent position of and statements by the New York Times on Wikileaks Gate. I don’t know whether to view this puzzling change of heart and position in light of appropriately seasonal concepts of miracles, seeing the light, and the eighth wonder of the world, or, more realistically cynical interpretations based on their reputation, history and track record. How does a mindset dictating governmentally correct and approved reportage suddenly change into one that sides with transparency and positive journalistic ethics? This is when it is good to have media outlets and investigative journalists who investigate, analyze, and report on other media channels, editors and reporters. Alas, we ain’t got one; at least not one I’ve been able to find, thus, here I am with my list of questions asking you to hop on board and help me come up with possible explanations.

It wasn’t that long ago that the Times’ infamous editor, along with his superiors in the government and inferiors beneath him on the committee, decided to hold the explosive exposé on NSA’s Warrantless Spying Program. The Times held the story not for one day, not for one week, not for one month, but for over a year. It sat on it, and whether easily or with great difficulty, it sealed its every single reporter’s lips. Together, in a unified fashion, they all sat on this earth-shattering revelation. They served their masters, and threw their weight into highly critical elections. When, after it was way too late, their governmentally sanctioned deed, this journalistically unethical scam, was exposed, they didn’t have much if anything to offer as defense:

“After meeting with senior administration officials to hear their concerns,” James Risen and Eric Lichtblau wrote, “the newspaper delayed publication for a year to conduct additional reporting.”

Troubled by what seemed to be shifting language about the delay — the initial story and a statement issued over Keller’s name said the paper had held the story for “a year,” but Keller later seemed to acknowledge implicitly that the delay had been longer — Calame kept asking for details, and Keller has now provided them: Drafts of the article were written weeks before the presidential election, Keller says, and “the climactic discussion about whether to publish was right on the eve of the election.”

Why was the story held? That’s a little hard to decipher. Keller has said that he can’t get into too much detail without exposing anonymous sources — and that the administration had assured the Times initially that everyone thought the program was legal…Keller also says that there was a matter of fairness involved — a point with which Calame agrees. “Candidates affected by a negative article deserve to have time — several days to a week — to get their response disseminated before voters head to the polls,” Calame says.

Okay, as I said it wasn’t that long ago and I’m sure many of you remember the entire saga, one that made very clear the position of the Times, their modus operandi and their true masters. And this is exactly why I was left confused and highly puzzled with the Times’ recent change of heart and 180 degree change in position:

But the more important reason to publish these articles is that the cables tell the unvarnished story of how the government makes its biggest decisions, the decisions that cost the country most heavily in lives and money. ..As daunting as it is to publish such material over official objections, it would be presumptuous to conclude that Americans have no right to know what is being done in their name.

The same Bill Keller, who obeyed the government on censoring the illegal wiretapping of all Americans for over a year, and without any hesitation, had this to say on publishing Wikileaks’ cables:

Look, I absolutely believe that governments have an obligation to keep certain things secret, you know, not just diplomacy — military operations, the codes to the nuclear weapons. I mean, there are lots of things that governments have the right to keep secret. It’s their job to keep it secret. It’s not the press’s job to do that.

Granted, the Times has already admitted to having their to-be-published cables and to-be-covered WikiLeaks issues vetted and blessed by their mighty governmental masters:

U.S. officials submitted suggestions to The Times, which asked government officials to weigh in on some of the documents the newspaper and its partners wanted to publish.


But we were concerned at the Times, and it’s one of the reasons that we went through so carefully to try to redact material that we thought could be damaging to individuals or undercut ongoing operations. And we even took the very unusual step of showing the 100 cables or so that we were writing from to the U.S. government and asking them if they had additional redactions to suggest.

Yet, the questions, remain; at least for me. To what can we attribute this curious and sudden change of heart? After all we are talking about the NY Times of Judith Miller, the cover up of the Downing Street Memo, the year-long burial of NSA wiretapping, and much more. Let’s start with the most innocent possibilities and work our way up from there:

-Is it simply due to the competitive market and nature of the news business? Unlike the NSA illegal wiretapping disclosure, this cache of leaks was given to more than one news outlet in more than one country. Did NY Times find the option of censoring it while international competitors did otherwise too big a pill to swallow?

-Is it because they secured the US government’s ‘vetted, sanctioned and blessed’ stamp? Releasing documents that have been vetted and redacted by the US government can serve several purposes: information management – where people get to read and know what the government wants them to read and know, strategic information warfare – where the government counters and neutralizes the damage caused by the leak by placing their own spin and maintaining direction control…

-Is it brought about by some supernatural or spiritual experience on the part of NY Times decision makers? Maybe some supernatural or mythical power decided to make an appearance before them? Maybe it is a case of a terminal illness bringing the editor (or editors) closer to death, thus, more fearful of potential consequences of their past and present evil deeds (think purgatory and think hell)? Maybe there is such a thing as seeing the light – that it is not limited to some serial killer waiting on death row?

-Is the entire thing an illusion created by the same illusion-makers who have been at work for a long time? The media plays the most important role in the game of illusion-making; think a magician and his set of props, then think the shadow government and its delivery vehicle…and then, think US media.

I’m sure I’m missing several other equally or even more significant questions, but then again that’s one of the purposes of posting it on this blog and getting your input. Please chime in, add your questions, and help plug in as many answers as we can.

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  1. -Is it because in the previous instances, publishing would have damaged certain members of the Bush administration (and perhaps their Fox News counterparts), but in this latest leak, the damage would be focused on the US State Department and, more importantly, on Hillary Clinton (DLC Democrat)? (It’s a possibility.)

    I’ll need some time to think more about this. It’s not superficially obvious what’s really going on behind the closed gates of the gatekeepers.

  2. @Aine: Since the cables are going way back, covering Clinton-Bush-Obama era, we may rule out partisanship on this? Not that ‘party’ has anything to do with anything (Shadow government-Russ Baker;-).

    Maybe they went over all the cables and there ain’t nothing above Secret (KF’s theory/stand and it makes sense)or explosive? Also, if they are cherry-picking none of that would matter…

    “I’ll need some time to think more about this” That makes the two of us;-)

  3. @Sibel: Party has nothing to do with it, really, since both the Clintons and Obama are Blue Dog Democrats (conservative corporatists). The D vs. R thing is a divisive distraction, imho. The actual class war is between the wealthy 2% (with their various “helpers” in gov’t and corporations) vs. the bottom 98%. The conservatives (D & R) support the 2% in pretty much everything they do, including rendition, torture, indefinite detentions, black sites, Wall Street casinoland, etc.

    Bill & Hillary (and even Obama) try to act like they’re with the 98%, but we all know that’s sheep’s clothing for the most part. Sure, they throw us a few crumbs now and then, but not often.

    What’s difficult to keep track of is who serves on what Boards of Directors, and I often think that has more to do with what goes on politically behind closed doors than anything we’re publicly told. We all know the real decisions are made behind those doors, and the dog & pony show out here in public is just where those decisions are announced (not where they occur). The cables show a lot of that kind of thing going on.

  4. What’s behind this? It comes down to money, power and preserving your share of it all around.

    Imagine for a moment your NYT management. Your circulation is down. You’ve merged content with some other outlets to try and cut costs. Murdoch wants to shut you down and dominate the media world. You do have a “paper of note tradition”.

    But they also have problems as well with content and reporting. Example: former Baghdad Bureau Chief John Burns. He didn’t exactly go against the corporate MSM in his reporting. John Pilger (who’s won the U.K. Journalist of the Year Award twice) and is internationally respected has a new documentary out. In it he talks to Dan Rather and other corporate MSM types about their Iraq coverage. Many of them say (no surprise), yes, we messed up. We could have done better. But look at the irony of this. A U.K. based investigative journalist talks to Stateside journalists for a new film. Yet, will said film EVER be shown by the MSM? Not a chance.

    Endless denials about torture and more under Bush II and his war criminal staff. Yet, has anyone been held accountable? No. We now have war criminals teaching in universities, writing books and pulling down huge lecture fees as well. Tony Blair comes here and NOBODY says, hang on a minute. We don’t book war criminals on our show. Blair also is making millions and has set up his own very nice tax shelter “corporation”. It’s so complicated that it would take govt. investigators literally several years to just get information about it.

    Is anybody screaming about that? No.

    As for leaking documents, it’s really boring IMO when I hear Cryptome, WMR and others having a go at Assange and Wikileaks. What it really is is this. They’re just pissed off that Wikileaks is getting way more global attention and donations than they are. For Cryptome’s founder to just say “this is a common intelligency agency bluff” doesn’t tell me anything.

    Yes, the government lies and there’s too much secrecy. What’s more important is this. The Powers that Be know that many average people who say they’re pissed off about this won’t do anything (for a variety of reasons). Why would Robert Gibbs insult the entire base that voted for Obama by basically saying get a _____ life, people! This is how it REALLY works Inside the Beltway.

    Bernie Sanders “Filibuster” clip has gotten how many pageviews? How many blogs and thousands of articles and new Twitter followers does he have? Despite all that, the Senate has passed the tax cut extensions. Now, the House will likely do the same.

    How come millions aren’t melting the Capitol Hill phone system to stop this? Because not all but many think that watching/listening to their favorite progressive talk show person is enough. They’ll do this for me, so I can go home and cook dinner.

    They could care less about you. All that matters to them is ratings and profit. Just like the corporate MSM. If that’s not true, then why does Pacifica pay Amy Goodman millions a year when other staff are getting cut all over the place? How come they’re using commercial network talk hosts on many of their drive time shows?

    Again, ratings and profit. Doesn’t exactly fit into the “Pacifica Operating Statement”. But nobody seems to care about that.

    Even Assange is manipulating the spin on Wikileaks to his advantage (for both global pr and donations). Is it illegal? No. Yet, what’s happening in this? Endless hype about the sexual angles in the allegations. Do we really need to see his dating site profile? Do we really need endless replays of what a babe magnet he is (in and out of bed)? Is anyone actually using this as an opportunity to talk about the frustrations that rape survivors have (both women and yes, men too get raped). No.

    Why? Because that doesn’t sell. Nobody wants to hear about guys getting raped. So what’s the point? What if it was a woman head of Wikileaks and two Swedish guys alleging “rape and molestation”? Would the MSM give this one-tenth the massive hype it’s given this so far? I doubt it.

    Lots of people are trying to cash in on Wikileaks Mania. Even Michael Moore. He offers to put up part of Assange’s bail. He offers Wikileaks server space here. He also has a new film about Wikileaks coming out. Yet, he only posted bail because he’s concerned about “free speech and protecting Wikileaks”? Out of all of the comments, posts and more about this on line, NOBODY picked up on this.

    What does that tell you?

    To Sibel’s credit, she’s one of the rare few here who are trying to have a helpful forum and accomplish some good at the same time. Good for her.

  5. Sibel see this on wikileaks
    This hero vs trader dichotomy is just another false paradigm on the media.
    One world leader likes wikileaks and that’s Netanyahu. They sandwich state propaganda between the obvious. The gossipy info on state officials wasn’t for entertainment it was an indirect way of saying we have eyes and ear up your skirt. It’s blackamail. I suspect wikileaks is outsourced intelligence same as Xe is private military. And it seems like Israel and India are the ones involved.

  6. @Ry: “This hero vs trader dichotomy is just another false paradigm” They used that during Ellsberg-Pentagon Papers.

    @Yoshi: “Lots of people are trying to cash in on Wikileaks Mania” we’ve seen that pattern over and over and over. Next, there will be Disney Toys, electronic games, Frozen Food Packages…;-)))))

  7. What also really bothers me is all this focus on Assange, and not really all that much on the contents of the leaks. Oh sure, we get highlights of this and that, and even an occasional bombshell story… but, is anyone doing anything about the crimes that have been exposed? Nope.

    Hell, even Conyers rolled over and this was AFTER he had written an entire book on the articles of impeachment, and all the counts against BushCo on the After Downing Street website.

    Is it really just money and greed that buys people off? Is there really NO ONE willing to stand on principles? Or do those people end up getting mysteriously killed in various small engine plane incidents? (Yeah, I know how paranoid conspiracy theorist that sounds… but I’ve read a lot of stuff that just does not add up or seem logical.)

  8. Locally, here in Florida a similar question could be asked about the release of two YouTube videos between Michael Moore and the newly resigned head of Cigna by MSNBC admitting that that Moore was basically right on all points. The release was after our infamous-to-be governor Rick Scott emerged the winner in a dirty pre-election contest. Had that video been released before the election, Scott would have had a much harder time of it. The clear message seems to be people’s short term memory loss. Is this simply a matter of too much media information, too many social media network devices, or something more conspiratorial? I would answer all of the above. For those who immediately dismiss this train of thought, I will document one of my sources, since it is now available in the open media. I am referring to mind control by design as illustrated at the site under a bibliography produced by Bob Beck, former chief scientist for the U.S. Office of Naval Surface Weaponry. This taboo subject is filled with disinformation, but a diligent search will locate schematics, specific frequencies and other technological advances related to GWEN and HAARP.

  9. Some great points made by all. Simon makes a good point regarding the short term memory of Americans. Unless the press is covering it daily (like Dancing With The Stars, Anna Nichole Smith, Charlie Sheen, etc.etc.etc.), people just don’t seem to concern themselves with it all. That along with the fact many people just don’t want to think about anything negative, are a big reason why the people aren’t energized to change things.

    I believe too that mind control is at play here. How else do you explain millions of people voting for idiots like Dubyah and Palin? Somehow, they are able to energize those people. Why then, aren’t people trying to energize others like us? Probably because there’s not as much money in doing so. And that leads me to the NYT. They were on the brink of folding, and this is the sort of thing that is turning their readership around. What will really be the telltale sign of whether or not NYT and Assange are legit, is if all the dirt comes out on Bank Of America. Of course, there will be those that will say that some group or organization are doing it to see Bank of America fail.

    And that could possibly be. I just found it interesting that no sooner had mention been made about the next leak being on the banking industry, Assange ends up in jail. Coincidence? I don’t think so, but time will tell.

  10. Now we read where Eric Holder is trying to tie Assange to the alleged actual theft of documents in collaboration with Bradley Manning. So, as I read in another link, he is seperated from ordinary MSM like the Times which is no longer under immediatee threat of a law suit from DOJ. So is there any connection? Could those at the NY Times see maybe how many times they have been right where Assange stands legally? And could be more easily in the future if this legal mumbo-jumbo is allowed.

  11. @Simon: I too like your point re: “people’s short term memory loss”-one of our chronic national disease.

    @Micwazoo: “How else do you explain millions of people voting for idiots like Dubyah and Palin?” Well, let’s not forget even many more millions who voted ‘Obama,’ especially the left-over millions who refuse to admit and prefer denial over repent.

  12. Hey Sibel,

    I myself have to say I think there’s actually an honest paradigm shift trend happening with the American people. People who before would normally consider the Government a good thing are realizing there’s some serious problems. From the smallest towns to the biggest cities people are really starting to notice that our Government is not the Government they say they are.

    Some of that trend I believe is taking place in the media industry as well. It’s possible that some reporters who are bound by company policies and regulations are now taking up the attitude that they don’t give a flying bleeep about those policies and regulations anymore. Because they can see that what’s taking place in our Government sector out weighs any consequences they may receive from breaking the rules.

    For example take a look at what Glen Beck and Geraldo Rivera have been up to. Almost over night Geraldo Rivera went from a hardcore official 9/ll story supporter to jumping on the re-investigate 9/11 truth movement. Recently I think he was interviewed by Bill O’rielly where they had a heated debate about false flag attacks and how the FBI exploits mentally handicapped people into committing acts of terrorism. Of course in a classic O’Rielly fashion he was not buying it. Nevertheless, Geraldo has changed his mind and is now on our side of the fence when it comes to discussing the attacks on 9/11 and other false flag attacks.

    Same thing with Glen Beck. Beck used the ridicule anyone who claimed FEMA camps existed and now he’s coming out on his show saying yes they do exist and that the Government has staged and will stage more false flag attacks on it’s own people and blame it on him.

    Also we have Judge Napolitano kicking down doors with his show furthering the trend.

    These changes could very well be why guys like Jay Rockafeller and the Commissioner for the FCC are announcing on national television that standardized and regulated forms of news reporting must be implemented.

    Another factor that plays into this is the ratings factor. Most main stream media news outlets have been losing ratings in large numbers. Those large numbers of Americans are tuning in to alternative media sources that are reporting the truth about what’s really happening. More and more people are waking up and they can see right through the lame duck main stream media propaganda and they’re tired of it. These things maybe giving reporters (who’ve wanted desperately to tell the truth for a long time) the chance to finally start reporting real news. That’s my take on this.

    I have an off topic report for people who are not aware of this yet.

    REPORT: Some information came out today that DHS have already began stepping up their police state control grid for union workers in New York City. It has two formal titles.
    1. Transportation Worker Identification Credential “TWIC”
    2. Secure Worker Access Consortium or “SWAC”

    Basically a national Government license to work. In order to get one of these cards a person must under go a threat assessment screening test. They’re compiling biometric data sets on people so I imagine the following maybe a part of the test
    1. Face Scanning
    2. Retina Scan
    3. Finger Printing
    4. Urine Analysis
    5. Background Criminal Check
    6. Blood Type and DNA
    7. Proper Papers
    8. hmmmm……………….oh yeah you’ll definitely need to fork over some $$$

    Don’t you guys just love New America?

  13. avatar Maidhc Ó Cathail says:


    I’m also suspicious of the NYT’s involvement. As I wrote recently,

    Assange seems equally oblivious to the significant contribution made by the New York Times itself to the war whose conduct he now claims to oppose. On September 8, 2002, the paper of record led with a front-page story by Judith Miller and Michael Gordon, which falsely claimed that Saddam Hussein was seeking to buy aluminium tubes as part of its “worldwide hunt for materials to make an atomic bomb.” As Michael Massing later wrote, “In the following months, the tubes would become a key prop in the administration’s case for war, and the Times played a critical part in legitimizing it.” Chosen by Assange to publish its leaked documents because it is one of “the best newspapers in the world for investigative research,” the pro-Israel Times is now busily spinning the leaks to push America into an equally unnecessary but even more disastrous war with Iran.

    And as Ry says, only one world leader likes WikiLeaks.

  14. maybe baron Bilderburg decided NYT could be the good guy this time round?

    Al Martin reports Eric Holder a ‘good example of a Reagan-Bush-[now Obama] coverup specialist,a ‘real sneaky son of a bitch’[p.231The Conspirators].A loyal Republican[never guess] having been an Assistant United States Attorney in Little Rock investigating links between narcotics trafficking, Mena and the Clinton Administration in Arkansas, which as we know became public knowledge widely reported in NYT…..well. Not quite. Eric on up greasy pole to Iran-Contra coverup, in charge of Iran-Contra Whistle-blower filings.
    With time later spent in Chiquita banana land we don’t suppose helping the disenfranchised landless poor struggle against the killer death squads.

    Not difficult to suppose the nature of justice awaiting Julian and Bradley nor the amount of truth going to come out of it.

  15. Re: rtjwilde I like this analysis and can suggest another reason folks are shifting to alternative media. The &$%* ads are beyond irritating even with the mute button, since media have compensated for that. For those unaware, besides the ability to select news, a new function allows ads to be removed from your PC screen. It is called Just click and drag the readability tag to your bookmarks. Then every time you find an article of interest, click on that, and then click on readability in your bookmarks. Sure makes life more pleasant when trying to do analysis.
    Merry Christmas.

  16. @rtjwilde, your post got me thinking about what has taken place with the unions since Reagan, and now it’s starting to make even more sense. As I read your post, and thought about how much weaker the unions of today are compared to the 60′s, it’s been part of the big picture. That’s why the NWO folks are moving so fast lately. The one piece of unity left in the country, the unions, are losing power and as we can see, are no longer able to reject the actions of the police state.

    Thanx for the eye opener.

    @Sibel, yes, and those that fell for Obama’s bullsh#t too :-)

  17. Completely valid;veridical. Oh Sibel! Wikileaks is merely a catalyst for all seasons, serving the messenger role between two poles of highly ionized, politically charged potentials, as a lattice: apply water to strongly crystallized sodium chloride crystals and the atoms in coalesce quickly onto their own liquid. The stronger the lattice the harder the jaws snap.

    Wikileaks and Boiling Frogs and Antiwar and Democracy Now and … and … and…

    My, how these little times before the storm the media have become charged with sterile fetid corporate agenda, here- these interstitial layers, tepid, thin as Mussolini’s cigarette paper crumpled between putrid majority private interests and minority business interests regale across the electric hyperblue electrons of internet router-sizzlers! The word lives yet. Packets of wily electrons here and there bombard the opaque company brand obsidian lattice demanding transparency yet again. The articles begin to cascade here and elsewhere! Behold we now ye cracks – here an Assange emerging airily angelique aetheric, drawing in the heady elixir of crisp fresh London air outside his jail dungeon; there a James Bamford hefting up another telephone to interview a Sibel Edmonds or Amy Goodman or Scott Horton, his message leaving high notes of truth splayed about like a fine Pomerol wine on the pale pallate of the ears – and breaking the corporate barbed wire fetters which sought to enrobe little packages of truth like so many little Lindt Truffles into kevlar, leaving our dear shattered truth to warmly melt like fine chocolate at the human temperature of 98.6 degrees. Breath of lifeforce. In the light of day. In the warm luminescence of the candle in a cavern.

    My, how did you take the words right out of my mind here, Sibel. If it were not you the majority, we, the giant awakened, we would: we the chudak monster, grumble stumbling from our lethargic narcosis brought about from long mindfuk sessions deep 6′d by Limbaugh (/ insert backer’s puppet string names) and Beck (insert backers’ names litany)… A Sartrean Ad Nauseam, they: save us from the rapture of this deep throat. Blame the chudak monster not, dear harbinger Sibel; the masters from Mammon have studied this paradigm well. From the hides of gestapoed jews the map of the universe was scribed years ago, in crypto. The spymeisters and spintaskers soon wrought their further homework on the Olsens and the Abu Ghraib prisoners, of late, who screamed into the night, echoing, evoking findings from hallucinatory drug experiments on the mass unwashed, unwitting, and from dull edged HVAC electrodes applied to the genitalia of the unwilling.

    Sometimes the rat doth escape. The walls of our labyrinths are afterall a puce rose, hemoglobin, our own: its smell, of fear, is iron and salt and we take up rock against Uzi, our electrons against THEIR SIPR goliath. Their uniformed and uninformed lived to succumb now to the iron tongue of truth, tolling; ask not who wanders in winter’s tickless trail, 2010, for we have sought and we have fought to seize truth-tiger’s tail.

    So let us, we branded and manacled take up the charge now. Strum the Internatsional as we unfurl freely forth the Star-Mangled Banner and everyman’s colours! For the time is now. Mark us all each and every one up as paid in full: use the talleyman’s crayon, let this aquarel of black and white branded internet explode with truth and beauty: pay back time is now we say, in rainbows pastel and irridescent: e=mc^2^º|ô墓è !? !!! Go we forth boldly. More wine.

    This then be out manifesto.


    world wide web
    17-go Dek. 10-go Goda

  18. avatar Kingfisher says:


    FYI: Peter Lance’s article in Playboy about Tony Shaffer; this PDF has the advertising and adult content removed, and is safe for public viewing:

  19. avatar Kingfisher says:

    “your post got me thinking about what has taken place with the unions since Reagan, and now it’s starting to make even more sense. As I read your post, and thought about how much weaker the unions of today are compared to the 60’s, it’s been part of the big picture.”

    The actions of the powerful unions of the 1960’s & 70’s spurred the anti-union backlash that ultimately manifested itself in Reagan and his economic agenda. The unions were too powerful in the 1960’s, and the pendulum swung too far in the other direction.

    There is plenty of responsibility to go around for our current economic situation, certainly corporate America did its part in this Charlie-foxtrot; but the union’s are not beyond reproach here.

  20. Good one, Sibel!

  21. @KF: Thank you for a heads up and the link (Peter Lance article). I am going to read it today. I still haven’t read Tony’s book…another one on my long list;-)

  22. Off topic: “The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) has concluded negotiations on a proposed agreement to strengthen international cooperation, enforcement practices and legal frameworks for addressing counterfeiting and piracy. USTR is requesting written comments from the public on the final text of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) in connection with consideration of U.S. signature of the agreement.

    The deadline for submission of written comments is, 5 p.m., Tuesday, February 15, 2011.

    ADDRESSES: All written comments should be sent electronically via, docket number USTR-2010-0014. Submissions should contain the term “ACTA Public Comments” in the “Type comment
    & Upload file” field on”

    Quoted from the following file:

    This is the address for final government version of the agreement:

    Maybe be worth checking against other leaked versions:

    Is it even worth sending in comments on this? Probly, not. In which case see this as pointing out that the signing is imminent.

  23. Or is Jeff Gates correct (I largely believe he is), that Wikileaks is being used by Zionists to divert attention from Israeli/Zionist crimes to America’s crimes (“we don’t do anything they don’t do” defense)? When Netanyahu is pleased with media coverage NOT about Israel, one is legitimately suspicious.


    STOP FCC TAKEOVER of the internet; sponsored by the big PHONE TELECOM’S.

    IMPORTANT FCC meeting on Dec 20th at 10;30 EST will be streamed on the internet. FIVE FCC BOARDMEMBERS MUST BE PRESSURED TO DO THE RIGHT THING.

  25. Sibel, thanks for everything you’ve done thus far and continue to do to shed light. Recently, I decided to cancel the subscription I’ve had to the NY Times since 1993 after John Burns’ smear piece of Julian Assange, the fact that NYT wouldn’t publish anything until Wikileaks did on their website,

    did not mention Frago 242 which turned a blind eye to Iraqi torture (while other papers including The Guardian did) and various other issues, including the run up to the Iraq War. When I cancelled, I told them the reasons why and since then I’ve seen quite a few instances of articles where I think they have started doing some edgier stories. That said, I think they need to earn our trust and continue to prove themselves by continuing to hold government accountable. My concern with the MSM is that the are too close to their sources and they might as well say, Government sources reported today…
    It’s good to note that the Washington Post did that big series on Top Secret America and they will partner with PBS for a Frontline special on it in January, MSM’s Christopher Hayes recently wrote and Rachael Maddow spoke about Secret Government, so there is hope!

  26. CIA is in all major media and planting their stories and driving the agenda. NYT is not worth the paper it’s printed on.

  27. Assange looks to me to be a cia dupe at the moment. If you release a bunch of “secret” government information and there is nothing particularly damning in it, one has to assume you’ve helped the government yes?

    If there ARE some real bombshells waiting in that trove, he is a fool for not releasing them earlier. Every day he waits is a day the USG can work on censorship, spin, and other forms of damage control. It may make a good story to drag this out, but someone really interested in transparancy would get the good stuff out first, before a reaction plan can be formulated.

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