Revisiting 9/11 with a Bit of Accounting

The Big Picture vs. Drowning in Superficial Details Surrounded by Smoke & Mirrors

Sep11This morning Asia Times showcases a fairly decent article on 9/11, revisiting one of its many still-unanswered questions: ‘Was Saudi Arabia Involved?’ The article revisits the cases of hijackers Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi under CIA surveillance prior to the attack, the Alec Station and FBI bungling, Prince Bandar and his wife’s funneling of money to the hijackers, Saudi and supposed Bin-Laden connected suspects-witnesses flying out of the US under US government protection, the FBI being prevented from stopping or questioning these fugitives’ escape … basically the whole nine yards we 9/11 activists, witnesses, whistleblowers and experts  have been pointing out  for the last ten years plus.

Yawn. A cat-like stretch and a big yawn. Don’t get me wrong. I am not putting down the article. I am a big fan of Asia Times, and this piece is decent. Nothing wrong with decent articles-analyses on these highly censored 9/11 related topics by the mainstream and pseudo alternative media. I am not even calling it boring. Then what is my problem?

My main problem has to do with the entire trend when it comes to 9/11 and those of us who still seek to prevent it from being permanently pushed into a black hole and forgotten, while its use as a pretext for our imperial foreign and domestic policies continues and expands.

So much time and energy and focus is being wasted on tiny bits of detail, while the macro picture is being completely ignored. Especially when many of these pieces act as smoke and mirror ingredients, rather than important pieces leading to the entire picture. What is missing is some good ole fashion accounting. What is needed is a general listing of losses and gains. And of course, with that, ferreting out those with the biggest wins and those with the biggest losses. How hard can that be? And why is no one doing it? I don’t want to preach instead of practice, and I don’t claim to have accounting expertise, but the least I can do is to list the gains and losses as best as I can, and let those with much better and more polished accounting capabilities come up with the net results, and with that the top gainers and losers on 9/11.

Allow me to give you an idea. Let me start the process, however crudely, and invite you to take it from here, expand, and conclude with a far more comprehensive and polished report:

The American People
Liberties- loss (negative gains)
Financial- loss (negative gains)
Security & Safety- zero and negative

The Alleged Terrorists-Hijackers
Loss- dead.

The Alleged Terrorists: So-called Al-Qaeda
Financial- loss (negative gains)
Power- loss (supposedly on the run)
Physical Domain- loss (supposedly flushed out of the caves they were housed in)

Afghanistan People & Nation Status
Financial- loss
Liberties- zero (unchanged)
Security & Safety- loss (negative gains)

The US Government
Expenditure Power- gain; (positive; on borrowed money, peoples’ back)
Authority & Ruling Power- gain (positive)
Immunity & Untouchability- gain (positive)
War Power-  gain (positive)
Abuse of Power Threshold-  gain (positive)
International Colonies & Domain- gain (positive)

Military Industrial Complex & Related Parasitic Bottom-Feeders
Financial- gain (uber positive)
Physical Domain & Expansion; National and international- gain (positive)
Immunity and Exemptions from Laws-Regulations- gain (positive)

I am going to emphasize again: this is only a starting point- a glimpse of the required framework. Take yourself outside the murky details. Stand there and look at the picture through a birds-eye view. Think about Israel. Think about oil companies. Think about global financial giants. Think about a $50 Billion+ Heroin Industry. Think about …

Who are the players with the means and power to gain from 9/11? What have they gained? How much? Who are the ones with real and undisputable losses? What have they lost? How? Then ask yourself why those with such losses would bring about such an event? Why those with so much to gain would hesitate to create such event? And why those with the great losses, who are still losing big, remain silent and passive?

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  1. Bill Bergman says:

    Well, on the loss column, consider the insurance companies that took big hits. They haven’t been exactly silent, pursuing court cases for example. And any direct losses they take are offset in part by the fact that insurance companies exist to take losses; in fact, loss events are some of the best opportunities for insurance companies to add value for their customers. And in the long run, get compensated through premium revenue. But this is just one class to consider while fleshing out the list above.

  2. jschoneboom says:

    This is a very useful framework, I think. Because you’re right, once we get bogged down in details, we can easily lose the plot. This or that detail can be disputed, and people who are determined to believe the official story will nitpick the small stuff until they feel they can say they’ve debunked you. I mean, we’ve probably all lived through more of these conversations than we care to remember. Find something you think is indisputable and they’ll just shift the discussion to something that is. So it’s useful to pull back and paint the big picture.

    On the other hand, that doesn’t work either! I’ve had this “look at who gains and loses” discussion with a few people and it just seems anyone who is determined to believe the official narrative is going to continue to believe it no matter what. There are people who simply cannot entertain the notion that things are THAT bad.

    Certainly there are also people who just haven’t seen all the facts or had the necessary information to put it in a comprehensible context, and for them the big picture approach might be just what they need to get the brain working. Others might be more convinced by some telling detail, the symmetry of a building collapse, the failure of the national defense, the implausible hijackers, the obvious cover-up stuff, etc.

    But sooner or later we all run into the question of WHY? And THAT is where the big picture context is essential. Look at the winners and losers, for sure. Also in the Big Picture Department, I’d suggest it’s useful not to think exclusively in terms of nation-states but also about transnational elites; and read your history! There are precedents for most of what people consider unthinkable.

  3. Should probably add the actual victims killed on that day and their friends and relatives.

    Also, the countless killed and displaced in the continuing mid-east wars of aggression.

  4. Bill Bergman says:

    The third category up there can include the 9/11 victims, and their families, Xicha

  5. Peace Activist says:

    I found this article gave a good quintessential overview of the way 9/11 is perceived by the public and those who seek the truth of what actually happened. I have followed a few groups and individuals who endeavor to find the truth; pejoratively called “conspiracy theorists” or “truthers”. Whilst these pejorative labels are too some extent appropriate; in most cases similar labels are equally appropriate to those who convey them. One of the things I’ve tried to come to terms with, is what should be the parameters of any research, the results of such research may be affected the parameters. One thing that stands out is the fact that almost zero progress has been made by any research over the past few years. There are many who reiterate the same popular pieces of information, but very little new stuff comes along. I have always believed that there are many people from all walks of life who know something that would add to a picture of at least some of the truth. However life is not that simple, the political, social beliefs,nationalism and so on block out some of the reality and public opinion is mostly very emotional, aggressive and polarized. I’ve seen some amazing examples how the blatantly obvious has been not only totally rejected, but totally unseen by the general public. These facts would make anything regarding 9/11, almost totally and comprehensibly controllable by the establishment. I really do think a good look at the financial gains and losses side of things, both short and long term are an important part of things.

  6. Spirit LOSS. Loss of REASON. Truth/LIE dichotomy creates trauma reaction at the most profound human level. A Malaise. To know an organized society can continue to function ‘as normal’, while so much evidence of the LIE, the false flag criminal LIE and its immense network now existing throughout the entire culture[security state]conscious;
    the human being KNOWING of this dichotomy, exists in a NETHER world. The hypocrisy and deviancy of the elites that perpetrated this crime, DESIGNED the crime to blame an entire other CULTURE for it and create a WAR upon it, is a HATE CRIME of universal outrage. And further. The conscious realization of 911 false flag in the MUSLIM world must be of an outrage even greater than that felt within western culture toward itself for the perpetration of it. How will Islam feel? hate? revenge? a naked awareness of ‘the west’ at its animal instinct base.

    LOSS of established scientific trust. The ability of NIST to corrupt science through its agnotological computer models producing the Sunder’new phenomenon’, shear stud break at 103 degrees from one small and isolated office furnishings fire, able to bring down a complex 47 storied 81 vertically columned steel framed high rise in 6.5 seconds, + or -, “in the manner of controlled demolition”, a probable, a THEORY
    and sell it to the people of the engineering world as a rational hypothesis, in the face of clear and overwhelming evidence of controlled demolition,’
    reduces the human capacity to trust in governing systems, science intelligentsia and investigative processes, so the LOSS is to our credible minds, and to our imaginative processes, and to our belief systems.

    The LOSS in trust of definition of WORDS. EXPLOSION becomes collapse. FREEDOM is violent POLICE security STATE.’free enterprise’ is a Corporate Fascism. ‘human rights’ really meaning ‘Ant Slaves’. ‘Separation barrier’ means Ghetto wall. DEMOCRACY means Endless WAR, sniper agents provocateur, Gauntanamo, Rendition, Torture, targeted assassination, pre-emptive war, Patriot Act, indefinite detention WITHOUT TRIAL.’The ancient fight for Habeus Corpus lost with barely a mention under governance of a ‘Constitutional Lawyer’ president.

    The LOSS is to our broken HEARTS that must watch the callous murder of children world wide EVERY DAY as direct result of illegal and immoral war on terror fabrication, DU weaponry, in fact, there is NO GAIN anywhere in the whole goddamn’d infinite reach since that dreadful day. The whole of our future is a LOSS.
    And fuck them forever for it. Please excuse my language.

  7. The Village Voice did an article back in 2011 entitled 9/11: The Winners. Here’s the link:

  8. But it was more about who has profited post-9/11, not who would have benefited from it in the first place.

  9. This stuff is above my pay grade, but the buildings mainly built in the seventies, were pretty… “ostentations, there, framed in that most premier first view the “New Land” from sea entering New York harbor, after tortuous, desparate or hopeful voyages by sea from the old world. That view is itself an Icon.

    The new (not very discreet buildings… competed with all those other sites there, the first glimpse of the new Land seen by most of the immigrants over past hundred plus years… ( those who entered Ellis island ) and especially, the buildings seem to also be a a glaring anathema to the more human and much more beautiful Statue of Liberty, there over to the west in the panorama.

    So why decorate that great site, with such an eyesore?

    In particular, the Towers, are what that format have always been (exceptions to the side… ) expressions of male ego, as…phallus symbols, from time emorial but of this duel phallus exhibition, What that might imply! additional axes to grind…?

    Who concieved of the design may have had long seen the Lady Liberty only felt some weird envy, who wanted to some day smite her? with a display of something?

    Perfect place to stage it when looking around at what would be available, I mean things like, bridges are valuablel assets that will be sold to balance other debts and things, in coming times, (“privatization”) selling off the commons, handing over the remaining vestiges of things making America what it was.

    Now In the template of credit and loss balance sheet analysis, zip to the ’90’s, Who might have tired of losing money on a “white elephant” designed not around function but wholly obsessed with… Form. ( from the “Form follows function in good design” .)

    That is to say who is responsible, but to add to motives, that could be incorporated into some master plan, with less than stellar disaproval, or more of a passivity, oh gee I dunno.

  10. rivission: last line should be: “That is not to say who is responsible”.

    To ad that though, how is that so many examples seem to exist of those who miraculously failed to meet their call to stop it, the jets that didn’t scramble.. and other weird anomalies. Don’t have to spell out every detail, couldn’t agree more on that point, like not seeing a forest, getting all involve with one tree.

    Why is the public so easily bsed, they are in a great big “Truman Show” put on by TV.

  11. Wow, this was a very straight-forward article. I enjoyed it – it has a compelling logic about it.

    Very well-written as well.

  12. Bill Bergman says:

    Here’s another layer on the ‘who wins, who loses’ angle. See for example Table 1 on p. 142

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