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BFP Nightly Quote

"Apparently, a democracy is a place where numerous elections are held at great cost without issues and with interchangeable candidates." -- Gore Vidal

International Newsworthy

War on Iran: NATO Holds High-Level Consultations with Four Gulf Countries

Iran Dares the World, Loads on Fuel Rods into Research Reactor

Iran Denies Role in Thai Blasts

Oil Hits Six-Month High on Report of Iran Cuts

Iran Has "Neutralized" Stuxnet

Turkey Does Not Plan to Cut Iran Oil Imports

Afghan Leader to Push for Taliban Access in Pakistan

Outsourcing Death in Afghan War

Taliban: US to Repeat Soviet Defeat in Afghanistan

Pakistan Still Holding Bin Laden Family Months after Raid

"Musharraf Knew Osama was in Abbottabad”

Balochistan Abuses Forced into Spotlight

New Pakistan Envoy Calls for 'Reset' of US Relationship

Syria: Armed Groups Blast Oil Pipeline

Syria Referendum on New Constitution Announced for Feb 26

Bahrain Deports 6 Americans for "Illegal" Activities

Qatar Buys General al-Dhabi's Resignation

End of Game in the Middle East

Egyptian Media: US Spreading Anarchy

Report: Mossad Bolsters Activity in Tunisia

Libyan Militias Parade through Tripoli

Libyan Economy Hit by Civil War

Mali: U.S. Africa Command's New War?

China Blocks Hong Kong-Taiwan Embrace

Russia: Gazprom Plans to Build Pipeline to Supply Gas to China

The Next Stage of Russia's Resurgence: The Caucasus States

Kyrgyzstan: Manas Expanding Efforts to Engage Kyrgyz Military-People

Kazakhs Eye Europe as Economy Falters

Britain: How Secret Renditions Shed Light on MI6's License to Kill & Torture

Bulgaria Refuses to Ratify ACTA

EU to Punish Spain for Delaying Austerity

National Newsworthy

Drone-Makers Write our Laws on Drones

Pentagon Discloses Military Intel Budget Request

Two Million Dead People Listed on US Electoral Polls

Goldman Sachs & Bank of America Reputations Slip into Enron-Worldcom Territory

The Fed's Explicit Goal: Devalue the Dollar 33%

Michigan's Budget Crisis Puts Democracy on the Chopping Block

Rep Issa Takes Step toward Holding Holder in Contempt of Congress

Hackers Tear Down NASDAQ

Spying & Propaganda Using Facebook- Twitter

Presenting TSA PreCheck: Fascist & Furious

NYPD "Stop & Frisk" Hit All-Time High

Noteworthy Editorials

Naom Chomsky: American Decline in Perspective I- Losing the World

Glenn Greenwald: US Media Takes the Lead on Iran

Russ Baker: US Allied with Al Qaeda; Again!

Paul Craig Roberts: Obama's Human Rights Insouciance: Who will Liberate American's from Washington's Clutches?

The Missing Peace Dividend

Save Us from the Liberal Hawks

The Menace of Present & Future Drone Warfare

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: The Hijacking of Libya-Trailer

Video 2: When Israeli Settlers Attack

Video 3: Judge Napolitano- How to Get Fired from FOX in Under 5 Minutes

Video 4: Crackdown Coaching-Bahrain's Brutal British Tactics

Podcast 1: Empire, Power & People with Andrew G. Marshall: “Understanding the Arab Spring"

Podcast 2" Corbett Report-Religion & the New World Order

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