BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- February 20, 2012


BFP Nightly Quote

"By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise." -- Adolf Hitler

International Newsworthy

Iran Ready to Face 'Worst Case Scenario' in Defense of Nuclear Program

Iran to Possibly Cut Oil Exports to 6 Other EU States

Iran to Host High-Level UN Team

'Swift Boating' Iran: Economic War a Prelude to Military Attack

Iran Warships Deployed on Syrian Coast

Afghanistan: Taliban Willing to Talk are Killed or Arrested

Balochistan: U.S. Prepares Yugoslav Model for Pakistan & Iran

US Bill on Balochistan Unlikely to be Adopted

Thousands Rally against U.S. in Pakistani Capital

Syria: Foreign Fighters & Arms Pour into Country

US Providing Secret Aid to Syria Opposition

Syria Opposition to Attend Tunis Conference

China: "US & Allies Push Syria into Civil War"

Iraq: Suicide Attack on Police Academy Kills 19

Iraq Interior Undersecretary: "Embassies Financing Terrorist Groups in Iraq"

White House National Security Advisor in Israel

NATO's Double Game in Libya Under UN Cover Revealed

Blasts Hit Yemeni Polling Stations

Yemen Activists Fear Revolution "Short-Circuited"

Egypt Leads Fight against NGO Agitators

Egypt Presidential Vote in June

Growth of Conflict Near Russian Border Demand Army Development

Russia Thwarts US Central Asian 'Counterdrug' Program

Azerbaijan Arrests Iranian Journalist

Kazakhstan Accuses Uzbekistan of Drone Incursion

UK: Big Brother Aims to Screen All Online Activity

US to Deploy Interceptor Missile Destroyers to Spain

Greece Needs Rescue Package Worth its Entire Economy

National Newsworthy

Police State- Obama Fights to Retain Warrantless-Illegal Wiretapping

Police State- Ron Paul: "US is Slipping into Fascism"

Police State- How the Government Reads your E-mails Without a Warrant

Police State-Laser 'Dazzler' Weapon Approved for Police & Coastguard Use

Obama's Plan to Save the Military from Cuts- At the Expanse of Domestic Programs

DARPA Wants to Give Soldiers Robot Surrogates

Just 37 Americans Provided More Than Half of Super PAC Money from Individuals

Bradley Manning to be Arraigned at Ft Meade on Feb 23

Judge Absolves NJ Christie Political Target

Noteworthy Editorials

Paul Craig Roberts: Silencing the Critics

Jacob Hornberger: Torture, Assassination & the American Way of Life

Glenn Greenwald: Khader Adnan & Now Normalized Western Justice

John Pilger: It is Time we Recognized Blair Government's Criminality

Matt Taibbi: Another March to War?

Lew Rockwell: Down with the Presidency

Never Trust Government Numbers

BFP Select Video-Audio

Video 1: James Corbett- FBI Latest Government Agency to Target Social Media

Video 2: Pepe Escobar- Al Qaeda Agents Worm into Syrian Rebel Army

Video 3: US-NATO Support Al Qaeda-Affiliated Rebels in Syria

Video 4: Santorum-"Killing Americans Good, but Killing Iranians is Wonderful"

Video 5: Sh*t Government Says

Podcast 1: Corbett Report-The Philosophy of Liberty: Magna Carta

Podcast 2: Lew Rockwell Show- Banksters vs. the People

Podcast 3: Boiling Frogs Show- Interview with Jon Eisenberg in our Police State USA interview series


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