Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 8

"Black History in the United States: Slavery, Segregation, and Social Control"

EPPIn a highly critical black history of the United States, this episode examines the social construction of race (and racism) starting in the late 1600s as a means of social control, devised through the colonial legal system to separate white and black labour, prison labour, black education system, the developments of ghettos as a means of segregating the black population, the civil rights organizations in an attempt to steer the movement away from its natural and potentially revolutionary course to confront the entire social- economic- political system of racism, and the "war on drugs" and laws disproportionately targeting the black community.

Understanding the history of those who have been most oppressed within it is vital to understanding the true nature of the society we live in; thus, the black history of the United States is indivisible from the total history of the United States, and the subject bears relevance to the future of poverty and class struggle in a world of enormous inequality.

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  1. I must say that i am very impressed of your work. I Have studied Imperialism from several different perspectives and I have been relatively specialized in the history of Latin America. I have worked for almost 6 years in Ecuador, Peru and Centralamerica so my house here in Sweden is full of writings on economics antropology politics history poetry and so on concentrated to just Latinam. Your work is very much needed to hold and grasp the history of imperialism. Thank you for your final comments concerning the “Trilateral Comission” and Samuel Huntington. Thank you for your energy and your youth. We need you. I am 73 years now and it´s nice to know that we walk together to save the world from total destruction. Another young talent I appreciate is the Executive Director of IPRD in London dr Nafeez Mosaddec Ahmed.Take a look at his book A Users Guide to the Crisis of Civilization. Please carry on with your good work. Take care. Yours sincerely Bo Modén

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