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"All propaganda must be popular and its intellectual level must be adjusted to the most limited intelligence among those it is addressed to. Consequently, the greater the mass it is intended to reach, the lower its purely intellectual level will have to be." -- Adolf Hitler

International Newsworthy

War on Iran Propaganda: Iran Supplying Venezuela with Drones!

US Concerned over Iranian-Made 'Smart Concrete'

US Upgrading New Bunker Buster to Use in Iran War

Bomb Iran Week Turns 'Syrious'

Afghanistan: Karzai Backs Clerics over Stronger Restrictions on Women

Afghan-US Deal Struck on Prison Control

Nine Afghan Policy Killed-Infiltrators Suspected

Pakistan Warns "Countries" to Discourage Baloch Separatists

US Request to Open Consulate in Balochistan was Rejected

Pakistan: Taliban Demand Release of Bin Laden's Widows-Threaten Attacks

Taliban Ambush Kills 7 Pakistani Soldiers

U.S. in Joint Air Exercise in Syrian-Iranian Neighbor Turkey

Syrian Rebels Reject Annan's Call for Dialogue

Britain Considering "Non-lethal" Help for Syria

The Iranian-Turkish Struggle for Syria

'Arab Countries Sending Mercenaries to Syria'-Iran

Corruption on Rise in Iraqi Kurdistan

Turkey Mull Producing Home-Made warplanes

Nigeria's Battle for Stability

Libya's Big-Oil PM Rolls Over for Western Masters

South Sudan Christians Face Deadline to Leave the North

Internal Displacement Grows in Yemen

Egypt's Generals are Muzzling Media

US Shifting More Military Muscle to Pacific

US-Philippines to Hold Large-Scale War Games Near Spratlys

Australian Spies are Reportedly Buying Computer Bugs

China Parliament Unveils Dissident Detention Powers

United Russia Accuses Gorbachev of Double Standards

Saakashvili: Future of Azerbaijan & Georgia is in NATO-EU

Uzbekistan: Two Islamic Groups were Removed from Australian Terror List

Iran Ready to Link Tajikistan to Open Seas

NATO Announces Largest-Ever Cyber Warfare Spending

Western Firms Warned of "Resource Nationalism" in Developing Countries

UK: Britons Fund Own Orwellian Future?

Blair Accused of Politicizing Police

Refugees in Finland Face Spying Threats

National Newsworthy

The Criminalization of Protest: Say Goodbye to Free Speech in America

FBI's Mueller: "I have to Check to See if Obama has the Right to Assassinate Americans on U.S. Soil"

More than 100 Congressmen Demand AG Eric Holder's Resignation

Congress "Considers" Repeal of Indefinite Detention & Torture

Police Union Tries to Block Portions of Report on Campus Pepper-Spray Scandal

FBI: NYPD Spying has Hindered Terror Fight

NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake: "Obama Worse than Bush"

US Electoral Registration: Subject to "Grave Errors"

Economic Recovery "Overwhelmingly" Went to Top 1% Who Gained 93% of Growth

Obama's Campaign Gets More USAF Aircraft

Noteworthy Editorials

Glenn Greenwald: Unintended Irony from the New York Times

Andrew Gavin Marshall: Punishing Iran for its “Defiance” of the United States

Bill Bergman: 9/11- Who is Kenneth Wainstein? Part II

The High Cost of Dumbing Us Down

Obama's War on Bill of Rights

Saudi Arabia's Shi'ite Problem

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: Holder Defends Execution Without Charge

Video 2: West-Chosen Rulers Push Libya into Real Civil War

Podcast: Corbett Report- Stratfor & Future of Spying with Russ Tice


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  1. Always like hearing from Russ Tice. Good interview by Tina from Timbuktu 😉

    As for things that can be done, I’m still very curious about if there is any solid evidence that can be availed about the topic at which he hinted he might or might not know something about, in the last BFP interview with him.

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