BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- March 14, 2012


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"In your reaction to an imagined attack on your country or an insult to its government, you draw closer to the herd for protection, you conform in word and deed, and you insist vehemently that everybody else shall think, speak, and act together. And you fix your adoring gaze upon the State, with a truly filial look, as upon the Father of the flock." -- Randolph Bourne

International Newsworthy

Azerbaijan Arrests Alleged Iran-Hired Terrorists-Again!

US Iranian Ultimatum: Yield Now or Attacked by Year's End

Reports of Iran "Clean Up" Lack Credibility

US Extends Illegal Sanctions against Iran

India-Iran Trade Bid Sets Example to West

ICBC Appears to Back Away from Pakistan-Iran Pipeline

Pakistan: New ISA Chief Needs to Step Lightly

US Drones Kill 14 in S. Waziristan

Pakistani Ruling Party Strengthens Position in Senate

Qatar PM Urges Syrian Opposition to Unite

Syrian Army in Full Control of Idlib

Turkey Seize 46.9 Tons of Hashish & 6.4 Tons of Heroin in 2011

Lebanese Army Discovers Subversive Cell Intent on Attacking Military Sites

Saudi Troops Attack Student Protesters

Uganda: US Army Builds Combat Interoperability with African Militaries

US Marines Train Ugandan Troops for Wars Abroad

Australian Secret Squadrons Operating in Africa

Egypt is Looted & the US Media Calls it "Reform"

Russia Calls for Probe into NATO's "Massive Bombing" in Libya

Tunisia: Smuggled Petrol Jeopardizes Businesses

10 Killed in Kenyan-Led Fight in Somalia

Kyrgyzstan: Panetta Arrives with Eyes on Manas

National Newsworthy

DOJ Backs New Category of Secret Government Files

DARPA Director who Gave Contracts to Own Company Finally Resigns

Police Drones to be equipped with Non-lethal Weapons?

Orlando Airport will Try Again to Kick Out TSA

Banks Paid Off Government Loans by Taking More Government Loans

American Future Fund's Wall Street Fantasy

Ohio Super PAC Under Review by US Attorney for Robocalls

Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail

Occupy Miami Raided by SWAT Teams

Noteworthy Editorials

Paul Pillar: Americans Don't Want a War

The ongoing Effort to Sanitize Obama's Image

Why is Obama Keeping a Journalist in Jail in Yemen?

New York: Prototype of the American Police State

Alfred Nobel Would be Disgusted at What Has Become of His Peace Prize

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: Students Protest against US Massacre in Afghanistan

Video 2: Media-West's Proxy to Fuel Syria Conflict

Video 3: Kony 2012 Hides US Support for Repressive Ugandan Regime

Podcast 1: Empire, Power & People with Andrew G. Marshall: “The Road to Tehran”

Podcast 2: Corbett Report- The International Forecaster with Bob Chapman

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  1. Demosthenes says:

    In New York, you will be accosted by the police (and most likely arrested and not-so-gently interrogated) if you walk five feet away from your bag.

    Unless you laugh in their face.

    They actually do tend to be shaped like the pigs of lore.

    The masses may shake in terror at your reusable, non-corporate water bottle.

    An art show may consist of a repeating closeup of a human hand scratching a hairy belly and various scatological references.

    You most likely need a degree to work at Starbuck’s.

    Nearly 25% of the city may be illegal aliens.

    Another 25 may not pay their taxes.

    Another 25 on welfare.

    You may need to keep an eye out so as not to step in human shit while walking on the sidewalk.

    You will be searched at random upon entering the Subway.

    Every now and again your car will be overpowered by the stench of rotting human flesh.

    A former boxing champion may try to fight you when said rotting human leads you and a few others to another car.

    His ego may be shattered.

    You may not purchase a gun.

    You may make $3 an hour while journalists write articles demonizing the tip.

    Occupy? They already are.

    I think I’ve got a new hobby.

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