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"But the most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over." -- Adolf Hitler

International Newsworthy

Haaretz: Israel will Attack Iran & Obama Gave "Tacit Approval"

US 'Could' Punish India for Buying Iranian Oil

SWIFT Financial Service Cuts Off Iran

Top Ten Media Failures in the Iran War Debate

India Names Iranians for Israel Attack

Iran Insists No Nuclear Activity at Parchin

Panetta Sizes Up Afghan Anger

Afghan Taliban Suspend Talks with US

US-UK Vow No Change in War after Afghanistan Massacre

Report: Abbottabad Commission Findings Contradict US Version

Pakistan Denies Role in Recent US Drone Attacks

Pakistan to Reopen NATO Supply Line

Gilani: 'Imprisonment Better than Writing to the Swiss'

Syria: Testimony from Homs Reveal Identity of Terrorists & Mercanaries Involved in Atrocities

Pro Assad Rally in Damascus Decries 'One Year Conspiracy'

Iraq's Maliki Rejects Attempts to Enter Arms into Syria

Time is Running Out for Iraq'

Palestinian Rights Falls on Deaf Ears

EU to Consider Security Training Mission to Niger

African Ping Pong: US Plays Both Sides in Uganda

Jordanians Urge Israel Envoy Expelled

US NATO Allies Plan Exercise Saharan Express

Russian Arms-Chief Promises Support to Sanction-Ridden Belarus

Russia: US Led Military Exercises in Georgia Provocation

EU Wants Russian to Share Nord Stream Pipeline

CSTO to Exercise in Armenia-SCO in Tajikistan

Georgia Hides Military Preparations Behind Drug Claims

Irish Government "Refused Cooperation" with Probe into IRA Attack

National Newsworthy

Police State: FBI Issued almost 300,000 National Security Letter over the Last Decade

The head of the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility Sentenced to 12 years in Prison for Having Sex with a 7 Year Old

Internet Providers to Start Policing the Web on July 12

US E-Voting System Cracked in Less than 48 Hours

FBI Monitored Hippies Under the Guise of Combating Terrorism

Texas Outsourcing Border Security

Monsanto Plans Massive Biotech Experiment in the US

The Collapse of the Fiat System

Noteworthy Editorials

Pepe Escobar: War, Pipelineistan-Style

Will Grigg: The Death-Dealing Divinity in the White House

Jacob Hornberger: Remembering Guatemala's Military Massacres

Andrew Napolitano: Can the Secret Service Tell you to Shut Up?

Massacres are the Inevitable Result of Foreign Occupation

The Systemic Atrocity of Afghanistan's Occupation

 BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: US Launches PR Campaign for Ugandan Oil Intervention

Video 2: Rick Rozoff on NATO's Grand Scheme

Video 3: War Criminals, Bush-Cheney Must be Tried as Criminals

Podcast: Corbett Report- Dr. Jeffrey Kaye on Guantanamo "Suicides"

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  1. Demosthenes says:

    Massacres and occupation do not run hand-in-hand.

    Sixteen is not a massacre, for one.

    Supposed leaders who let the cheapest, most base of shills act as informants are the cause of massacres.

    When you let the types of, and I quote, ‘human beings’ who take part in ‘customs’ such as bacha bazi act as your eyes and ears you may not be receiving the most reliable information. More importantly, these informants are given the power of choosing which superior men Americans should kill.

    What’s even funnier is that I remember viewing a report in which American officers are interacting with these types.

    A blonde woman who no longer works with me once attempted to explain that repetition (cheating) is a Chinese custom, and should be accepted.

    As long as it’s not us, right?

    As long as you put an idiot in charge custom must be respected, even at the cost of interacting on a human level.

    Massacre, martyrdom, rape.

    The three most instrumental tools in destroying one’s own rule.

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