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“(Nationalism is) a set of beliefs taught to each generation in which the Motherland or the Fatherland is an object of veneration and becomes a burning cause for which one becomes willing to kill the children of other Motherlands or Fatherlands” -- Howard Zinn

International Newsworthy

Pentagon's Iran Build Up Call for Adding Laser Weapons

Iran Won't Block the Strait of Hormuz

IMF: Iran Oil Cut to Shock Global Economy

US Exempts Japan & 10 EU Nations from Iran Sanctions

Swift Blows to Iran & Nuclear Talks

Afghan Villagers Told They Would Pay for Bomb Days Ahead of Massacre of 16

Afghan Massacre Suspect Experiencing Selective Amnesia!

Afghan Army Far from Fighting Fit

Pakistan: Parliament Sets Out to Reorder US Ties

Balochistan vs. Musharraf

World Bank Approved $1 Billion for Pakistan Projects

Iraq Gets Smart Bombs & Semi-Smart Missiles

Ex-Blackwater 'Helps Regime Change' in Syria

Syrian Rebels Commit 'Serious' Human Rights Abuses

Syrian Rebels Flee-Army on Offensive

Yemen's New President Considers Dismissing the Government

Kony: America's Pretext to Invade Africa

Nigeria: Boko Haram Rules Out Further Talks with Government

NATO "Covers Up" Libyan Death Shame

Egypt Presidential Elections Enveloped in Mystery

Azerbaijan: Between Iran & a Hard Place

Azerbaijan Planning Kyrgyzstan Oil Refinery

Russian Military Facilities to Stay in Kyrgyzstan

Georgia Enhancing its Afghan Troop Commitment

Was there MI5 Link to UK Nuclear Activist?

EU Deals Gazprom a Competition Setback

EU Sets Deadline for Google over Privacy Policy

National Newsworthy

U.S. Defense Department: World's Biggest Employer

IRS Forms 'SWAT Team' for Tax Dodger Crackdown

Google Caught in Spy Games on Execs & 'Regime Change'

NYPD Uses Facebook & Facial Recognition Program to Arrest Suspects

Florida Becomes First State to Drug Test Public Employees ... Except Elected Officials

Former US Rep. Patrick Kennedy Literally Paid by Terrorists

Ron Paul Blasts Obama for Killing Americans

Noteworthy Editorials

William Engdahl: Joseph Kony & More AFRICOM Wars over Oil

Paul Pillar: The Consequences of Communal Preferences

Chris Hedges: Murder is not an Anomaly in War

Unstoppable Legacy of the "War on Terror"

Obama's Afghanistan Massacre Deniers

Is Obama a CIA-Controlled Manchurian Candidate?

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: BFP EyeOpener- Meet the MEK: Washington's Favorite Terror Cult (Full Report Tomorrow @ BFP)

Video 2: Corbett Report-Fast & Furious Out of Control

Video 3: Al Jazeera Journalist Explains Resignation over Syria-Bahrain Coverage 

Video 4: TSA in Action- Hunt for Terrorists

Podcast 1: BFP's Empire, Power & People with Andrew G. Marshall: “Phony Kony 2012”

Podcast 2: Corbett Report- Pepe Escobar on R2P & MEK

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  1. Demosthenes says:

    Who is/are the Human Rights Watch to attempt to dictate the behavior of those fighting a regime that will literally cordon off and level entire districts?

    What kind of organization comprised of Communications-Majoring Armchair Generals would try to pull this stunt?

    Chivalry stands when you’re mounted and armored, lance in hand, your opponents standing before you barefoot with pitchforks.

    Chivalry doesn’t go very far when your uncle was tortured, indiscriminate shelling killed your niece, and you don’t know where your family is.

    This simply isn’t reasonable, especially in regards to execution.

    What is the difference between opening fire on a solider and a clean execution after information has been extracted? A few folk tales?

    The brazen rule is a fact of life.

    “End Kidnappings, Forced Confessions, and Executions.”

    Syria is the last place on earth I’d try to push that agenda. How about south of the American border, where the world turns a blind eye to a civil war of Scarface wannabes? Has Darfur become blase? Why didn’t the HRW take the time to criticize the tactics of the Tamil Tigers? Why weren’t they embedded with the Iraqi insurgent, rapping their knuckles whenever a solider chewed with his mouth open?

    Why isn’t the HRW chiding the Afghan mobs murdering and destroying over burnt paper they can’t produce themselves? Yes, of course their women should be allowed to smuggle whatever they desire into a prison. They might even be men! That’s the whole point! That’s ok, though. Why not excoriate Al-Shabab?

    I’d like to congratulate the HRW for telling insurgents they must not execute. Your actions are, at least in this case, officially worthless.

  2. Yes, Demosthenes……. It is beyond words terrible for those on the front lines of the Syria rebellion….

    As you point out quite reasonably….. “Chivalry doesn’t go very far when your uncle was tortured, indiscriminate shelling killed your niece, and you don’t know where your family is”

    And it isn’t as if we have to take anyones word to indict the Syrian Gov. for torture and worse..!! See:

    I take the Supreme Courts decision NOT to hear Maher Arar’s appeal for a hearing as Prima Facie evidence of American complicity in Syrian torture.

    In America, the “Ole Man” of rule of law has gotten the bums rush to histories dustbin….

    As for the eventual outcome in Syria, I for one would not cry too many tears if the Neocons surprise party there had an unhappy ending. [for the Neocons]

    As much as I hate Bashar al-Assad for doing torture for the Bush crime netwerk, I would hate to see any of the Palestinian’s friends be humbled.

    So, I am fortunately neutral on the West’s Syrian pustch

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