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"Common experience shows how much rarer is moral courage than physical bravery. A thousand men will march to the mouth of the cannon where one man will dare espouse an unpopular cause . . . True courage and manhood come from the consciousness of the right attitude toward the world, the faith in one's purpose, and the sufficiency of one's own approval as a justification for one's own acts." -- Clarence Darrow

International Newsworthy

More than 70% of War Casualties Civilian in 2011

UK Threatens to Confiscate Iranian Press TV

Iran Rights Group Accuses IRGC Office

NYPD Claims Iranian Spies are Operating in New York

Israeli Spies Disguised as Iranian Soldiers on Mission Inside Iran

Giuliani: MEK is the Only Way to Stop Iran

US Senate to Soon Move on New Iran Sanctions

Afghanistan: Taliban's Peace Option Limited

Afghan Taliban Raid NATO Convoy-Kill 5

Pakistan: Commission Misses Second Deadline to Complete Memo Probe

Energy Cooperation Resets India-Pakistan Ties

US to Wait for Pakistan Request for Nuclear Technology

Annan: Syria Has Agreed to Peace Plan

Syria: UN Gets Reports of Child Soldiers with Syrian Rebels

Turkey Recalls Ambassador to Syria & Shuts Down Embassy

Syrian Troops Battle Rebels as Clashes Spill into Lebanon

Iraq's Kurdish Region Threatens Oil Export Halt

Arab Summit & the New Faces around the Table

Israel Severs all Tires with UN HR Council

Mali: Another Imperialist "Success" Story

Warriors & Websites a New Kind of Rebellion in Mali

Arc of Instability in Africa May Turn into Battlefield

Eritrea: US Behind Recent Ethiopian Attacks

UK Security Focus Shifting to Somalia & Yemen

Russia: Gazprom Seeks Israeli Gas

Oil Prices: The Make or Break of the Russian Economy?

Ivanishvili's Washington Lobbying Starts Paying Off

Tajikistan Plans Railway link with Iran

UK Police Block Probe into Duggan Death

Canadian Government Puts Breaks on Agreed Transfer of Citizens from Guantanamo

National Newsworthy

Judge: FBI Explanation of Missing Oklahoma City Bombing Tapes NOT Credible

TSA Bars Bruce Schneier from Giving Testimony on Full Body Scanners

The Air Force Accelerates Work on $55 Billion Bomber Program Despite the Critics

Disabled Soldier Backlog Puts Army at Risk

Poll: US Opposition for Afghan War Hits All-Time High

Afghan Massacre: The coming Sanity Board

US "Assange Hunt" Chokes Air for Whistleblowers

McCain Predicts 'Huge Scandals' in Super-PAC Tainted Elections

Noteworthy Editorials

Paul Craig Roberts: Empires Then & Now

Chris Hedges: Totalitarian Systems Always Begin with Rewriting the Law

What Ever Happened to "Extremism in Defense of Liberty is no Vice"?!

How NATO Dehumanizes US

Washington's "Human Rights'" Fraud

A Nuclear-Free Middle East Sabotaged by USA

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: BFP EyeOpener Video Report-Change of Heart?: The Legacy of Darth Cheney

Video 2: Turkey May Scupper Annan's Peace Plan'


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