BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- April 2, 2012


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"We are not to expect to be translated from despotism to liberty in a featherbed." -- Thomas Jefferson

International Newsworthy

Did the US Just Break the Secret Israeli-Azerbaijani Alliance against Iran?

Iran Still Coy on Turkey's Overture

Israel to Scale Down Intelligence in Iran

Pakistan Renews Commitment to Iran Pipeline

Iran-China Seek to Up Trade to $50 Billion in 2012

Afghanistan: A Tale of "Three Tragedies"

Afghanistan Names General to Run Bagram Jail

Pakistan: Court Sentences Bin Laden Wives-Daughters to Prison

ISI Seeks in-Camera Balochistan Hearing

NATO's New Battlefield=Pakistan

Syria: Opposition to Get Salaries from Gulf State

Gulf-Sponsored Multi-Million Monthly Cash Flow for Syrian Rebels!

Straining NATO on Short Syrian Leash

Hillary Clinton Says Assad "Must Go"

Iraq: Kurdistan Halts Oil Exports over Pay Dispute

Iraq Urges Qatar to hand over Hashemi

Yemen: Reported US Covert Actions Since 2001

Yemen: Militants Execute 15 Captured Soldiers

Yemen's Barely Functional Air Force Points to US Involvement in Strikes

Libya: 147 Dead in Southern Tribal Clashes

US Cautions Egypt against Growing Ties with Iran

Nigeria: 11 Dead after 'Islamists' Clash with Troops

Kony 2012 Campaigners Announce Sequel Video

Russian MP Threatens to Drop Extradition to US

Russia Shuts Red Square-Detains Dozens of Activists

The Azerbaijan Dilemma

Uzbekistan Stepping Up Tajikistan Blockade

Kyrgyzstan Asks US for Drone Aircraft

US Continues Slow-Steady Line of Attacks on Uzbek Human Rights Issues

UK: Mail & Web Use "to be Monitored" Under New Laws

Poland Ex- Spy Chief Charged over Alleged CIA Secret Prison

500 Protesters Arrested at NATO Headquarters

National Newsworthy

DOD Seeks New Authorities to Conduct Hunt & Kill Missions

US Draws Up Plans for Nuclear Drones

Police Are Using Phone Tracking as a Routine tool

Lockheed Martin Comes Out on Top in Pentagon Budget Battle

Obama Top Fundraiser Accused of Fraud

US Oil Industry on Slippery Slope

Arizona Law will Make it a Crime to be Annoying on the Internet

Fethullah Gulen Charter Schools Sweep Across America Funded by Walmart Family

Noteworthy Editorials

Paul Pillar: The Arab Spring in American Thought & Strategy

Jefferson Morley: Permanent War Sidewalk Sale

Tom Burghardt: Deep Police State Surveillance & the Death of Democracy

Unmasking the Democracy Promoters

NATO: Active Endeavour & Drug Trafficking


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  1. Demosthenes says:

    RE: Israel / Azerbaijan:

    It comes as no surprise that there are elements within the White House that would break such a development, what with the impending non-white global takeover.

    I would know. A prior story about Africa’s resentment toward America wasn’t precisely true.

    Half the world thinks they’re a black American.

    I mean, nations were overthrown without a single one of them looking at this link:


  2. Demosthenes says:


    You, the world standing in observant horror, were not aware that the television is not reality?

    Prison makes men gay.

    The crackhead at the corner is talking fast for a reason. This is not a reason to give him millions of dollars.

    Unfortunately, Barack is my president. Not yours.

  3. Demosthenes says:

    We have one more story to explore tonight.

    Let’s see.

    Is it Afghan fighters pushing children in front of American vehicles? Is it the unbelievable love of the women who are protected from rape, beatings, acid attacks, illiteracy, stoning(a summary execution undertaken with a boulder pre-guillotine)?

    Is it the cruelty of the American officer, or is it the ambushes endured for not wanting to run over a child?

    Thunk thunk, big man.

    Do you still think it is ok go rampaging throughout any semblance of civilization that has been built for you whenever you smell burning paper?

    What do you think of martyrdom? A few metal balls in the stomachs of as many people as possible?

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