BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- April 11, 2012


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"By 1990, publishers of mass circulation daily newspapers will finally stop kidding themselves that they are in the newspaper business and admit that they are primarily in the business of carrying advertising messages." -- A. Roy Megary

International Newsworthy

Iran Talks Have Right Mix for History

Iran Halts Oil Flow to Germany

US Steps Up Intel & Sabotage Missions inside Iran

US Training of Iranian Terrorist Group

Night-Raid Deal in Afghanistan Symbolic Only

Pakistan: No Decision Yet on NATO Supply

Hazara Muslims Call for Strike in SW Pakistan

Balochistan Challenges to ISI

Foiling Peace: The Imperial "Friends" of Syria

McCain & Lieberman Meet with Syrian Rebels in Turkey

West Uses Syria to Hit China-Russia-Iran

Saudi Pipeline Blown Up in Yemen

Bahrain: The Key to Saudi-Qatari Servitude

Kony 2012: Cable Shows US Permission Required for Key Ugandan Combat Operations

Somalia: 'Newly Liberated Areas'-What Comes Next?

Michael Corleone of Libya?

Egypt: Court Suspends Constitutional Assembly

Mali Mess: 'Unintended Consequence' of Libya 'Intervention'

Sudan Halts Negotiation with South

Russia Bans Transit of NATO Heroin through its Territory

Russia: Putin Sends Fasting Astrakhan Protesters to Court

Georgia Shows Off New Drone

UK Terror Suspects Can be Sent to the US

Swedish Academy Won't Take Back Poet's Award for Criticizing Israel

Former Greek Defense Minister Arrested over Money Laundering

National Newsworthy

CIA Wins Fight to Keep MPs in Dark on Rendition

US 'Waging War' on Whistleblowers

The FBI's Effort to Keep a Whistleblower's Book from Being Published

New US Spy Satellite Could Include 'Domestic Surveillance'

ACTA: The State of Play in the US

DHS & Navy Award Contract to Hack into Gaming System

Chicago NATO Summit: Fortress-Like Security

Cryptome: US Boosts Middle East Oil Deals in Israel

Noteworthy Editorials

Francis Boyle: The Nobel Peace Prize- A Front for NATO Warmongering

Pepe Escobar: What's Going On at the Turkish-Syrian Border?

Tom Engelhardt: The Afghan Syndrome

Chris Floyd: Perverts in Power

The Liberal Betrayal of Bradley Manning

J Street & Israel Lobby

The Outing of Deep Throat

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: BFP EyeOpener Video Report- A Brief History of Israeli Spying on America

Video 2: Obama Administration Hunts Government Whistleblower

Podcast 1: Corbett Report- Crossing the Rubicon with Eric Shine

 Podcast 2: Peter B Collins Show- Sibel Edmonds' Attorney on FBI's Illegal Censorship

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