Classified Woman on RT- Interview by Abby Martin

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  1. That was a great interview, Sibel. I was glad to hear you really get the message across about our backing of terrorists in Central Asia and Caucasus in every incident. And who is actually attacking our freedoms. I could appreciate the questioners expression/body language right at the end; like holy smokes/wow/OMG and then “That was Sibel Edmonds, author of Classified Woman.”

    I hope this kind of interview and the questioners expression repeats ad infinitum. You are really blowing some minds with your book.

  2. Fantastic.

  3. Great interview Sibel!! You made some excellent points – especially about who is really attacking our freedoms at a time when new fears are being ramped up now. Thanks!

  4. Ishmael says:

    Well, Scoop Nisker who reported on the Vietnam war protests, the Weather Underground and the SLA when WE HAD an alternative media, said it best IMHO.

    “If you don’t LIKE the News, Go out and Make some of your OWN.”

    THAT’s what you’re doing. But what can I Say? As I used to tell my late wife Janet, “I’ve always been attracted to dangerous brunettes.” that’s why I MARRIED her.

  5. Excellent interview… Also glad you brought up the Western backing of Chechen terrorists… though perhaps you should’ve added the caveat, after “between 1996 and 2001” -the period you were privy to- that this support “likely” has continued. Of course when you’re live on TV you can’t think of everything you could’ve mentioned.

    The reason I bring it up is because I still recall the aftermath of the Beslan school massacre in 2004 and the way the domestic Russian press and even Putin himself reacted -it was as if they came to a realization of what kind of monsters they were dealing with. If at one time there was “honor among thieves” in the midst of the great games of the Cold War, that honor was gone from the side of the Western backed terrorists – that there was no level of depravity to which they could not stoop. I believe that Putin was a “team player” before Beslan, but not so afterward; and so now that he’s back at the helm, things are going to get very interesting… In a good way I hope… Meaning: there needs to back checks and balances in international relations. The West’s “unipolar” hey-day has come and gone, and the US, UK and gang have proven themselves to be a debased “international community”. As undesirable a state of affairs as MAD, mutual assured destruction is, and as much as I loathed it during the Cold War, it is I’m afraid the only kind of check that the neo-colonial war pigs of the West understand.

    The other thing I would take issue with is your statement towards the end that there was no FBI Bin Laden unit… Is that true? What about John O’Neill’s unit? It is true that his investigation team was deprived of information that the CIA and NSA willfully held from them, but I tend to think that O’Neill & co. were sincere in their efforts to shut down Al Qaeda. They were just out of the loop for obvious reasons: their investigation would’ve discovered the relationship between CIA and Al Qaeda. But if you think O’Neill was a sham as well, please explain.

  6. Oops -that should’ve read: “there needs to BE checks and balances in international relations…”

    One more thing: an excellent response to the Bin Laden killing question… Confusion PSYOPS indeed. I sometimes wonder if the cryptocrats employ conspiracy theory mercenaries, so to speak, in order to taint the epistemic pool from which questioning of official versions of history arise.

    Bin Laden himself seems to be a hall of mirrors, and there are multiple conflicting tales as to how and when he died, from Dec. 2001 to 2006 to 2011. I heard it years ago though a unique source – originating with current speaker of the house John Boehner no less! – that Bin Laden was long dead and that they just kept him around because they needed a bogeyman.

    But a more recent case that I suspect could be a confusion PSYOPS campaign is that surrounding the death of Andrew Breitbart… and his coroner… and now the disappearance of the eyewitness… It could be that Breitbart died of a natural causes, but for the sake of creating a diversion for the wing-nuts, the black bag men went ahead and poisoned the coroner… just for the hell of it. Again, there’s no depravity to which these people won’t stoop.

  7. joetoad says:

    Sibel you are completely authentic. You are what America is based on. Heroes and Truth sayers against the monsters… We are up against monsters now…

    Well at least they seem like monstreys… I mean… !! Monstrays… or MTFR’s

    I remember (the whole bunch of stuff… if you know),…. (well to give a hint: Americans don’t TORURE, & DON’T DO ALL THAT OTHER UNCONSTITUTIONAL STUFF!! We are not used to being like Nazis… It is against our self image!!

    It is bad that folks are so like dead sheep… they don’t have much of a brain. The peeps are just like the sheeps…

    I got a little concept, I think a lot of the peeps are pretty much just sheeps… props… they ain’t really all there!… How’s that for an earthshaking thought? we are intermixed with robotic stupido fuck heads, that we don’t realize that they are not real people, they realy are zombies…

    I have this opinion myself, but I mean it is only an… “Opinion”.


  8. Great interview.

    Your book is #625 on Amazon now. Nearly finished reading it myself after getting it two days ago.

    Mantenga la fe.

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