BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- May 10, 2012


BFP Nightly Quote

"The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first." -- Thomas Jefferson

International Newsworthy

Iran Queries Obama's Pact with Karzai

Iran's Private Sector Allowed to Sell Oil

US Treasury Claim of Iran- Al Qaeda "Secret Deal" is Discredited

Iran Finds Large Oil Deposit in Caspian Sea


No Signs of Openings in the Afghan War

Doubt Flies as US Envoy to Pakistan Quits

Pakistan: Drone War Defensive


Syria: Terrorists Kill at Least 55 at Damascus Intel Compound

Syria Opposition Leader Ends China Visit

Iraq: Large Military Force Arrives in Kirkuk for Cabinet Meeting

Turkey: Energy Outlook Key to Poor Outlook

Obama Sending Special Ops Back to Yemen

Failed Qatari Coup Attempt in Kuwait


Egypt: Court Orders Suspension of Presidential Elections

Egypt Gets $1 Billion from Saudi Arabia

US-Jordan Special Op Exercise to Involve 12,000 Troops

Britain in Somalia: Friend or Foe?


Russia: Putin to Skip G8 Summit & Talks with Obama in US

Georgia Helped Terrorists Get Weapons to Attack Russia

Azerbaijan: SOCAR to Use Israeli Oil Field as Proving Ground

Tajikistan: Critics-Journalists Attacked


Cyprus Gas Project Goes Ahead

UK: Murdoch & the Big Lie

Greece's Jobless Soar by 42%

National Newsworthy

Police State- FBI Director: Bomb Plot is Reason to Renew Warrantless Surveillance

Police State-US Air Force Drones May Conduct "Incidental" Domestic Surveillance

Police State- Congress to Amend NDAA to Give DOD-NSA Greater "Cyber War" Powers

The So-Called "Bomb Plot" Reveals Saudi Intel Network-Inroads

CIA Launches a Massive Hunt for a Mole Within its Rank

Poll: US Support for Afghan War at New Low

US Military School Taught Soldiers to Wage "Total War" against Islam

State Department Presses Congress for More Money for Arab Countries

House Panel Backs $642 Billion US Defense Bill

Sen. Kerry Wants US to Arm Syria Opposition

Ron Paul Fights to End Military Aid to Israel

Noteworthy Editorials

Pepe Escobar: World Powers Rush to Plunge Syria into War

Andy Worthington: Torture-The Bush Administration on Trial

Paul Craig Roberts: Does the West Have a Future?

Philip Weiss: The Media Israel Complex

American Politics: "Freedom" to Choose Between Two "Acceptable" Choices

Uncle Sam the Snooper

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: Government Needs to Keep the Fear Factor Alive

Video 2: William Engdahl- Pentagon Policy is to Encircle Russia

Video 3: Police State Montreal

Podcast 1: Corbett Report- The Chicago NATO Summit with Julio

Podcast 2: Peter B Collins Show- Classified Woman Part II

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