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“The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.” -- Patrick Henry

International Newsworthy

MEK Terrorists Blur into Freedom Fighters

Iran Urges India to Cherish Friendship

India Dumps Iran-Squeezes Obama

US Envoy to Israel: "Battle Plan for Iran Ready"

US Shifts Gear for War on Iran


Afghanistan: Kandahar Massacre Survivors Recall the Horror

Afghanistan to Pump Oil in 5 Months

Pakistan Reopens NATO Supply Routes for $1 Million a Day

Pakistan: Fate of Alleged Bin Laden Informer Hangs in Balance


Syria: Assad Says Syria is Fighting Foreign Mercenaries

US Providing Syrian Rebels Advanced Weapons

Israeli Tanks Incur into Gaza-Palestinians Injured

Turkish Attacks on Civilians Tied to Info from US Military Drone

Iraq "Torture Prison" Still Open-Operating

US to Punish Opponents of Yemen President


US Shadow War in Horn of Africa Revealed by Blogger

NATO Moves into Jordan

Egypt Candidate Vows to Choke Protests if Elected

Libya Under Pentagon-NATO Rule

Congo: Prosecutors Say Leaders Guilty of Village Massacre

Nigeria: Explosion Jolts Oil-Reach State


Russia: Rogozin Challenges Communists to Find NATO Base in Russia

Kyrgyzstan: Anti-China Mood Threatens Push for Railway Link

TAPI Price Deal Close

Pakistan's Deal in Afghan Transit Deal is Central Asia's Loss?

Mongolia: NATO Assists Pentagon's Shift to Asia-Pacific


Who's Who at the NATO Banquet

US Atomic Upgrade in Europe will Cost $6 Billion

National Newsworthy

How FBI Entrapment is Inventing "Terrorists" & Letting Bad Guys Off the Hook

Private Contractor Torture Cases Given Go-Ahead by Federal Court

The Surveillance State: Knowing Every Bit About You

Marine Corp Pursues 'Kamikaze' Drone

Court Rejects Obama's NDAA Argument

Guantanamo Defense Lawyers Want Ex CIA Official to Testify

Judge Rules that Millions Can Sue NYPD over Stop & Frisk

Veterans for Peace Calls for an End to NATO

US Senate to Consider New Iran Sanctions Today

Cryptome: NGA Mobile Domestic Spying System

Noteworthy Editorials

Pepe Escobar: Will 'Onshela Save Europe?

Andrew Napolitano: Is There a Drone in Your Backyard?

Glenn Greenwald: Federal Court Enjoins NDAA

Tony Cartalucci: Former-US President George Bush Officially a War Criminal

Philip Giraldi: Israel Lobby Always Believes More is Better

BFP Nightly Video-Audio

Video 1: Iraq War Veteran to Return Medals at Anti-NATO Protest

Video 2: Syrian Opposition Studies Terror Tactics in Kosovo

Video 3: Pentagon Talks Peace-Arms Syria Rebels via Gulf Allies


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  1. See-bel on the AJ show:

    Good job! You do seem a little bit more rowdy while talking with him – I guess he has that effect, especially when his mic level is about 5 numbers above yours 😉

  2. gogetem says:

    It was a really good interview! I just have one question for Sibel: Alex was slightly critical of you when he said that you’ve pulled back from a couple of years ago when you said that “bin Laden was under CIA command”. I’m just wasn’t sure from your response today if, indeed, that is your view.


  3. The degree to which “bin Laden was under CIA command” is debatable, but I don’t think Sibel ever said that as a blanket statement. Correct me if I’m wrong, but my recollection is that in her testimony for the Schmidt v. Krikorian case, Sibel listed specific cases of the CIA using al Qaeda -particularly in the Balkans and Caucases up until 2001 (based on translations she had made). I recall at the time that Alex Jones had turned that into “CIA was running bin Laden up until 9/11!” – which is yet another case of him making a common logical fallacy: turning an existential into a universal, from “there exist specific cases where CIA uses al Qaeda” to “for all al Qaeda operations, they are CIA directed.”

    Listening to AJ can be pretty infuriating – the constant interruptions – the putting words in guests mouths especially as he’s about to go to break – the frothing at the mouth… well that part is at least entertaining. But overall he does bring interesting guests on his show, and as a general portrait of the way things are going, his analysis is frighteningly accurate: at least in terms of the eventualities. Every day Alex is like the frog at the moment that it realizes it’s boiling, which of course is better than living in denial, but when he screams day after day “I’m Boiling!!!” it comes off as exaggerated paranoia to the general listener.

  4. gogetem says:

    Hi ROro. Thanks for your reply and for clearing things up for me. I was just watching AJ’s skype interview with Sibel; it was excellent. Alex let her speak for the most part! Yes, I agree he can be infuriating at times: interrupting, exagerating or stretching the truth, but at the same time, he is a fountain of information and knowledge. He is just one of many, many people I go to for non-MSM news.

  5. Yes I just watched that one as well -several times Sibel cut him off! Aha! he’s getting a taste of his own medicine!

    But seriously, for all his quirks, AJ has probably done more to “lead people down the rabbit hole”… “take the red pill”… “stop drinking the koolaid” or whatever expression best describes what I consider a civic duty to PAY ATTENTION! to what is being done in our name, with our tax dollars, and as Alex & Sibel are pointing out, will be eventually turned against us – perhaps sooner than we think.

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