The EyeOpener- Fallout: Ramifications of Attacking Iran

BFP VideoFor years now, the drumbeat for war with Iran has been growing steadily louder from the Likudniks in Israel and their ideological bedmates in Washington. Weary, exhausted, and economically depleted after a year of disastrous entanglements in the Middle East, it is hard to believe that the American public is eager for yet another conflict, yet every few months without fail there are new signs that the Israeli leadership is sharpening their tools of warfare and cries are renewed in the corridors of power in Washington for unflinching support for whatever action Tel Aviv decides to take. As we examined last week, this drumbeat has reached fever pitch yet again in the last few months, and now Washington insiders, think tanks and policy wonks are once again openly discussing the possibility of staging a false flag event to blame on their Iranian enemy and launch a “retaliatory strike.”

But what would the fallout of such an action be? Well, for starters, there would be literal fallout.

In this episode of our EyeOpener Report James Corbett discusses possible consequence of an armed strike on Iran- from the economic fallout, to the potential release of radioactive materials into the atmosphere, and “legitimization” of the use of first-strike nuclear weapons as tactical weapons.

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*The Transcript for this video is available at Corbett Report: Click Here

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This site depends….

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  1. James, I really appreciate the way you keep bringing up the potential WWIII scenario we are sitting on and which is completely off the radar of most people I encounter. Did the peace movement die out because opportunistic liberals got their guy in office, or because attention spans are dwindling in the land of relentless commercial breaks? I don’t think people want to be bothered or know what to do when the information is presented to them.

    I would also like to add that as people grapple for the “why” this is happening it may very well be as I have heard suggested in several instances over the last few years that people with a so called psychopathic personality disorder, which afflicts anywhere from 2-5% of the population, may also be a factor here. Psychopaths are not necessarily serial killers, but are often highly likeable (on the surface), cold manipulators who literally feel no remorse for their actions, lie easily, exhibit narcissistic tendencies, rabidly pursue power and enjoy inflicting suffering. One might remark, of course, this sounds like an obvious description of a corrupt politician or corporate CEO, but we have to remind ourselves that such people literally do not think the way average people do. They lack the ability to feel empathy and literally find the normal states of remorse, guilt, self reflection, etc as amusements to be exploited for their gain.

    All the gathering of facts and skillful debate will not change the reality that they are skilled predators of the highest order, and by many accounts are unreformable. Where that leaves us when such people rise to the well suited positions of political and economic power is not hard to imagine, nor do we have to since we have butchers from the past to draw from.

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