The Reality Principle -Episode 2

“Pipelines, Politics, and People" with Steve Horn

RPLogo“A century ago, oil was just an obscure commodity; today it is almost as vital to human existence as water.” – James Buchanan

There are countless factors that contribute to the geopolitical reality of today's world. None are more influential than the issue of energy which lies at the heart of some of the most complex and difficult issues facing nations all over the world. By examining the core issues related to energy - exploration, delivery infrastructure, environmental impacts - one begins to get a clearer picture of just how power operates and the degree to which nations (and empires) are in perpetual competition over resources and influence. What is at stake is not merely the resources themselves, but rather control of the flow of those resources to the competitor and to the world market. Wars, alliances, and large-scale investment are all predicated on the politics of energy, making it a fundamental part of geopolitical balance of power

Listen to the Podcast here:

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This site depends….

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  1. Terrific show, Eric! We are so lucky to have you here at BFP.

    I’m going to forward this show to my sister, who lives in southwestern NY. It’s such a shame that those frackers can manipulate and poison people. I’m sure she will appreciate the info and analysis presented in this interview.

  2. EDraitser says:

    Thanks so much Xicha. I was thinking of you when I realized that I again failed to mention BFP at the very start of the podcast. I think I got it in there a few times throughout though. I’ll get it down as part of my routine.

    I hope the material covered was interesting and enlightening. So much more to talk about, I left out tons of information.

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