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BFP Nightly Quote

"In monarchy the crime of treason may admit of being pardoned or lightly punished, but the man who dares rebel against the laws of republic ought to suffer death."-- Samuel Adams

International Newsworthy

Iran: No Talks with P5+1 before US Presidential Polls

Anonymous Sources Provide No Evidence of Iran Cyber Attacks

Hollande Warns Iran after Meeting Israeli PM

US Warns Israel off Pre-Emptive Strike on Iran

Sudan's Iran Alliance under Scrutiny

Iran Oil Exports to India Rise 53%

* * * *

Asia Drug Boom Fuels Surge in Opium Cultivation: UN

17 Killed in Series of Roadside Bombings in Afghanistan

Will Pakistan Release Its Osama bin Laden Abbottabad Report?

Drone Strikes: Map Shows Pakistan Drone Strikes

Pakistan: SC Questions Constitutional Authority of Balochistan Government

Pakistan's Minorities Fail to See Progress

Two More Killed in Balochistan Violence

* * * *

US to Focus Exclusively on Arming Al Qaeda in Syria

Clinton: US Wants to Help Syria Opposition to Unite

Russia Denies Syrian Army on Brink of Collapse

Syrian Rebels Arm Palestinians against Assad

Turkey’s Erdogan Backtracks on Syria No-Fly Zone

Syria's Crisis Is Killing Off Trade in Turkey's Borderland Bazaars

Market Rises at Jordan Camp for Syrian Refugees

* * * *

Iraq: Kurdistani MP- Our Coalition Will Not Participate in Political Majority Government

Kuwait Opposition Figures Arrested Amid Boycott Push

Bahrain Must Lift Ban on All Protests: Amnesty

Yemen: LNG Gas Pipeline Blown Up Again

Blast Kills 22, Injures 111 in Riyadh

Israeli Court Acquits Border Policeman in Death of 10-year-old Naalin Protester

* * * *

Mali: The Next Afghanistan?

Russia Mulls Mali Arms Deal

Tunisia Extends State of Emergency for another 3 Months

Egypt Islamists Delay Big March Until Constitution Is Drafted

Minorities Fear End of Secularism in Egypt

Officials: CIA Head in Egypt for Security Talks

Nigeria: Security Forces Out of Control in Fight against Terror of Boko Haram

Somalia: Somaliland Set to Drill for Oil by 2014

* * * *

Russian ‘Internet Blacklist’ Goes Online

Gazprom Closes on South Stream Goal

Hungary-Russia Sign South Stream Gas Pipeline Accord

Russia's Tatarstan Sentences Six Drug Traffickers

Russian Navy Conducts Missile Drills in Pacific

US Military Academies Recruiting Healthy Single Kazakhstan Men

Azerbaijani Servicemen to Join Military Exercise in Qatar

CSTO Still Expects Uzbekistan to Restore Membership

* * * *

NATO to Hold Annual Crisis Management Exercise & Cyber Coalition Exercise

Spain Dismantles Pakistani Human Trafficking Ring

National Newsworthy

Government Shares Drones with Law Enforcement Agencies across the Country

Police Allowed to Install Cameras on Private Property without Warrant

US Homeland Security sued over drones

Feds Let Mexican Cartel Hit Men Kill in U.S., Senior Lawman Told Stratfor

Congressional Ethics Office Recommends Three to House Panel for Investigation

Mexico study: US Legalization Cuts Cartel Profits

Napolitano: US Financial Institutions 'Actively Under Attack' by Hackers

Retired FBI Agent Arraigned in Afghan Scheme

Nine Anti-Drone Protesters Cited for Blocking Beale AFB Gates

Benghazi Backfire: Was Obama Arming Jihadists?

Iowa Warns International Observers of Arrest

World’s Fastest Computer Is Quietly Turned On by the U.S. Government

Noteworthy Editorials

Andrew Napolitano: Should You Vote for President?

Stephen Lendman: Drone Wars

Jacob Hornberger: Is It Time to Bomb Iraq Again?

M K Bhadrakumar: Is there a Shift in Pak Afghan Policy?

Americans Proudly Voting for Evil

Pick Your Constitutional Poison

The Government Secretly Spied on You? Prove It!  

Imperialism on a Budget

BFP Nightly Video-Podcast

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Video 2: Paul Craig Roberts: US$ Reserve Status Pays For the Murder of Muslims

Video 3: Madeleine Albright Today on the Killing of Children

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Podcast 2: Corbett Report-Truth Down Under with Leon Pittard

Podcast 3: Stop Imperialism with Eric Draitser-Episode 45

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