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BFP Nightly Quote

“Popularity should be no scale for the election of politicians. If it would depend on popularity, Donald Duck and The Muppets would take seats in senate.” – Orson Welles  

International Newsworthy

From Sudan to Cyber: Secret War with Iran Heats Up

West Raises Pressure on Neutral Switzerland over Iran

Russian Navy Looking For Closer Cooperation with Iran in Caspian

'Iran to Build Oil Pipeline to Afghanistan'

Iran's Installed Petrochemical Capacity to Hit 100 Billion Tons

Iran Slams Anti-Nuclear Weapons Treaty as Discriminatory

* * * *

UN Orders Global Sanctions against Haqqani Network

Armed Clashes Reported in Afghan Capital Kabul

Afghans Doubt Fair 2014 Election

Pakistan Already Cracking Down on Haqqani Network: Government

Pakistan Petroleum Inks Iraq Exploration Deal

Canadian Officials Uncover $9 Million of Heroin on Flight from Pakistan

India Accuses Pakistan of Printing Counterfeit Banknotes

Balochistan & US Elections?

* * * *

NATO Chief on Contingency Plans to “Defend” Turkey from Syria

British PM Backs 'Safe Passage' for Assad

Hezbollah's Role in Syria Grows Murky

Russia Endorses Egyptian-Led Regional Group on Syria

Russian FM Says Syrian Rebels Have 50 Stingers

Russia Urges Syrian Opposition to Solve Crisis through Dialogue

Kurdistan Oil Pipeline Would Test Turkish Policies on Iraq and Syria
Iraqi Kurdish President Warns Syrian Kurds over Infighting

* * * *

31 Killed in Bombing at Iraqi Army Base

Turkey Starts Trial of Israeli Generals

Turkey-Erdogan’s Bigger Game: Change the Constitution

Israeli FM Aims to Stop Palestinian Recognition at UN

Al Qaeda Rebels Kill 2 Saudi Border Guards

Was Murdered Lebanese Intelligence Chief a Hero or Double Agent?

Tribal Chief “Suspected” of al-Qaeda Link Triggers Yemen Standoff

* * * *

Egyptian Checkpoint Attacked by Terrorists in Arish

Egypt's Moussa Denies Meeting with Prominent Israeli Tycoon

Nigeria: Boko Haram Has Links with Foreign Terrorists - Security Adviser

Nigeria Seeks $9 Billion Borrowing Plan

West African Army Chiefs Meet on Mali Intervention

* * * *

Putin Sacks Defense Minister amid Embezzlement Probe

Leading Russian Arms Makers to Unite under Kalashnikov Name

Georgia to Continue Railway that Links it with Azerbaijan-Turkey

Georgia PM Appoints Special Envoy for Relations with Russia

Kazakhstan US Sign New Energy Plan

Azeri Oil Fund to Help Finance TANAP Gas Pipeline

Kyrgyzstan: Distrust in Police Means Privatization of Law And Order

* * * *

Sarkozy to be Questioned over Illegal Financing Probe

David Cameron in the Gulf: Defense Sales 'Legitimate'

UK Govt Forcing Poor Families Out of London - Survey

Rich Russian to Profit from Cyprus Bailout

National Newsworthy

Barack Obama & America's decline

Twitter No Longer ‘Disappearing’ Infringing Tweets

EPIC to Congress: Protect Privacy Against Drone Surveillance

KBR Ordered to Pay $85 Million over Soldiers' Toxin Exposure

Security Contractor at Nuclear Complex Accused of Cheating on Guard Tests

Pennsylvania Caught Cheating on Water Test that Showed Fracking Poisons

Noteworthy Editorials

James Petras: US Elections- From the “Lesser to the Greater Evil” & the Demise of Critical Liberalism

Pepe Escobar: Election Kicks on Route 66

Stephen Lendman: Obama Votes for Romney

M K Bhadrakumar: Do Afghans Want more Religion?

Dogs of War Bark in the US

Prematurely at the Brink of War

BFP Nightly Video-Podcast

Video 1: George Carlin Doesn't Vote

Video 2: Portland Police Use Pepper Spray on Anti-Austerity Protesters

Video 3: Shocking Truth ~ Breakdown Unavoidable

Podcast: David Swanson Debates Daniel Ellsberg on Voting for Obama

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  1. RE: Podcast: David Swanson Debates Daniel Ellsberg on Voting for Obama

    I think Mr. Ellsberg was a little slow to get (or maybe didn’t achieve getting) the precise point that Mr. Swanson was making.

    Ellsberg’s motivation for voting lesser evil was out of fear of the perception that you could be blamed for the worse evil, and that would only increase the perception next time. He was compromising his integrity and would not or could not admit it, and therefore would or could not understand Swanson’s clear conscience.

    I think Ellsberg doesn’t just perceive and communicate that OTHERS blame Nader for the evils of Bush; he blames Nader himself. He has twisted reality in his mind, and has corrupted his own integrity by doing so. I say that from my gut – I had a visceral reaction to his explanation of the 2000 election and ensuing events. He was condescending and stubborn.

    He was also out-matched by Swanson’s consistent and uncompromising strategy of integrity and principle in voting and activism. It’s very simple really. Just vote your conscience. Act out your conscience. Live your conscience. This is not only easier to understand than the convoluted lesser evil voting, but, in fact, the only way to maintain said integrity and principles. Or to have a clear comprehension of your own conscience. I mean, what use is a conscience if you have to figure out a way to put it on the shelf so it doesn’t lose the election for the lesser evil?

    I wanted the discussion to continue, so that Swanson could repeat himself another hundred times, until Ellsberg understood. But, I don’t think it would have happened. Ellsberg was overpowered by his fear.

    Do I deserve to say that about such a brave and great man?

  2. “Do I deserve to say that about such a brave and great man?”

    Yes, say it. Mr. Ellsberg is a mortal being like you and me. Of those who vote, more than 90% cast their vote out of fear. The Democrats and Republicans work damn hard to keep everyone in fear. America has been a fear-driven nation ever since December 7th, 1941. Despite having the luxury of two large oceans separating it from all but two friendly neighbors, the most lethal military in the world, abundant natural resources, material wealth, and excellent educational institutions, etc., most Americans are convinced that a rag-tag club of Muslims is coming to steal their freedom – the same freedom they are more than happy to surrender to Democrats and Republicans to protect them from those who would steal it. How can an adults behave so childishly? This has all the elements of a Mel Brooks comedy or a Dr. Strangelove sequel.

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