BFP VideoThe proponents of psychological warfare tactics by modern-day governments argue that fears about government propaganda are misplaced as there are laws in place to prevent the US government from propagandizing to its own citizens.Indeed, legislation prohibiting government-sponsored domestic propaganda has been in place for nearly one century. That legislation, however, is outdated, unenforceable, and is routinely breached by the very government agencies that it is supposed to restrain. And as weak and effective as this legislation already is, it in danger of being even further diluted by a proposed amendment to the 2013 edition of the National Defense Authorization Act.

In this third episode of our new series on psychological warfare James Corbett presents Psyops on the Homefront, the existing laws prohibiting government-sponsored domestic propaganda, their limitation, how these laws has been violated both in letter and in spirit by recently-exposed psyops campaigns funded by the American taxpayer and aimed directly at the US population, and the government-media partnership in preparation and execution of propaganda campaigns targeting domestic population.

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*The Transcript for this video is available at Corbett Report: Click Here

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  1. Excellent report James. The people are clearly lost in a world of propaganda and misinformation, manufactured new and of course PR and advertising. Thank you Mr. Bernays.

    It’s amazing that some see thru these lies and get a smattering of the truth. They sure don’t make it easy.

  2. Well done, James. This is just the type of information I was looking for. Thanks!

    Psy-Ops seems like such an important topic and could be a theme for an ongoing show.

    “American Id Doll”?

  3. Nice report. I disagree though that labeling govt sponsored reports would help the situation, though. Maybe it would if we had a critically thinking populace, but then again, if we had a critically thinking populace, they would be aware of these tricks and would be skeptical of all reporting, especially mainstream, from the get go. As it is, there would simply be various partisan “reports” that would be clung to just as people cling to Obama and Romney, etc.

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