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“The idea that you can merchandise candidates for high office like breakfast cereal - that you can gather votes like box tops - is... the ultimate indignity to the democratic process.” -- Adlai Stevenson

International Newsworthy

Fog of War Obscures Netanyahu's Iran Order

Iran Likely to Seek Revenge 'By Stealth' for Cyber-Attacks

Saudis Lag behind Iran in Afghanistan

Iran Impounds Saudi Fishing Vessel

Iran Hikes Domestic Airfares by Up to 70 Percent

* * * *

Afghanistan: Road Dangers and the Rising Threat of Renewed Ethnic Violence

Afghanistan Rules Out Peace Deals with Haqqanis

Kabul Clerics Oppose Local Police Force

Pakistan Desirous of Multifarious Ties with Qatar: Zardari

Fired Rockets from Afghanistan Kill 1 in NW Pakistan

Pakistan: The Real Swing State?

Govt under Fire in Senate over Balochistan Issue

* * * *

Syria: UK to Open Talks with Opposition Militants

Turkey Seeks NATO Deployment of Patriot Missiles on Syria Border

Syrian Rebel Militias Shell Protest-6 Civilians Killed

Syria Rebel Chief Says Escapes Assassination Bid

Syria Denies Downing of War Jet in Aleppo

* * * *

Iraq Signs Oil Deal with Russian-Led Consortium

Turkey Conducts Cross-Border Operation into Iraq against PKK

Turkey’s Energy, Security Interests Clash in Iraq

Two Iraqi Kurds Killed in Turkish Airstrikes in N.Iraq

Massive Turkish Anti-war protests against Interference in Syria

Israeli Cabinet Talks ‘Punishment’ Over Palestinian UN Recognition

Bahrain Revokes Citizenship of Opposition Members

* * * *

Americans Tour Base to Recruit Libyan Anti-Militant Force

Egypt: Sinai Assault Perpetrators Revealed After Operation 'Eagle' Ends

Deadline Set for Final Vote on Egypt’s Constitution

Military Planners Prepare for War in Mali

OIC Raps Israeli Airstrike on Sudan

Israel’s Airstrike on Khartoum: Part of a Broader US-NATO-Israel Military Agenda

Ansar Dine Delegation Seeking Algerian Mediation in Mali Crisis Explosion Rocks Somali Parliament

* * * *

Russia Wants to Park Spy Planes on French Base

Russia Fights US missile Shield from Sea

5 Killed in Moscow Shooting

Russia to Ink Joint Air Defense Network Formation Deal with Armenia

Georgia Arrests Former Defense Minister

Georgia: Ex-Defense Minister's Arrest the Start of a Crackdown or Cleanup?

Azerbaijan: NATO, Pentagon Build Proxy Army on Caspian, Iranian Border

‘Israel Main Importer of Azerbaijan Oil’

* * * *

UK’s Spy Agency Conducts Secret Trials

Romania Drops Plans to Join Euro In 2015

Murdered British Businessman ‘was MI6 Operative’

National Newsworthy

Government to Argue Speedy Trial Doesn’t Apply to Bradley Manning

US Muslim Placed on No-Fly List Is Unable to See His Ailing Mother

Report: Immigration Courts Falling Behind Despite more Judges

Qatar- UAE Request $7.6 Billion in Missile Defense: U.S.

L-3 Gets two More TSA Contracts – Your Tax Money Pays for it

'U.S. Per Person Debt Now 35 Percent Higher than that of Greece'

Dollar Falls as Obama Win Paves Way for Monetary Easing

1 in 6 Retired Members of Congress Receive Annual Pensions of $100,000 or more

Several ‘Ron Paul Republicans’ Win Closely Contested House Races

Noteworthy Editorials

Ron Paul: The Economics of Disaster

Stephen Lendman: Money Party Wins US Election

Pepe Escobar: Barry Obama Rides Again

Kevin Gosztola: How the Major Newspapers That Endorsed Obama Celebrated His Foreign Policy Record

Why Drones Stayed Out of Sight in the 2012 Campaign

The Interventionists' Road to Benghazi

Property Rights vs. Government Wrongs

The Lull before the Social Storm

BFP Nightly Video-Podcast

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Video 2: Pepe Escobar- Billion-Dollar, One-Party Machine Behind Obama Victory

Video 3: Corbett Report- Yes on 37

Video 4: James Corbett- Anomalies of the Air Defense on 9/11

Podcast: Corbett Report- A Tale of Two sElections

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