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“When one with honeyed words but evil mind Persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.” -- Euripides, Orestes


International Newsworthy

Iran Unveils New Missile Systems on Second Day of Drills

Iran to Build Oil Reservoirs-Refineries in Venezuela

IAEA Says Iranian Cleanup of Suspect Parchin Site Ongoing

The Cyber War with Iran

Saudi Tells U.N. Iran Trespassing on its Territory

* * * *

Karzai Wants War on Terror Taken to Taliban Sanctuaries in Pakistan

Afghans: Bales Ignored 'We Are Children!' Shouts

NATO Drone Strike Kills Three Afghan Children

Attacker in Afghan Army Uniform Kills NATO Soldier

Afghan Faction Haqqanis would Consider Talks under Taliban

Three More Shi'ites Shot Dead in Balochistan

Balochistan Crisis Worsens as Bhootani Strikes Again

* * * *

Iraq Cancels $4.2bn Russia Arms Deal over Graft Concerns

Iraq Executes 10-Including Egyptian over Terrorist Acts

Kurdistan Denies Contract to Buy Helicopters from France

Turkey: Host Nation, U.S., Pakistan Conduct Naval Exercise

Abbas Says Russia to Join in Arafat's Death Investigation

Yemen Tribal Chief with Qaeda Ties under House Arrest

 Saudi Companies to Pay Fines for Hiring more Foreigners than Locals

* * * *

Massive Rally for Shariah Law Divides Egypt’s Islamists

Egyptians Protesters Demand an End to Ties with Israel

France Eyes Libya Deals After Unfreezing $2 Billion Assets

Al-Shabab Militants Kill 10 in Somalia

Algeria Warns Military Intervention would Worsen Situation in Mali

* * * *

Russia: Moscow Police Detain Islamic Terror Suspects

Putin Forms New Human Rights Council

Russia Signs South Stream Deal with Slovenia

Startling New Twist in Litvinenko Death Case

NATO Chief “Extremely Concerned” Over Developments in Georgia

Azerbaijani Oil Company Seeking U.S. Growth Prospects

Azerbaijani Mercenaries Fighting in Syria

Kyrgyzstan: Anti=Drugs Directorate Chief in Osh Detained for Bribe

Crime Pays in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz-US Military in Anti-Terror Drills

* * * *

Personal Details of 8 Million UK Children are on Secret Database without Parents’ Knowledge

BBC News Chief  & Deputy Quit over Scandal

Clinton Visits Australia for Defence Talks


National Newsworthy

US to Scan Status Updates & Tweets for Bioterrorism Evidence

Is Obama’s Cybersecurity Executive Order Imminent?

The Police Drones which are Watching You

Remember the War in Afghanistan? US Still has 68,000 Troops There & Averages One Drone Attack a Day

Skype Rats out Alleged WikiLeaks Supporter without Waiting for Court Warrant

U.S. Announces 6.7-bln-Dollar Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

Translator Charged under Espionage Act…but not with Espionage

CIA Plot against Correa Funded by Drug Money

New Figures: Almost 1,500 US/UK Drone Strikes in Afghanistan Since 2009

Texas Bill Would Ban Invasive TSA Pat Downs

The 10 Companies That Control the News

US Guns Sales Soar after Barack Obama's Re-Election

Business Groups Look for Congressional Finish Line on Russian Trade Bill

Post-Election Report Shows Record Surge in Americans Using Food Stamps

Bernanke's Stamp on Fed Could Tie Hands of Successor

Sandy, Bernanke & Money

Noteworthy Editorials

Stephen Lendman: Obama’s Post-Election Militancy

Chris Floyd: Dead Enough- The Reality of the 'Lesser Evil'

Pepe Escobar: Skyfall- Starring David Petraeus

Tom Woods: But I Thought Ron Paul Was the Candidate of Big Business

Tony Cartalucci: Argentina Unrest: Brought to you by Goldman Sachs

Philip Giraldi: Syria: Rebellion, Jihad, or Civil War?  

Paul Pillar: Netanyahu's Game & the Two Gulfs

Hypocrisy & War Crimes: The Western Imperium

The Slow March to Fascism

Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a “New Middle East”

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