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BFP Nightly Quote

“These are the days when men of all social disciplines and all political faiths seek the comfortable and the accepted; when the man of controversy is looked upon as a disturbing influence; when originality is taken to be a mark of instability; and when, in minor modification of the original parable, the bland lead the bland.” -- John Kenneth Galbraith

International Newsworthy

Massed Israeli Troops Poised for Invasion of Gaza

Decision Bombing: Israel's 'Election Attack' Triggers Gaza War Spiral

US Supports Israeli Attack on Gaza Strip

Russia Slams Israel Raid on Gaza Strip

IDF Strikes over 100 Gaza Targets

Barak: Strikes Just the Beginning of Gaza War

Israeli Watching Bombing of Gaza from Southern Israel: ‘Arabs are less than dogs, kill them all’

Islamic Jihad Claims Tel Aviv Hit

Washington Post’ Prints False Narrative of how Gaza Escalation Started

BBC Implies One Israeli Life Worth 5 Palestinian Lives

New York Times’ Covers Up a key Netanyahu Motive for the Vicious Gaza Attack

* * * *

US Navy Sends More Mine-Clearing Robots to Persian Gulf

‘Iran to Boost Cooperation with Somalia’

Bomb Hits 2 NATO Trucks in Afghanistan

Germany Reveals Afghan Troops Withdrawal Timetable

Pakistan Freeing Afghan Taliban ‘to give peace a chance’

Pakistan to Consider Mullah Baradar Release: Officials

* * * *

Britain could Intervene in Syria as David Cameron Considers No-Fly Zone

Why Iraq Refused Russian Arms

American Journalist Blames Georgia for Arming Syrian Rebels

Kosovo Albanian Terrorists Fighting alongside Syria Rebels?

The Secret War in Yemen

Turkey Sentences Syrian for Spying on Refugees-Defectors

* * * *

Prosecutor Probes Alleged Egyptian Election Fraud

French Troops Won't Go to Mali, Hollande Promises

Tunisia Says War in Mali Could Worsen Tensions in Region

Riots Erupt in Jordan: The End of Absolute Monarchy?

Djibouti: NATO’s Outpost in the Horn of Africa

DR Congo Army, Rebel M23 Resume Fighting after 3 Months Truce

* * * *

China's Carrier Forces US Navy Rethink

Moscow Wants Fresh Start on Arms Talks with NATO: Envoy

New Treason Law Takes Effect in Russia

Scandal Shakes the Siloviki

Russian Railways Plan to Set Up New ‘Silk Railroad’

NATO Completing Transformation of Azerbaijan’s Military

Azeris Gear Up for Anti-Govt Protest

ECO Summit Brings No Change

* * * *

Finland: NATO’s “Model Partner” On Russian Border

MI5 Arrests Royal Navy Petty Officer for Trying to Spy for Russia

Eurozone Falls into Double-Dip Recession

National Newsworthy

Obama Signs Directive on Use of Cyber Warfare

Obama’s Secret Directive Paves Way for Continued Military Cyber Offensive

In His Final Speech Ron Paul Warns of “Continuous March toward Fascism”

36 States Want to Secede from the Federal Government

Bush Torture Victims File UN Complaint

BP to Pay Record Fine to US for 2010 Oil Spill

Congress Panel Blames Corzine for MF Global Fall

In the Wake of Increased Storms, National Flood Insurance Program is Running out of Money

U.S. Fixed Mortgage Rates Hit New Record Lows on Higher Consumer Sentiment

Postal Service Loses Record $15.9B in 2012

Jobless Claims Surge in Wake of Hurricane Sand

Noteworthy Editorials

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: American Immorality Is At A Peak

Pepe Escobar: How Sexy is Benghazi?

Nick Turse: America Begins Nation-Building at Home (Provided Your Home is the Middle East!)

September 11, 2001: The Crimes of War Committed “In the Name of 9/11″

What High School Taught Millennials about the War on Terrorism  

3 Myths about Secession

Uncanny 'Running Man' Runs into Elite Gloom

Fighting ‘Terrorism’ or Repressing Democracy? Britain’s System of Mass Surveillance

BFP Nightly Video-Podcast

Video 1: .Congressman Ron Paul's Farewell Speech to Congress

Video 2: Eric Draitser- Israel's Deadly 'Monopoly of Force' in Gaza

Video 3: Corbett Report- New World Next Week

Podcast 1: The Reality Principle W/Eric Draitser- Looking East: The Geopolitics of the Asia-Pacific

Podcast 2: Corbett Report- David Smith on the Global Banking Cartel

Podcast 3: Empire, Power & People w/ Andrew Marshall- The Sociopathic Society

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