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BFP Nightly Quote

“If this spirit shall ever be so far debased as to tolerate a law not obligatory on the legislature, as well as on the people, the people will be prepared to tolerate anything but liberty.” – James Madison

International Newsworthy

Gaza: Four Children Killed in Single Israeli Air Strike

Israel Gives Hamas 36-Hours Ultimatum before Starting Major Offensive

Fresh Israeli Airstrikes Raise Gaza Death Toll to 91

Israel Targets & Defends Attacking Journalists in Gaza

Gaza Crisis has More to Come

Israeli PM Bibi Unveils His Elections War-Room

Morocco to Dispatch Field Hospital to Gaza

Iraq Calls for Use of Oil to Pressure the US- Israel

Turkey’s Erdogan Calls Israel a “Terrorist State”

Overwhelmed Palestinian Doctors Run Out of Life-Saving Medicines

The Light Doesn’t Get Much Greener than ‘This’: Obama Gives Israel the Go Ahead to Escalate in Gaza

Circumventing Sanctions: Iran Begins Construction of $10bn Gas Pipeline to Syria

Drug Seizure at Iranian Borders Increases by 44%

U.S. Begins Talks on Long-Term Troop Presence in Afghanistan beyond 2014

Karzai Orders Afghan Forces to Capture US Detention Facility

Karzai: US Violating Detainee Pact

Pakistan Races to Develop Armed Drones

7 Dead in Tribal Clashes in Balochistan

Syria Opposition to Make Cairo its HQ: Egyptian News Agency

Iran Hosts Meeting on Syrian Conflict

U.S. Senators Call for No-Fly Zone in Syria

Syrian Rebels Eye Assad's Economic Lifeline in East

German Troops May Monitor Turkish-Syrian Border

Iraqi Kurds Put Security on High Alert

Gulf States Rethink Ties to Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptian Groups Reject $4.8 Billion IMF Loan

Libya & Saudi Arabia Looking to Strengthen Ties

Regime Loyalist Chosen to Head Sudan Islamists

Mali Islamists Claim Victory over Tuaregs

Video Shows Nigerian Troops Shooting Captives

Congo Soldiers Flee as Rebels Advance on Goma

Russia on Path to 'Higher Level of Authoritarianism'

U.S. Backs Georgia against Russia- Pushes NATO Integration

Azerbaijan: NATO Builds Proxy Army on the Caspian Sea

Who Really Has Imperial Goals In Central Asia?

Turkmenistan Pushes Ambitious Trans-Afghan Pipeline

Turkmenistan Talks Up TAPI, Not Pipeline to Europe

Iran’s Turn on Turkmenistan’s Gas-Dispute Carousel

Mongolia- DPRK Pledge to Boost Cooperation

U.S. Trains Bulgarian Armed Forces for NATO Wars Abroad

Shadow Banking Doubled during Crisis to Record 67 Trillion Dollars

National Newsworthy

California Gets Face Scanners to Spy on Everyone at once

Clarifying Federal Law on Marijuana…U.S. Can Insist that it is Illegal, but Can’t Force States to Enforce the Law

Forget Petraeus: The Real Scandal Is Generals' Corrupt Weapons Procurement

US Government Wants to Move Bio-Defense Lab from New York to Kansas

House Resolution Calls on Obama to Reject UN Arms Trade Treaty

Court Stops Wal-Mart from Using Trick to Muscle Towns into Accepting Superstores

Banks Push to Keep Bailout-Era Lifeline

Short Sales Continue to Dominate Consumer Relief in Foreclosure Fraud Settlement

Noteworthy Editorials

Stephen Lendman: Media Cover for Israeli Crimes

Coleen Rowley: Military Industrial Congressional Media Complex is "Modern-Day Rasputin"

Glenn Greenwald: Obama's Kill List Policy Compels US Support for Israeli Attacks on Gaza

Nick Turse: When Nation-Building Doesn't Begin at Home

M K Bhadrakumar: Netanyahu Calls Obama’s Bluff

Washington’s Blog: ‘War’ Word Origin is ‘Confusion’: How 1% Wage War on 99%, How to End War

The Real Scandal: Crimes of War, Not Passion

Collateral Damage of Our Surveillance State  

BFP Nightly Video-Podcast

Video 1: Charlie McGrath: Wicked Times Are Here

Video 2: Israeli Parliamentarian Calls for ‘Erasing’ Gaza because no one there is innocent

Video 3: James Petras on Battleground Gaza

BFP Podcast: Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson- Karen Kwiatkowski on “The Shuffling of the Generals”

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