Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 46

Step One to Peace in Israel-Palestine: End the Occupation

EPPIf we continue to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict upon the basis of mythology, or religion, we will fail to find a meaningful solution. As many argue, love and compassion are the answer, which is true, in the sense that love and compassion must be the guide, the approach to interaction; but rationality must be the method of decision-making, of taking specific actions. The first logical step to take toward peace is to end the 45-year ruthless military occupation of the Palestinian people. Any "solution" which does not begin with this as the basic premise is illusory and a waste of thought. While people are capable of compassion, states have no such capacity, as they are interested only in maintaining and expanding their own power. Israel is not a state built upon the mythology of altruism, but rather was established as an imperial proxy for more powerful Western empires. The path to peace must acknowledge and deal with this reality. Peace can only be found in the actions and initiatives of the people of Israel, of America and the West more broadly, who have the right and responsibility to end the occupation and the actions of their imperial states. The Palestinian people have a right to resist military occupation, but they are a people without a state, in a world of states, where they are ruthlessly oppressed by the world's most powerful states. They have the right to resist, but the responsibility is ours: End the Occupation.

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