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BFP Nightly Quote

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.” – Albert Einstein

International Newsworthy

Iran to "Decisively" Continue Uranium Enrichment: Nuclear Chief

Gaza War May Strengthen Iran's Hand

AP’s Shoddy Evidence & Dubious Sources on Iran’s Weapons Program

US Senate Prepares New Package of Iran Sanctions

Iran Welcomes UK Court Ruling on Tajik

Iran Oil Tanker to Arrive in S Korea

The Decline of the Rial in the Iranian Media

* * * *

Georgia Doubles Afghanistan Troop Deployment

US-Led Spy Drone Crashes in Afghanistan

Pakistan's Zardari Qualified to Become Next Prime Minister

A Q Khan Registers Party for Vote

Pakistan to Form New Counter-Terrorism Body

Pakistan's Judges Muzzling Criticism in Media: HRW

* * * *

US Buys Yemen a Fleet of Spy Planes for Shadow War

Iraq Deputy PM Opposes Pressure on MEK

34+ Killed in Twin Blasts in Damascus

Resource Rapture: Maliki Moves to Control Kurdistan’s Energy Assets

Iraq Tensions Rise as Syria Crisis Deepens

Kurdistan MP: Kurdistan's Military Delegation Will Ask to Cancel Tigris Operations

Saudi Diplomat Killed in Yemen

Palestinian "State" Vote a Crisis Moment

Arafat's Exhumation Could Bring Answers – or Just More Questions

$1 Million per Missile: Israel's Magic Wand Test

* * * *

Egyptian Top Appeals Courts Suspend Work to Protest Morsi Decrees

Egypt Sentences 8 Christians to Death over Controversial Anti-Islam Movie

Egypt's Constitutional Court Accuses Morsi of Leading Campaign Against it

In Jordan, Fears of Wider Clashes

Over 150 Wounded in Tunisia Clashes

Congo’s $24 Trillion Mineral Wealth: Corporations vs M23

Angola: Chinese & Brazilian Firms Building the New Angola

Nigeria: Gunmen Dressed as Soldiers Kill 10

New Rebel Group Strikes in Burundi

* * * *

Ex-Russian General Warns of Russia's Anti-Missile Deficiency

Russian Intelligence Officers Seek Speedy Creation of New Special Ops Center

Russian Mafia Whistleblower Found Dead in UK

Washington Continues to Build Georgian Proxy Army

Central Asia Facing New Power Crisis

Azerbaijani International Bank Joins TheCityUK first from Caspian Region

Azerbaijani gas could be transported to China through Kazakhstan

Tajik Servicemen Convicted of Drug Trafficking

Mongolia Pays Price for Russian Fuel Supply

National Newsworthy

NDAA 2013: Will Congress Kill Indefinite Detention Without trial for Americans?

Pentagon Rejects Request to Televise Gitmo Trial

Kucinich-Paul & Holt Introduce Bipartisan Resolution to Compel White House to Release Legal Justification for Drone Strikes

FAA Delaying Selection of Cities to Host Drones over Privacy Concerns-Industry Still Avoiding the Issue

In Suicide Epidemic, Military Wrestles with Prosecuting Troops Who Attempt It

FBI Probes Possible Links among Rash of US Bomb Threats

BP Suspended from Contracts with U.S. Government after Spill

Treasury Borrowed $24 Billion in One Day after Thanksgiving

Fed's Lockhart Warns of “Unusual Threats” to Financial System

Is Our Debt Burden Really $100 Trillion?

Noteworthy Editorials

Jacob Hornberger: Outrage over Mursi but Not Over Our Dictator

Jim Lobe: Swing States Hold Key to US Domination

The Surveillance State High School

The Police State vs. the Internet

Nullify the Drug War!

Cut Military Waste-Not Charitable Deductions

Libya & Creative Destruction

BFP Nightly Video-Podcast

Video: Corbett Report- The Palestine Question .

BFP Podcast: Empire-Power & People w/ Andrew Marshall- The Heavy Cost of "Free Trade"

Podcast 1: Lew Rockwell Show- Judge Napolitano on Presidential Monsters

Podcast 2: Eric Draitser’s Stop Imperialism - Episode 49

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