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BFP Nightly Quote

“The wisest thing in the world is to cry out before you are hurt. It is no good to cry out after you are hurt; especially after you are mortally hurt. People talk about the impatience of the populace; but sound historians know that most tyrannies have been possible because men moved too late. it is often essential to resist a tyranny before it exists.” -- G.K. Chesterton

International Newsworthy

Israel to Use Drones in Azerbaijan for Possible Iran Strike: Report

US Steps Up Spying on Iran’s Nuclear Reactor

Iranian Speaker Urges NATO Not to Be Engaged in Regional Conflicts

German Banks Asked to Facilitate Medicine Sales to Iran

Iran Pushes Out Afghans as Regional Power-Play Heats Up

Iran Refutes Turkish Paper’s PKK Claim

Iran, Pakistan Discuss IP Gas Pipeline

* * * *

Afghanistan: Insurgents Launch “Complex” Attack on Major Coalition Base

Malik Warns of Secret Op in Afghanistan

Pakistan Rejects Nuclear Double Standards-Says Mushahid

NATO Stresses Shared ‘Terror’ Fight with Pakistan

14 Tons of Bomb-Making Chemical Seized in Quetta

Pakistan’s Balochistan Problem: An Insurgency’s Rebirth

* * * *

Al Qaida Group Syria Rebels Now key to Anti-Assad Victories

Assad Army Pounds Rebel Strongholds, at Least 25 Killed Across Syria

UN Sending Non-Essential International Staff Out of Syria

Turkey Scrambles Jets as Syrian Warplanes Bomb Border Region

Syria TV Airs Images of Dead Lebanese Salafists

Syria Dismisses US Allegations on WMDs

* * * *

China’s Oil Quest Comes to Iraq

Maliki Fears 'Ethnic Conflict' Looms in Iraq

Turkey Conducts 55 Cross-Border Operations into Northern Iraq During 2012

Iraqi Gov't Criticizes Kurds for Troops Build-Up in Disputed Areas

Israel Called to Explain Targeting Reporters

US ‘Shocked’ by Israel’s New Settlement Plan

Shi'ites Score Big Win in Kuwaiti Poll

* * * *

Egypt: Morsi Goes on Offense as Brotherhood Rallies Support

Egypt Judicial Council to Oversee Referendum

Egypt's Top Court Shuts Down

King Abdullah Considers Postponing Jordan Elections

Jordan Uncovers Al-Qaida Plot to Set Off Mayhem

Rebels in Congo Demand Negotiations

Germany Suspends Aid to Uganda over Corruption Allegations

* * * *

Putin Visits Turkey to Boost Trade & Energy Deals

Ukraine’s Government-PM Resign

Tbilisi: Saakashvili Grants Paymaster Soros Georgian Passport

U.S. General Says NDN Will Lead to New Silk Road

Central Asia: Human Rights Take Back Seat during EU Envoy’s Visit

Azerbaijan: Less Oil, More Dependence on Oil Money

* * * *

Kosovo Demands Investigation Into Ex-UN Prosecutor Del Ponte

Germany’s RWE to Give Up Nabucco Project

Storm Over German Plan to Supply Saudi Arabia With Armored Vehicles

UK Police to Interview Gitmo Briton

Australian Surveillance ‘Out of Control’: 20% Increase in 1 Year

National Newsworthy

Ninth Circuit Gives the A-OK for Warrantless Home Video Surveillance

Pentagon to Expand Intelligence Gathering: Report

Navy Preps Killer Drone for First Carrier Launch

How U.S. Military Hopes to Turn the Tides of Cyberwar with 'Plan X'

Drone Makers Push Congress to Move Up Domestic Deployment Date

Nader: War Criminal Obama Worse than Bush

Private Prison Company Muscles into Law Enforcement, Creating Occupants for Its Prisons

DOJ Drops Monsanto Antitrust Investigation

Health Dept. Distributed $3.6 Billion to Doctors & Hospitals to Computerize Records without a Single Audit

At Least 20% of Homeless in U.S. are Veterans

Is Fracking Contaminating U.S. Livestock?

Gold Sales Set Record

Manufacturing ISM Plummets to Lowest Print Since July 2009

Two False Premises of the Wall Street Fantasyland

Kindly Note the Impending Bankruptcy

The Federal Housing Administration Is Turning Homeowners into Squatters

Cryptome: Rats- Guide to Protection against Informants

Noteworthy Editorials

Andy Worthington: The Long Pursuit of Accountability for Bush's Torture Program

Chris Floyd: Blanking Bradley Manning: NYT & AP Launch Operation Amnesia

Lew Rockwell: Machiavelli & State Power

Philip Giraldi: CIA's Benghazi Role

Stephen Lendman: Secret US Construction in Israel

Paul Craig Roberts: Our Collapsing Economy & Currency

Paul Pillar: Constitutional Confrontation in Egypt

You Have No Privacy, Conduct Yourself Accordingly

Three Men Who Wouldn't Let the NSA Get Away With It

The American Sociopathocracy

BFP Nightly Video-Podcast

Video 1: James Corbett- Middle East Update with Nile Bowie

Video 2: Charlie McGrath- Off the Cliff

Video 3: Tom Woods- Thought Controllers Wrong on Secession

Video 4: Michel Chossudovsky's Presentation to the 9/11 Revisited Conference in Malaysia

BFP Podcast 1: Journalist Andy Worthington on The Black Hole Called Guantanamo

BFP Podcast 2: The Reality Principle With Eric Draitser- “Fake Crises, Real Disasters & Genuine Solutions”

BFP Podcast 3 - Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson Presents Pepe Escobar: Post Pillar of Cloud & What is the Future for Palestine?

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