It Is Not All Doom & Gloom: A Rare Positive Post

My List of Favorite Websites, Activists, Authors & Analysts

whitelistA few weeks ago, after this shenanigan-creating post, I came to a realization: For the last three years, considering the many-fronted assaults on our liberties and many-fronted perpetual wars, and of course, with way too many many-shaped propaganda channels within the mainstream and pseudo-alternative media, my posts have been all on negative and pessimistic notes (Let’s call it constant realism; shall we?). It’s just that with so many alarming and frightening, yet under-covered issues, I never get a chance to write on cases or issues that are actually positive and hope-inducing.

I have had numerous articles and commentaries on pseudo alternative websites posing as ‘independent.’ I have had tons of analyses on corporate-funded establishment lapdogs masquerading as civil liberties or whistleblowers NGOs. I have been bashing them relentlessly, and of course, deservedly. It may have come to a point where some of you may think I don’t approve of or respect any websites or news outlets out there! I don’t blame you- looking at my record.

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to write a post and list some of the websites, authors, analysts and activists I happen to follow closely and respect. Then came the issue of timing. Initially I was planning to post this commentary around the end of this month-December. But then, it just occurred to me. What if, God forbid, people think this is some sort of New Year’s Resolution?! Because I don’t do those thingies. It ain’t me. And it certainly is not about having the slightest regret or second thoughts about being ‘hot-headed and bashing’ when it comes to those deserved targets.

Okay, now that we cleared all that up let me, list and talk about some of my favorite sites and people I follow daily. Oh, I want to emphasize ‘some,’ because there are many sites and people, and I am bound to forget ‘some.’ Please don’t get upset with me if you don’t see your name or site listed, okay? All right, here we go:

I am going to start with my partners here at Boiling Frogs Post. Now, I don’t want you to think of this as either self-serving or promotionally-motivated. Here is the thing: my partners became my partners because for a long time I was their loyal follower, and to a degree, their groupie. I really mean it. I truly consider myself lucky to have those who I truly respect and admire as partners. What makes these people, my partners, special? They are ‘truly’ independent, and by truly I mean one hundred percent: not funded by any foundations-organizations or corporations. They are truly nonpartisan (Two of them Canadians). They are critical thinkers, passionate, and dedicated activists. They are bold and fearless-not afraid of ruffling feathers and challenging the status quo. And may I add ‘very brilliant’? Yes, I may.

Let me also clarify a point while I am talking about ‘partnership’: Some people say they work ‘for’ BFP. That’s not the case. They are partners at BFP. We work together. Our subscription and donations are divided between us based on the amount of work and seniority. Their work, what they produce, is all ‘independent.’ And each has his own point of view, political leaning and philosophy. With some you may detect slight, libertarian leaning, with others liberal … This should tell you about ‘independence.’

For example:

James Corbett of Corbett Report. I can say, with confidence, that I am his number one fan. I challenge all his fans for this rankingJ After following James’ work for months, totally impressed by his reports, stand, professionalism, brilliance … you name it, I almost went down on my knees and proposed to him; he accepted. It is such an honor to have this man as my partner.

Andrew Gavin Marshall (such brilliance at such a young age!).

Eric Draitser’s Stop Imperialism. He first blew me away with his research, analyses, and interviews on Pakistan-Balochistan. Then I began checking out his other work regularly. And then I was hooked …

Peter B. Collins Podcast. What happens when you combine a magnificent cultured voice, being incredibly informed politically, quick thinking and mental processing ability, fearlessness, boldness, kindness … all in one very nice human being? You get my favorite radio host Peter B. Collins. I’ve known Peter for years, and have met him in person more than once. He is a treasure.

Paul Jamiol: Jamiol’s World. One of the common characteristics among my partners: they are immensely interesting people (the opposite of bland boring souls). Paul covers so many criteria when it comes to ‘immensely interesting.’ The thing is, with Paul it never stops. Every few months he surprises me with yet another mind-boggling talent. This man is as many-sided as it comes: immensely artistic political cartoonist, bold, peace activist, deep-thinker, kind and sensitive, children’s book writer and illustrator, great and broad musical tastes, a Harley Davidson man, a former trucker, strong, thoughtful … Now it should not come as a surprise when I say Paul and his lovely partner Linda happen to be dear friends of me and my family- way up at a family-close level.

Now let me proceed to websites and people other than my partners and friends whom I follow and quote from regularly:

Rick Rozoff’s Stop NATO. When it comes to NATO and global militarism, this guy aces on every front.

David Swanson’s War is a Crime. The ‘most active’ activist out there. For the last dozen years he has proven his independent and nonpartisan stand over and over- despite being bashed from both sides regularly. Man, he is not the ‘compromising’ type when it comes to the truth. And unlike me, he is able to engage in all sorts of battles yet remain kind and calm (so not like me- I hiss, I bite, spit, kick, and sometimes bark; not known for ‘zen-like’ qualities).

William Engdahl’s Oil Geopolitics: Excellent analyses of oil geopolitics - to see through all the smoke and mirrors.

Paul Craig Roberts: I have much respect for Mr. Roberts, and love his writings. He doesn’t mince words. He is as bold as they come. He moves me.

James Petras: Sound and well-articulated analyses-plus clarity, minus academic mumbo jumbo, minus academic ego.

Lew Rockwell: I regularly visit Mr. Rockwell’s site for solid editorials and great podcast shows. I like and respect him, and he has some solid contributing authors at his independent and bold website.

Stephen Lendman: I discovered Mr. Lendman through David Swanson’s great website. Starting last June I started following him regularly, and then I was hooked. Hard-hitting analyses and commentaries - all put forth uncompromisingly - boldly and confidently. How is he able to write so many brilliantly executed pieces in such a short time? And does so unlike a Tom Clancy factory with ‘assistant’ writers? Well, that’s beyond me; don’t have an answer for that- instead, trying hard to catch up with all his work, and re-publishing his pieces as fast as I can. Also, like almost all the people I follow and respect, and despite all his accomplishments, he is so very kind and down-to-earth (as you know, I don’t cope well with big egos and snobs).

Dr. Tom Woods: Brilliance, knowledge and expertise combined with independent critical thinking, articulate delivery, mastery of logical argument, and a very impressive personality. Oh, all that, minus ego and snobbery. Oh, before I forget, his life-style and family values match his stand and what he says (the exact opposite of hypocrites). I am a fan, can’t you tell?

Global Research.Ca: This Canadian site has a very good list of daily editorials by many independent authors and analysts and good weekly video reports.

FireDogLake: Time for a confession. Actually, time to stand up and admit to being wrong previously. In the past, without spending much time on this site, I was under the impression that the site was mainly liberal with a strong ‘Democratic Party’ standing. So, I avoided spending time reading their material. To my surprise, a bit of shame, they continued strong criticism of Obama and his administration, just as strong as their criticism and analyses of the previous Republican Bush administration. I began discovering excellent analysts and authors such as Kevin Gosztola over there, and then I began checking them out weekly, then every other day, and now every day. I was wrong. They were not, and are not, blinded by partisanship. At least not the authors I follow there. They seem to have and maintain integrity. So, I was wrong- now I think I am pretty right.

Cryptome: I check John Young’s Cryptome daily for exposés on government documents, news, communications and contracts. I also happen to like and respect Mr. Young - his no-nonsense approach, manners, and his consistency.

Okay, and there are other good websites I check regularly but don’t know their publishers/authors or anything about their funding (so I can’t vouch on that front):

Mondoweiss:  This site has a very good daily selection of analyses and commentaries dealing with the Israel Lobby, Israel, US media bias when it comes to Israel … We interviewed the founder Philip Weiss a while back, and he was great. Now, one of the things I don’t get: ‘How come Nation is funding this bold website?’ It is still a mystery for me-knowing the general Nation Magazine’s pro status standing…

Blacklisted News: I discovered this site a few months ago, and they have good aggregated news on select issues of interest to us. Again, I don’t know the people (or the person) who are running the site, but I like what I see, and check them out daily.

Wide Awake News: I started checking this site daily only after I watched a few video clips of Charlie McGrath. They have good daily aggregated headline news, podcast/radio shows, and weekly video reports by McGrath. By the way, I would like to get in touch with McGrath, so if you know him please help me out.

Asia Times: You all know of my infatuation with Pepe Escobar (as a journalist!!), but visiting AT daily goes beyond Pepe. They have good news articles and analyses on long-ignored areas and issues, especially those on Central Asia and the Caucasus. I know they have corporate advertisers, US government agency ads, Asia Women Catalogue Marriage ads, etc. Despite the annoying pop ups and all the ads, despite cringing throughout the time spent on the site, I visit it daily.

Washington’s Blog: Again, I don’t know anything about the author(s), but interesting articles and analyses.

Russia Today: I check them out daily for new developments internationally. I know some may argue their Russian ties, but from what I see they are very daring, and that includes criticism and news related to Putin’s Russia. They don’t go for the big-ego little-brain academic analysts and spokespersons who spit jargons and nonsense in order to say nothing while talking a lot (think CNN, NPR, etc.).

Prison Planet: I visit them daily to check out their news section on DHS-TSA and other police state related news and developments on issues, such as NDAA.

All right, I am going to stop here. But let me remind you again: this is not every single website on my ‘white list.’ It is a list of ‘some.’ It is my way to tell you that: No, I don’t hate and bash everyone, that there are those I like, respect and follow. And finally, good independent sites can survive only with your support and donations. Whether it is us, Boiling Frogs Post, or others listed here, please support our efforts and voices.

# # #

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  1. Hi Sibel. Curious on your take of Webster Tarpley and Wayne Madsen. Also, PressTV, which I think is an Iranian TV network.


  2. I used to be a regular CrooksandLiars peruser until I woke up and realized it was really a Democratic Party/Obama cheerleading site. Now it just makes me sick.

  3. @gogetem: I am not familiar with Mr. Tarpley. I think I’ve seen him on RT, but not sure. I’ll check him out.

    Press TV: Interesting. I visit the site daily. Now, naturally, I can’t depend on them when it comes to ‘some’ Iran-related news. On the other hand, they’ve been a great source for other Iran-neutral topics. As you may know, the heroin production boom in Afghanistan has been affecting them (and Russians) tremendously … The other area: Azerbaijan … Also, Iraq. I get to find many reliable/solid reportings from them on certain issues/areas.Also, I am able to check out original reportings in Farsi language by other Iranian-linked publication which lets me form a bit better opinion on the validity of their reporting (to a certain degree).

    Same with Turkish publications: I get to read several Turkish newpapers every day online, and that gives me a broader perspective/view of certain developments/news.

    As for Azerbaijan: The dictatorship is completely in control of all internet news sources there, so I don’t even bother with them;-)And the ones based in US … well, they are mostly tied to the Caspian lobby/think tank/doundations-completely bought out.

  4. @gogetem: don’t feel bad; I think we’ve all been there-done that. It is so nauseating- on both side … ‘R’ & ‘D’ Our badge of honor: they dislike us just as intensely-totally mutual;-) Seriously, it is sad, because this is exactly what the system intended: divide them, make them blind, and have them eat each other, chew each others’ throats…

  5. Thanks for your thoughs, Sibel. 🙂

  6. Wait what about Madsen? -His off color humor perhaps makes people wary, but he apparently has an extensive network of sources in D.C. and around the world, and has scored some major scoops that go ignored in the media, including independents.

    Of course, at times he can be widely off the mark – in fact I (a subscriber) was perusing some old stories and found one that pondered whether John Brennan would suggest none other than you Sibel, along with Russ Tice, Coleen Rowley and other whistle blowers into positions in the new administration! I think he was hitting the hopium pretty hard back then, though later it was he, if I’m not mistaken, that would coin the term: Hopium.

    He made up for all that with his series and later book on Obama’s CIA history -probably the most telling reporting on the present administration, in my opinion.

  7. Really… how do you know what news sources are trustworthy? Many reporters repeat what their sources tell them believing the sources as reliable. That’s a big IF.

    Even though the world is very small because of the http://WWW... it’s still big when you have to actually be on the ground around the world getting the facts.

    There’s so much spinning and so little integrity these days… and of course lot’s of secrecy and back room deals. And everyone is looking to cash out one way or the other and that is a corrupting influence.

    If you touch the wrong nerve you are a persona non grata and maybe a candidate for a heart attack at an early age.

    Sibel… what do you think of Juan Cole’s reports?

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