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BFP Nightly Quote

“Government has become ungovernable; that is, it cannot leave off governing. Law has become lawless; that is, it cannot see where laws should stop. The chief feature of our time is the meekness of the mob and the madness of the government.” -- G.K. Chesterton

International Newsworthy

Iran Tells US to 'Recount' Drones

U.S. in Talks with Turkey over Iran Gas-for-Gold

Turkey Clashes with U.S. over Iranian Oil Imports

Standard Chartered to Pay $330mn over US Iran Probe

Iraq Slams Turkey for Sheltering Hashemi

Transit of Goods via Iran Rises 22%

Dollar-Less Iranians Discover Virtual Currency: Bitcoins

* * * *

Afghanistan: Blackwater Becomes New Landlord in Afghanistan for US Special Forces

Afghan Spy Chief Wounded in Taliban Assassination Attempt

Karzai Blames US for Afghan Insecurity

Afghanistan's Competitive Pilgrims

Terror Attacks at High Levels in Iraq, Pakistan & Afghanistan: Study

Fearing Post-2014 Environment, Afghans Buy Up Weapons

Waheed Baloch to Speak on Chinese Interests in Gwadar

Wahhabis Wage War on Indonesian Shi'ites

* * * *

Syria: Assad Faces Life or Death Choice

Brussels: NATO Ready for Military Actions against Syria

1000sof US Troops Arrive Near Syrian Shore on USS Eisenhower

Syria Denies Rebels' Control over Energy Station in Aleppo

'Israel to Join US-Led War on Syria'

* * * *

German Cabinet Approves Missile-Troop Deployment in Turkey

Five Policemen Shot Dead near Baghdad

Kurdish Issues Cause Friction between Iraq and Turkey

Israel Provokes a Doomsday Test

Berlin Opposes Israeli Settlement Plans

* * * *

U.S. Africa Command Now Has Permanent Spec Ops Unit

Curfew Hits Cairo after Military Tanks Quell Anti-Morsi Protests

Al-Azhar Urges Morsi to Shelve Decree

Islamist Intimidation: The Battle for the Future of Tunisia

Algerian Minister Urges Caution against Foreign Extremist Clerics

Report: Sudanese Drone Down in Khartoum Area

Somali Militants Kill 11 Puntland Soldiers

* * * *

Russia Slams Hague Court for Freeing Croatian Generals

Russia Fires Back at EU over Accusations of WTO Violations

Kremlin Website Blocked in Turkmenistan

Journalist Killed in Russia's North Caucasus

SCO's Strong Momentum

Azerbaijan Ready to Provide Its Territory for Transit of Central Asian Gas

ONGC Videsh Eyes Stake in Kashagan

Midnight Train through Georgia for NATO Troops

* * * *

NATO Refuses To Reduce Its European Arsenals

MI6 Alleged to Have Refused to Kill Al-Awlaki

Serbia, Kosovo Strike Fresh Deals to Ease Tension

Deutsche Bank Whistleblowers: Former Staff Reveal $12bn Crisis Cover-Up

NZ Judge Gives Kim Dotcom Go-Ahead to Sue Police & Spy Agency

National Newsworthy

U.S. Ready to Offer Mercenaries $10 Billion for a Drug-War Air Force

Academi aka Blackwater Quickly Fill the Vacuum in Afghanistan Managing Special Operations

Lawmakers Push to Station Remaining US Troops at Afghan Bases after 2014

Fears Confirmed: Domestic Drones 'Fly Regularly' in US

Drones Now Account for One-Quarter of U.S. Strikes in Afghanistan

No Warrant, No Problem: How the Government Can Still Get Your Digital Data

Michigan House Passes Bill Blocking NDAA Detention

Marine Official: Manning Held Improperly in Brig

Amid Reported White House Pressure, Bid to Shut PLO's Washington Office Fails in Senate

Obama Urged to Rein in Netanyahu

Obama-Friendly Business Group Given Great Access to the White House

More TSA Theft: Old News

Homicides in Chicago to Establish a New Record in 2012 – Who’s to Blame?

Senate Passes Russia Trade Bill in 92-4 Vote

HSBC May End Up Paying A $1.8 Billion Money Laundering Fine

Greenspan Sees No Painless Solution to US Debt Woes

Noteworthy Editorials

Pepe Escobar: Washington’s Iranian Future

Glenn Greenwald: Laptop Seizures by US Govt. Highlight 9/11-Era Climate of Fear

Tony Cartalucci: The DARPA Vacuum

Philip Giraldi: The Forever Wars of Frederick & Kimberly Kagan

Andrew Napolitano: Republicans for Big Government

Paul Pillar: The Meaning of Sovereignty

Stephen Lendman: Corruption in Israel

The Fight against the Total Surveillance State in Our Schools

The Spy State Targets You

French Colonizers Have Not Accepted The Loss Of Their Colony

BFP Nightly Video-Podcast

BFP Video: The EyeOpener Report-What is Money

Video 1: New World Next Week

Video 2: Patriot Act Allows US to Spy Worldwide

BFP Podcast: The Reality Principle With Eric Draitser- “Africa: The Scramble Continues”

Podcast 1: Corbett Report-Stay Out of School

Podcast 2: Stop Imperialism- Episode 51

Podcast 3: Lew Rockwell Show- The State’s Favorite Activity

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