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“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of freedoms of the people by gradual and silent encroachment of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” – James Madison

International Newsworthy

Iran Debates Talking with the US

US “Concerned” over Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline

EU to Lift Sanctions on Iranian Bank

Gold Sanctions on Iran As Currency Wars Escalate

'Israel Using Eritrean Bases to Spy on Iran'

Campaign for Ahmadinejad’s Successor Begins in Iran

Iran Petitions to Free Scientist in US

Argo's Blurred Vision of Iranians

* * * *

Taliban Popular Where US Fought Biggest Battle

Foreign Forces Support Afghan Drug Trade

US: Afghanistan May Have Direct Military Support from India

Delay in Zardari’s Visit Raises Questions over Iran Gas Project

Facebook Removes Pakistani Taliban Recruitment Page

India Probes Wal-Mart Lobbying Practices

* * * *

US Military to Retain 'Strong' Presence in Mideast: Panetta

US Recognizes Unelected Terrorists as Syrian "Representatives"

What a Joke: Panetta- “Syrian Chemical Weapons Threat Subsides”

French Military Advisers Meet Rebels inside Syria

Britain Takes the Lead in Talks over Arming Syrian Rebels

Explosion Hits Syrian Interior Ministry

FSA Involved in North Lebanon Battle: Eid

* * * *

Kurdistan Oil Wrapped in Red Tape

Barzani Escalates Conflict with Maliki in Visit to Kirkuk

Turkey 'World's Worst Jailer' of Journalists: Watchdog

IDF Prepares for More Violence in West Bank

US to Replace Israeli Bombs Dropped on Gaza

Israel to Keep Palestinian Funds for Months

* * * *

Egyptian Unity Talks Postponed

'Egypt Opposition to Seek 'No' Vote'

UN Chief- Security Council Oppose Arrest of Malian PM

Al-Shabaab Change Tactics to Carry Out Terror Attacks in N. Kenya

South Sudan: U.S. Envoy to Sudans Steps Down

* * * *

Moscow Responds to US Magnitsky Act with Dima Yakovlev Law

Putin Vows Crackdown on High-Profile Corruption & Money Laundering

Putin Gazes East for Future Development

South Stream 'Start' Riddle

Extremism Makes Tenuous New Move into Central Asia

Europe to Go to Azerbaijan Again

Kyrgyzstan Could be "New Afghanistan"-Says President

Kazakhstan: Places of Worship Closed Under New Religion Law

Mongolia Nurtures Ties with North Korea

* * * *

UK Whistleblower: Iraq Abuse Inquiry was a 'Cover-Up'

Popular Military Vehicle Sparks German Arms Export Debate

German Police Raids Deutsche Bank Offices in Tax Fraud Probe

Bank of England Warns of Global Currency Wars

National Newsworthy

Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Seek Wireless Mesh Networks for Covert Communications

House Committee to Vote Thursday on Presidential Power to Murder without Providing Congress with the Details

Tackling State Surveillance & Protecting Human Rights

Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich Demand Obama Drone Docs

Pentagon’s Secret Guantanamo Videos will Stay Classified

Soldiers as Lab Rats

U.S. Army Starts Targeting Children

Homeland Security Grants Subsidize Dystopia

TSA's Grip on Internal Travel is Tightening

Facebook Blocks Users' Say over Privacy Rules

Senator: U.S. Should Cut NATO Allies In On Natural Gas Exports

Sen. Lugar Shakes Up Gas-Export Battle

Most Americans Want the Federal Government to Stay Out of State Marijuana Rulings

Fed Seen Pumping Up Assets to $4 Trillion in New Buying

Greenspan: Fed Tactics 'Not Having Major Effect' on Economy

Noteworthy Editorials

Pepe Escobar: NATO Aims for a Nobel War Prize

Paul Craig Roberts: Obdurate Washington

Glenn Greenwald: The Revealingly Substance-Free Fight Over Susan Rice

Eric Margolis: FDR Lusted for War

Stephen Lendman: Lawsuits for Information on Drones

Why Not Push the Pentagon Off the Fiscal Cliff?

Arab Winter May Leave U.S. Out in the Cold

BFP Nightly Video-Podcast

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Video 1: Is America Too Big?

Video 2: Big Brother Buses: Eavesdropping Devices Put on US Public Transport

Video 3: James Corbett-RT-Japan enters 5th recession in 15 years

BFP Podcast: Empire-Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Imperial Patronage & the Language of Hypocrisy

Podcast 1: Lew Rockwell Show- Libertarian Anarchy

Podcast 2: Corbett Report- Things That Make You Go “Hmmmmm…”

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