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“The czar was always sending us commands - you shall not do this and you shall not do that - till there was very little left that we might do, except pay tribute and die.” –Mark Antin

International Newsworthy

Iran Slams Canada for Delisting Rebel Group

Iran Warns of Cancelling $5bn China Deal

Iranian Businessman Denies EU Sanctions-Busting Accusation

Iran's Conservatives Push for a Deal

Top Iranian University among New Sanction Targets

Rigorous EU Sanctions against Iran Come Into Force

* * * *

Afghan Policewoman Shoots Dead US Military Adviser

'Foreign Firms Evade Afghan Taxes’

Pakistan: Defining Our War

US Wants Immunity for Pakistanis Implicated in Attacks that Killed 166

Three More Fall Prey to Balochistan Violence

* * * *

Chechen Militants Sent into Syria

Syrian Military: Militants Using Chemical Weapons

Iraq & Afghanistan Account for 35% of Last Decade's Terrorist Attacks

US Delivers Two Support Ships to Iraq: Embassy

Lukoil Refuses to Take over ExxonMobil Stake in Iraqi Project

Turkey to Resume NATO Cooperation With Israel

Israel Preparing for Fall of Syrian Regime

Drone Strikes Kill Six in Yemen

* * * *

Why Africa is Turning to China

US Deploying Troops to 35 African Countries

Blackwater Wins the Battle of Benghazi

Referendum Reflects Egypt's Divisions

Nigeria: Army Officer, Oil Union Officials Fingered in Kidnap/Tanker Hijacks

Mali Intervention in 1st Half of 2013

Sudan on Edge amid Coup Rumors

* * * *

Russia Calls on US to End the ‘Battle of the Blacklists’

Russia Signs $3bn Arms Deals with India

Russia Calls for Full Probe into Shooting Down of U.N. Helicopter in South Sudan

Kyrgyzstan to Cede Gas Network to Moscow

* * * *

Germany Considers a Shift in Middle East Policy

Deutsche Bank Convicted in Italy in Widening Scandal

National Newsworthy

NSA Targeting Domestic Computer Systems in Secret Test

'Abomination': Rand Paul slams NDAA as bill passes US Senate

CIA Boss Slams Torture in bin Laden Film

SEAL Team Four Commander in Afghanistan 'Commits Suicide'

Netanyahu Endorses Kerry as 'Supporter of Israel'

FDA: Drug Companies Faked Thousands of Drug Documents

States Thumb Their Noses at the Drug War

Ron Paul Breaks with NRA on Armed Guards in Nation's Schools

TSA’s Exemption Shell Game

Noteworthy Editorials

Sibel Edmonds: Wars, Czars and the Zombie Majority

Ron Paul: Government Security is Just Another Kind of Violence

Stephen Lendman: Institutionalizing Indefinite Detention

Andy Worthington: Torture, Torture Everywhere

Pepe Escobar: For Whom the Syrian Bell Tolls

Dr. James Petras: The Religious and Social Crises and Political Consequences

Torture an all-American Nightmare

Scandal Alert: Congress Is Quietly Abandoning the 5th Amendment

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