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“I cannot say that our country could have no secret police without becoming totalitarian, but I can say with great conviction that it cannot become totalitarian without a centralized national police.” --Justice Robert H. Jackson

International Newsworthy

Iran will Open Suspect Military Base if Threats Dropped

Iran Rejects Interference Accusation by Gulf Arabs

U.S. & Israel Allegedly Launch Cyberoffensive at Iran

The Rivalry between Saudi Arabia & Iran in the Middle East

* * * *

For Afghan Reconstruction, Millions of Dollars Up in Smoke

Four Afghan Police Killed with ‘Insider’ Help

Pakistan Rejects Taliban Truce Offer

22 Missing after Taliban Raid in Pakistan

Militants Kidnap Dozens of Security Personnel in NW Pakistan

Balochistan MPAs were “Asked to Show Votes” during Secret Ballot

* * * *

Syria Chemical Attack Claims Aim to Justify Foreign Interference – Moscow

UN Envoy Calls for Interim Syria Government

Reports Emerge Detailing Ankara-Moscow Plan for Syria

Syria Foils Infiltration Attempt by Militants

CIA Helped Senior Syrian Defector Escape to Washington- Say Sources

Turkey Will Pay a High Price after Assad

* * * *

Iraqi Committee Member: 'Major Legal Breach' in Russia Arms Deal

Baghdad-KRG Relations Go from Bad to Worse

UK Families of Iraq War Dead Dismayed as Chilcot Inquiry Hit by Further Delays

Yemen: Villagers Join al-Qaeda after Deadly US Strike

Turkey Seeks 117 Missiles From The U.S.

Saudi Arabia Helps Crush Bahrain Protests

Israel Wages Financial War on Palestinian Authority

* * * *

Egypt’s Morsi Signs Disputed Constitution into Law

Egypt: Mursi - Cabinet Reshuffle Under Discussion

Libya: Demonstrators Force Shutdown of Zueitina Oil Terminal

Sudanese Government Accuses Opposition of Planning Uprising

Central African Rebels Advance on Capital

Central African Republic Appeals for French Help to Halt Rebel Advance

* * * *

Prominent Muslim Cleric Brutally Murdered in North Caucasus

Georgia: Political Tumult Hits Regions

CSTO Takes Stock of Uzbekistan's Departure

Azerbaijan Expelled over 14,000 Foreigners in 2012

Tethys Rises as it Signs Tajikistan Deal

Kyrgyzstan Blasts NATO's Indifference to Drug Trafficking in Afghanistan

Close Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Ties Stall & Sputter

* * * *

UK Asked to Investigate Spyware Firm

Kosovo: U.S. Builds Army, Prepares NATO Membership

National Newsworthy

Senate Approves Indefinite Military Detention of U.S. Citizens in U.S.

2012 in Review: A Year in Digital Freedom

Privacy Concerns Surface with Government Plan to Install Black Box Monitors in All New Cars

For Outgoing Lawmakers Connections Mean Chance to Cash In

Army’s Strategic Vision Plan Unveiled

US Military's Alcohol-Soaked Culture Taking Toll on Servicemembers

Intelligence Agencies Move Towards Single Super-Cloud

Obama Administration Intends to Increase Limits on Gun Ownership

DHS Insider Gives Report on Gun Confiscation & Martial Law to Investigator

Five U.S. Banks Fined $4.48 Million for Improper Payment to Lobbyists

Government Dependents Outnumber Those with Private Sector Jobs in 11 U.S. States

Home Mortgage Market Now Controlled by U.S. Government

Fiscal Cliff Deal Increasingly Unlikely

Noteworthy Editorials

Paul Craig Roberts: The Greatest Gift For All

Robert Fisk: We've Reached the 'Tipping Point' With Clichés

Washington’s Blog: The FBI Will Apply the Term “Terrorism” to Any Group It Dislikes & Wants to Control

Stephen Lendman: OWS Activists Called Domestic Terrorists

Washington’s Dilemma: The “Good Terrorists” versus the “Bad Terrorists”

Beware the Anti-Anti-War Left

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