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“If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom; and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money that it values more, it will lose that, too.” – Somerset Maugham

International Newsworthy

MKO Terror Group Receives UK Support

Iran Begins Oil Production in Joint Field

Indian Medicines for Iran's Patients

Dubai-Iran Patterns of Foreign Trade Switch Roles

* * * *

Afghan Water Infrastructure Threatens Iran, Regional Stability

NATO Soldier Killed by Uniformed Afghan

133 Children Die a Day in Afghanistan

Drone Strikes Claim Lives in Pakistan

India Accuses Pakistan of Killing Soldiers in Kashmir

* * * *

Syrian Government Peace Plan Rejected By Western Powers

Syria Goes from Periphery to Core

US Officials: Syria 'Has Chemical Weapons That Could Be Used Within Two Hours'

Russian Banks Should Beware Blacklisted Syria Banks: US Official

Why Assad May Yet Claim Victory

Germany Begins Deployment of Patriot Missiles to Turkey

NATO Deploys Czech, Polish, Slovak Military Specialists to Turkey

* * * *

Ansar al-Sharia: Al-Qaeda's Response to Arab Spring

Iraq to Close Border Crossing Point due to Sunni Protests

Iraq Central Bank Boosts Gold Reserves

Iraq MP Warns Security Forces Not to Attack Protesters in Niniveh

Turkey-Israel-Cyprus Triangle and Mediterranean Gas

US Gives Lebanon 200 Armored Vehicles

* * * *

Qatar Increases Aid to Egypt to $5bn

IMF Remains “Committed” to Supporting Egypt

Tunisia Releases Benghazi Attack Suspect

Malian Islamists Move South Toward Government Forces

Nigeria to Reduce Troops to Mali

* * * *

Russians’ Nostalgia for USSR is Dwindling - Poll

Georgia Promises To End Military Conscription -- Again

Chinese Companies to Control Over 40% of Kazakhstan’s Oil

EU to Implement New Projects in Azerbaijan

All Kyrgyz Hostages Released From Uzbek District Following Rioting

* * * *

French Budget Minister Under Probe for Swiss Account

Eurozone Unemployment Hits New Record High 11.8%

National Newsworthy

Obama's Drone Godfather Named as CIA Chief

Analysis: Will 2013 Be the Year of the Unmanned Drone?

Stanley McChrystal Criticizes Reliance on Drones as Strikes Hit Pakistan

Unwitting Sensors: How DOD is Exploiting Social Media

Congress Wakes up to Phone Apps that Track Your Life

Guantanamo Is a Place of Sometimes Puzzling Secrecy

Sen. Rand Paul Calls for Reduction in Foreign Aid to Israel

Hagel Says Critics Distort His Views on Israel, Iran

Giffords Launches New Gun-Control Initiative

Why are DNA Databases Available to Prosecutors but not Defense Attorneys?

Fiscal Cliff Winner: Tax Breaks for Oil & Gas Industries

What’s Inside America’s Banks? No One Knows, Says ProPublica’s Jesse Eisinger

Big Banks Systematically Hiding Potential Losses: Report

Secret Goldman Team Sidesteps Volcker Prop Trading Rule after Blankfein Vow

Noteworthy Editorials

Mahdi Nazemroaya: The Endgame in Syria- Strategic Stage in the Pentagon’s Covert War on Iran

Chris Hedges: State of Fear

Net Hentoff: What Bush-Cheney-Obama Don't Want Known on Torture

Glenn Greenwald: John Brennan's Extremism and Dishonesty Rewarded With CIA Director Nomination

Paul Pillar: More Fences

Nick Turse: A War Victim's Question Only You Can Answer

The Magician’s Con: Renewing FISA and the NDAA Under Cover of the Fiscal Cliff Debates

Democracy, Terrorism and the Secret State

BFP Nightly Video-Podcast

BFP EyeOpener Video Report: Rings within Rings: How Secret Societies Direct World Politics

Video 1: Corbett Report- Meet Zbigniew Brzezinski, Conspiracy Theorist

Video 2: RT-.'Pacifist' & 'Assassination Czar'

Podcast 1: James Corbett-Taxes & False Flags

Podcast 2: Peter B Collins Show- Shahid Buttar Talks on FISA Extension, NDAA Detention Law & Other Attacks on Our Rights

Podcast 3: Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson- The Hype that Gave Us the ‘Crisis’

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