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“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” – Edward R. Murrow

International Newsworthy

Iran Plans Iraq-Syria Gas Pipeline

Iran's ministry denies drop in Oil-Gas-Sales

Iran: Huge Oil Field Ours, Not Azerbaijan's

Iran Well-Equipped in War on Drugs: UN official

* * * *

US Use ‘Zero Option’ to Pressure Karzai

Over 200 Afghan Policemen Poisoned

Islamabad Braces itself for Qadri’s March

Pakistanis Trucking NATO Supplies to Afghanistan Go on Strike

Six more Fall Prey to Balochistan Violence

* * * *

US could Defend Turkey from Syrian Strikes by Saturday

Prisoner Swap: 2,130 Syrians for 48 Iranian 'Pilgrims'

Iraqis Awarded $5m over Abu Ghraib Abuse

Shias Hold Counter-Demos in Southern Iraq

Maliki Calculates Early Elections

Yemen Says US Drone Strikes to Continue

Israel Legalizes Illegal Outposts

* * * *

AFRICOM & ICE Conducting Biometric Identity Operations across East Africa

Morsi, Egypt Face Economic Meltdown

AU Asks for NATO Back-Up in Mali

Al-Qaeda Advances from Mali Stronghold

Neutral Troops Heading to Congo

* * * *

Russia, China to Coordinate Response To U.S. Missile Shield

Chinese Workers Fingered in Southern Kyrgyzstan Fracas

Azerbaijan Again Threatens Karabakh Flights

Kazakh Rail Aims to Scale Global Rankings

* * * *

Cloud surfing: US Surveillance Act ‘Grave Threat’ to EU Sovereignty

EU to Open Cybercrime Center in The Hague

German Defense Firm Demos Laser That Can Shoot Down Drones

Spain Jobless Rate Hits Record 26.6%

National Newsworthy

Obama’s CIA Nominee Resume Highlights Include Obama “Kill List” and Bush Torture Program

New Questions over CIA Nominee Brennan’s Denial of Civilian Drone Deaths

NYC Court Rules 'Stop & Frisk' Policy Unconstitutional

Homeland Security Chairman Presses Obama to Keep 'Blind Sheik' in Prison

Why Progressives Should Oppose Hagel

Sacramento Airport Does About Face on Kicking Out TSA

Obama Administration Spends More to Enforce Immigration Laws than On All Other Law Enforcement Combined

Lights, Camera, Entrapment! Homeland Security Theater in Portland

Minimum of 40 Children Paralyzed After New Meningitis Vaccine

Home Foreclosures: Another Sweetheart Bank Settlement on Sub-Prime Mortgage Fraud

AIG, Bailed Out by America, May Sue America

America’s PhDs On Foodstamps

Noteworthy Editorials

Jacob Hornberger: The Corrosive Effects of the National-Security State

Paul Pillar: Declaring Victory on Iran

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Washington’s Hegemonic Ambitions Are Not in Sync with Its Faltering Economy

Stephen Lendman: Hagel & Brennan Nominations

Washington’s Blog: I Have a Drone

BFP Nightly Video-Podcast

BFP EyeOpener Video Report- Rings within Rings: How Secret Societies Direct World Politics

Video 1: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts- “CIA turns into military force, targets countries it's not at war with”

Video 2: Charlie McGrath-Is Civil War Coming to America?

BFP Podcast: Empire-Power & People w/ Andrew Gavin Marshall-Poverty, Food, and the Environment

Podcast 1: Talk Nation Radio-Shahid Buttar on Spying, Detention, Torture, and Zero Dark Thirty

Podcast 2: Peter B Collins Show- President Can Break the Law with No Consequences

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This site depends….

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  1. A Nation comprised of Sheep, shall know no better outcome than what has been showed to be the usual outcome of da lamb!!

    That lamb … ( and remember… “the Lamb”… is a euphemism… for: ________. Now me, I never attended church, but I have a Strong’s concordance/king James book… I could look it up!

    Answer: the Lamb is the Christ. you might be Christlike, as you should!, Beware, you be judged and slaughtered for it!


    Well I hope you don’t mind if I make a comment here… where there should be a bunch of em…

    NO for a person like me… basic athiest/ agnostic/ other/ I have a few beliefs that are real much close to religeous ideas… but I don’t want to go kill anybody about it at the moment… give me a few minutes!!!!!!

  2. comment #2

    I made # before I even watched the vid, so now seing the vid, and other inputs, now I have another comment…
    it works like that sometimes!!

    Well there are a few of us, who won’t be like koolaid drinkers… we saw how it went with the koolaid drinkers… hey wake up! Wake up and smell the daisies, and don’t drink the koolaid! while yer at it!

  3. flogchopsuey says:

    By the time an empire has reached its zenith, when inevitable corruption and inefficiencies of scale begin to take their toll, the obsession with control is such that the only outcome of violence is exhaustion, not positive change. Civil war that changes outcomes for the better usually happens in states that do not have the resources to colonize beyond their borders. I don’t make comments like this to win a popularity contest, but because I am interested in how the debate of the boiling frogs develops. The fundamental underlying reality of the situation continues to redefine the territory, but the leadership of those who would oppose the powers is a long way from having any cohesive agenda. Some of the present assumptions are not going to stand the test of time. That is one of the reasons no agenda is yet possible.

    One of those assumptions is that the US was not a cesspool of corruption until the last several decades, and that we only have to return to the days of Clinton or Kennedy or Roosevelt or Lincoln. Another is that the US Constitution is something virtually sacred, that if adhered to properly would return the US to being a good world citizen.

    This most recent debate about military grade weapons in the hands of the population reveals yet another assumption that needs to be questioned, and one that will divide the people to the advantage of the powers.

    Rather than react to the divisive agenda of the powers, the people would do better to create an alliance representing their common interests such that they are in a position to attempt to exert non-violent means of having a say. Such a movement must achieve sufficient credibility to not be opposed by the majority of the population.

    If social change ever occurs in China, India, Brazil, Greece, etc. it will not be because the population was armed. The same is the case in the US. The military/police will always have a higher level of lethal and non-lethal power and technology than the population. Americans will have their guns, legal or not, but I wouldn’t count on those guns to be the deciding factor on who has the power. Thus I will not take sides in this debate where no rational arguments are allowed to the table and people are just talking over each other. We have to be smart enough to pick an agenda that has a chance of working and not let the powers set the agenda at every single stage. That is why the frog has a lot more boiling to endure.

    In 2013 Syria and Iran are the really big issues. It is also the 40 year anniversary of the overthrow of Chile and Allende with the aid of the CIA.

    An earlier comment I made (December 19th “Whose Government, Whose President , Whose “People”? – That’s the Real Question) had been concerned with where the followers of Ms Edmonds and Boiling Frogs Post stood on certain issues of identity. I have come to see that differences in how the BFP community see the situation are rather more substantial than I had imagined. I guess that is why informing us on what is going on continues to be a major thrust of Ms Edmonds efforts. It is not only the issues of the day that the community will need to take a stand on, but a vision of the future. If the future is not able to be addressed by a cohesive, realistic, and popular agenda, then it is likely we are misunderstanding the past and the present. You can be a master of the facts, but the art of politics requires more than this. It requires, as history has shown, an insight into what is possible and an ability to frame that in a way that captures the imagination of a critical mass. We know what the opposition will try to do: divide. Is our strategy for unifying working? There are some people you want to disinclude from your movement. There are others that are essential to include. Wisdom is to know the difference.

    By the way, an interesting article in the NYT: Restoring Iran’s Heritage of Magnificent Homes in an Age of High Rises, and another one about pollution in Tehran. Good to see.

  4. @ flogchopsuey

    Wow fella! but I read through twice, and still need time to absorb it.

    I think I agree with most of it… I think I can understand most of it… but some of it is over my head as to the knowledge or education of facts that you have put in there, which I don’t know/verify.

    I like the basics of your comment, as it brings up those type of issues, that are of course the ones that, are real… if one is concerned with reality and where the future is headed. IE: China … US…. the rest of em….

    Just was down by the road, where the hotel is… now it is owned by a Chinese fella. (All business with a Iphone even… guy from orient is already buying assets , just start, plenty more… SF Mayor ugly yeller guy…haha.

    Wait a while… when the “critical mass” so to speak gets really goin’… then you will see the price of dogs and cats skyrocket!… I saw that for true, when them guys went up town SF, and came back with 20/30 dogs… to put into the 2x2x2 cages on deck, like we might do chickens… scrumptious, but it’s just a different value system, hey! you know what I mean don’t ya… (Soylent turquise, if you like… ).

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