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“The true danger is when Liberty is nibbled away, for expedients.” – Edmund Burke

International Newsworthy

US Withholds Evidence for Iran Cyberattacks

Time for a Reckoning on Iran Sanctions

Iran Boosts Web-Warfare Capabilities after Centrifuge Virus Attack

Iran Navy Plans Fresh Mediterranean Mission: Media

Spain Takes Iran Hispan TV Off Air

Where Are Iran’s Reformists?

* * * *

NATO Planners Look to Enduring Force in Afghanistan

Afghan Peace Process ‘Hasn’t Even Begun’: US

Pakistan: Qadri Calls Off Islamabad Sit-In

Pakistan to Release “ALL” Afghan Taliban Detainees

Investigation Officer of PM Scam Case Found Dead in Islamabad

Dhaka Secures $1 bn Russian Arms Deal

* * * *

Syrian Refugees Vote for Camp Leaders in Turkey

Syria Accuses Turkey at UN of Receiving Stolen Factory Goods

‘Syrian Kurds Clash with Militants’

Lukoil Pares Iraq Oil-Output Target; Others Talk on Similar Cuts

Questions about Practices of Private Iraqi Banks

* * * *

Mali War Triggers Fears of Wider Conflict

Mali: Humanitarians Unable to Access Mali Combat Zones

Fighting Continues in Mali with Outside Troops Moving in Bamako

UK 'Would Have Preferred' Notice before Algeria Rescue Bid

Libya Declares Curfew In Violence-Hit Benghazi

Proposed Sudan Media Law Targets Press Freedom

Tunisia Arrests ‘Terrorist’ Group and Seizes Weapons

Jordan's Brotherhood Refuses Last-Ditch Government Offer

* * * *

Russia Extends Blacklist of American Citizens

Corrupt-I-Stan: Kazakh Massacre Fuels Rising Mistrust

Rare Rally for Kazakhstan’s Conformist Capital

Lab Opened in Armenia to Fight Nuclear Material Smuggling

Tough Year Looms for Azerbaijan

* * * *

UN Launches New Attempt to Control the Internet

Ex-Treasurer of Spain’s PP had €22m in Swiss Bank

National Newsworthy

Police State USA- FBI: We Won't Tell You How, When, or Why We Track You

The New Target: West Point Center Cites Dangers of ‘Far Right’ in U.S.

US Department of Defense Tactical Electromagnetic Cyber Warfare: Plant Malware through the Air

Court Orders U.S. Defense Contractor to Pay Hefty Interest On top of $2.8 Million Debt … to Iran

Pentagon Chief: Global NATO Must Join U.S. Asia-Pacific Shift

TSA Ends Naked Airport Scanners Contract after Years of Controversy

TSA Viper Team Looks For “Trouble Makers” On Train

US Escalates Its Battle against Mexican Cartels

Holder Begs Court to Stop Document Release on Fast & Furious

EPA Dropped Contaminated Water Investigation to Appease Driller Who Was Its Prime Suspect

ExxonMobil will Give $250K to Inauguration

The Ticking Trillion Dollar Debt Bomb

Bond Bubble Will Be Bigger Catastrophe than Real Estate Bust

Fed Concerned About Overheated Markets amid Record Bond-Buying

The U.S. Government Wants Your Private Retirement Pension!

The Germans don't Trust Obama with Their Gold – and Can you Blame them?

Noteworthy Editorials

Sibel Edmonds: Glaring Paradoxes: Let Us Be United in Unconstitutional Federal Government Laws & Operations!

Pepe Escobar: Burn, burn - Africa's Afghanistan

Philip Giraldi: Rubin & Cohen- No Soldiers Need Apply

Phil Weiss: Blowback, from Mali to Iran

US ‘Public Diplomacy’ Funded by Private US CompaniesHow Government Tries to Mess with Your Mind

America’s “Lili-Pads” in Afghanistan and Central Asia: Pentagon to Increase the Number of “Small Military Bases”

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