Soothing the Beast: Saturday Night BFP-Jamiol Music, Episode 54

Buffalo Springfield– “For What it's Worth”


This week's Soothing the Beast BFP/Jamiol music pick is a request from a long time BFPer. It is Buffalo Springfield's classic For What it's Worth. Stephen Stills wrote the song back in 1966. Anyone who went through that era will remember that it became an anthem of the times. It could fill that role again today easily. So a big thanks to our BFPer for the request. Sit back folks and enjoy For What it's Worth by Buffalo Springfield...DJPJ.

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  1. Thanks, DJPJ. Great song.

    Here is some relevant commentary by Boots Riley, interviewed by Abby Martin, on the responsibility of musicians, and people in general, to say something about the context of their time.

    He points out that, even in the Sixties, there weren’t that many songs that really dealt with political/social realities. As Abby shows in her initial questions, most people think that music used to be better at that.

    Good interview all around, for the music discussion, as well as the other very insightful ideas coming from the Coup front man.

  2. pj98rider says:


    Thanks goes to the requester.

    Good commentary from Riley. I do think though that during the sixties the music and artists did deal with political realities more than any other time because we had the war broadcast into our living rooms every night.

    These days there is little or none. During our invasion into Iraq, we did have the Neil Young and Pink making statements with songs but nothing from anyone else I can think of….DJPJ

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