Big Media Discovers US Special Ops are Targeting Mexican Crime Organizations

Unlike Wine, Old News Doesn’t Improve With Age

By Bill Conroy

Earlier this week, the Washington Post and a series of other mainstream media outlets breathlessly reported that the Pentagon has set up a US-based special operations center that is focused on helping the Mexican government track down “cartels.”

The real nut-graph of the Post story, however, is buried at the end of the article:

US officials stress that sharing this expertise does not mean U.S. special operations teams will be conducting raids against targets in Mexico, nor will they be entering the country with their own weapons. Mexico forbids U.S. military or law enforcement officers from carrying guns inside their borders, with few exceptions, though American commandos have conducted training missions in the past, two current and one former U.S. military official said.

Well, it seems the Washington Post, and the mainstream media in general, are very late to the party on this story.

Narco News broke the news of US special forces operating inside Mexico several years ago and has continued to follow the story, while the mainstream media has been silent. In fact, Narco News has obtained a series of emails involving the Pentagon that offer further proof that those operations were in play well before the recent MSM reports.

The Washington Post reported that the special ops unit targeting Mexico is charged with training Mexico’s security forces “to hunt drug cartels the same way special operations teams hunt al-Qaida.” But the Post story also makes clear, between the lines, that this special operations team already existed and that the change, or news, announced by the Pentagon will turn it into a “new headquarters” under the command of a general, instead of a colonel, and that it will now have more “autonomy” and likely get a staff boost — going from 30 to 150 personnel.

So, despite the apparent currency of the Washington Post report, and others hitting the Net over this past week, there is very little new about them. The US has had special-forces boots on the ground inside Mexico for some time now.

In June 2010, Narco News broke a story revealing that “a special operations task force under the command of the Pentagon is ... in place south of the border providing advice and training to the Mexican Army in gathering intelligence, infiltrating and, as needed, taking direct action against narco-trafficking organizations.”


Read the article by Bill Conroy here @ Narco News

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