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“Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest.” - Mahatma Gandhi

International Newsworthy

China Defying Sanctions Imposed On Iran

Iran Responds to EU Oil & Gas Sanctions With… Oil & Gas Sanctions

Barak: US Plans Possible 'Surgical Strike' on Iran

Turkey Aids Iran through Gold Trade?

Iran to Sue Baku over Caspian Pollution

Iran Opens Production Line of Air Defense System

* * * *

A US-China Entente in Afghanistan

Tajikistan: Afghan Airline Ferrying Drugs to Dushanbe – Report

Officials Downplay Afghan Security Forces Joining Insurgents

US Blacklists Afghan Airline Accused of Smuggling Opium

Pakistan: Malik Invokes Islam in Offer to Taliban

Pakistan Still Global Jihad Hub

* * * *

Israel Vows Syria Strike at “Any” Sign of Chemical Arms Transfer

NATO Terrorists in Syria Attack Kurdish Minority

Baghdad Repeats Exxon Ultimatum: Kurdistan

The Dreams & Dilemmas of Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurds Press Ahead with Pipeline Plans

Kuwait Cracks Down on Dissent-Twitter

UAE to Try 94 over Plot to Seize Power

Yemen: Mass Protests As U.N. Delegation Meets Over Reconciliation

* * * *

U.S. AFRICOM Intensifies Role in Mali War

Mali Militants Shift Up Tactics as France's War Coalition Grows

U.S. Trained Malian Coup Leader

Egypt Senate OKs Army Arrest Powers

Egypt’s Revolution Devours Its Children

BP Reconsidering Its Return to Libya

Algeria Attack Mastermind Targets Maghreb

* * * *

Russian Military Chief Warns of New Types of War

Russia's Israel Policies

Communists Urge Revival of Moral Values in Russia

Russia, Tajikistan Getting Closer to Military Base/Fuel/Migration Deal

Lukoil Turns to Mediterranean

Dozens Arrested after Azerbaijan Protests

* * * *

Italian Scandal Widens as Italy's Third Largest Bank Set to Get Third Bailout in 3 Years; Draghi-Monti Implicated

National Newsworthy

Pentagon to create National, Combat & Cyber Protection Mission Forces

11 Body Parts Defense Researchers Will Use to Track You

Google Reveals the Extent of the FBI's Warrantless Email Snooping

Who’s Faking It? Pentagon “Cyber-Warriors” Planting “False Information on Facebook”

Court: WikiLeaks Suspects Denied More Evidence

CIA’s Secret Prison: ‘Poland Dragging Out Investigation’

Inspector General Alleges High-Level Interference in USAID Contract Rigging Investigation

Man with 4th Amendment Written on Chest Wins Trial Over Airport Arrest

States’ Rights Pushed in Bill that Would ‘Assert the Sovereignty of the State’

Government Officials Can Still Own Assault Weapons under Feinstein Bill

Heroin: Small Cities-even Rural Towns Face Growing Problems

Debt Collectors Are Infiltrating Facebook to Track Down Delinquent Borrowers

HuffPo Attacks, then Partners with, Goldman Sachs

$7.66 Trillion of Stimulus In America from 2008 to 2012 Itemized

Fed’s Holdings of U.S. Gov't Debt Hit Record $1,696,691,000,000; Up 257% Under Obama

Noteworthy Editorials

Stephen Lendman: War on Whistleblowers- Obama Heads the Worst of Rogue Governance

Pepe Escobar: Zero Dark Mali

Kevin Gosztola: PBS Infomercial for the Military Defense Industry

Chase Madar: Government Persecution- From Aaron Swartz to Bradley Manning

Eric Margolis: Oh No! Not Another Osama!

Drone Wars: “The Ethics of Killing Civilians”

Playthings of the Gods

Peak Oil Bites the Dust

America's Pivot: One Big Contradiction

BFP Nightly Video-Podcast

BFP EyeOpener Video Report: Foreign Agents-The Zionist Organization of America

Video 1: Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens?

Video 2: Belgian MP Laurent Louis Stands against War in Mali

Video 3: RT-.'West Feeds Egypt Unrest to Make Govt Follow its Course'

BFP Podcast: Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson Presents Peter Schiff-What is the Future of the Dollar?

Podcast 1: Corbett Report-Phil Restino on the Fake Liberal Pro-war Left

Podcast 2: Lew Rockwell Show-Prozacked Nation

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  1. flogchopsuey says:

    Thanks. Excellent accumulation of newsworthy articles. Was just waiting for heroin use in the US to spike with the enhanced production facilities in Afghanistan needing a strong market. Also look at this, especially the comments about black blocs and Chris Hedges: David Graeber was instrumental in NYC occupy and is a university instructor. Use the “find” feature to search the graeber comments or “bloc”.

  2. flogchopsuey says:

    And yet Chris Hedges was willing to talk to this guy:

    Derrick Jensen: Endgame Part One

    Even if you are not an environmentalist, you need to know about this guy. In other words, he has given a lot of thought to the Police State.

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