Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson- Episode 11: The future of the dollar post the “fiscal cliff”

Ryan Dawson Presents Peter Schiff

GPPeter Schiff is strong supporter of the Austrian Economic school of thought and was an economic adviser to Ron Paul in 2008. Peter is currently the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital. Peter also owns Euro Pacific Bank,, which allows non-US residents to have their bank account denominated in gold and accessed through an ATM/Debit Card. He is also the host of the Peter Schiff Show, heard daily from 10am to noon Eastern at He is the author of numerous books, his latest, The Real Crash: America's Coming Bankruptcy - How to Save Yourself and Your Country. Today we discuss the counterproductive polices of protectionist regulations, raising income taxes, and how college loans have become the equivalent of a property-less mortgage on the youth. What is the future of the dollar post the "fiscal cliff" can kicking? What would be better to buy? Tune in find out.

Listen to the podcast show here:

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This site depends….

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  1. negative-existence says:

    I have enjoyed all of the Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson show until this one… not a big fan of the Austrian school.

  2. Why?
    I dont agree with taxing people more to give to the poor because it does not go to the poor, taxing people more just means more money for DC and all DC does with it is spend on murdering people in more war.

  3. Great show Ryan! Austrian economics beat Keynesian economics anytime. Keynesian economics don’t work, even Keynes (name?) admitted it himself.

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