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“Here’s your enemy for this week, the government says. And some gullible Americans click their heels and salute – often without knowing who or even where the enemy of the week is.”  – Charley Reese

International Newsworthy

IAEA Dismisses Reports of Fordow Blast

Iran's IRGC Begins Three-Day Military Drill in Persian Gulf

Iran Cracks Down on Journalists Ahead of Elections

Iran: Some Journalists Freed After Recent Arrests

Iran Says US Creating Obstacles For Iran-P5+1 Talks

Direct Talks with U.S. Not Iran's Red Line: Speaker

Argentina Snubs Israel over Iran Deal

* * * *

$7.3 Million Camp for Afghan Police Found Nearly Empty: Inspectors

Pakistan Approves Gwadar Port Transfer to China

Cabinet Approves Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline

Pakistan's Graft Chief Confronts Court

* * * *

Donors Pledge Over $1.5bn to Help Syrians

Syrian Troops Battle Rebels in Oil-Rich East

Turkey’s Syrian Dilemma

Syrian President’s Mother Said to Have ‘Defected’

Iraqis Push for Probe into 'Terrifying Acts of Brutality' by UK Troops

Sunni Discontent and Syria Fears Feed Iraqi Unrest

Israeli Warplane Attacks Syria-Lebanon Border

* * * *

How the U.S. Helped Foster the Islamist Uprising in Mali

AFRICOM: Niger Gives Green Light to U.S. Drone Deployment

In Mali, Forces Backed by UN, France, and Obama Slaughter Civilians

European Bank to Invest in Nigeria's Power Sector

Egypt Faces 'Mubarak-Like' Morsi

Egypt Opposition Calls for Immediate Talk with Morsi

* * * *

‘Russia is Ending its Dependency on the Global Superpower’ – Pushkov

U.S. NGOs Withdraw Staff from Russia

Russian Experts Warn of Unacknowledged- Ongoing Third World War

Rosneft to Invest $10 Billion in Venezuela Projects

Russia-Kazakhstan Agree on Joint Air Defense System

Russia and Kazakhstan: What’s Behind the Baikonur Spat?

Georgia's Pro-Western Opposition Opposes Rejoining CIS

Azerbaijan: Secret Videos Threaten Top Presidential Aide

* * * *

WikiLeaks Founder to Run for Senate in Australian Election

How Iceland Overthrew the Banks

A New Energy Partner for Europe

Clashes in Athens as Protesters Break into Govt. Building

National Newsworthy

Police State USA: FBI & DHS to Team Up to Collect Iris Biometrics

Govt. Appetite Growing for Twitter User Data

Obama Shuts Down Office that Would Close Gitmo

Report: TSA Training for Possible Checkpoint Shooting

UN Drone Investigator Might Be a Deadly Robot's Worst Nightmare?

Pentagon Will Expand Cyber Force by 4,000 to Counter Mounting Online Attacks

Rockefeller: Fortune 500 Companies Back Voluntary Cybersecurity Standards

Meet ARGUS: The World’s Highest Resolution Video Surveillance Platform

Americans Demand Re-Legalization of Cell Phone Unlocking

Rise in Federal Prison Population is “Unprecedented,” Says Congressional Research Service

Report: Menendez Backer Targeted by FBI

Softbank Buy of Sprint Hits US Security Concerns

Top Executives at Bailed-Out Companies Keep Getting the Big Bucks, with a Wink from Treasury Dept.

US Slips Back into Recession

Noteworthy Editorials

Stephen Lendman: Obama Prioritizes Targeted Killings

James Corbett: FISA, Facebook, and the End of Privacy

Glenn Greenwald: Pentagon's 'Cyber-Security' Ain't About Defense

Paul Pillar: Strangeness at Guantanamo

The Crimes of NATO’s Neocolonial Wars: The Mainstream Media are Organs of State and Corporate Propaganda

Good Terrorist-Bad Terrorist

Mali: Here We Go Again

Turkey, the Middle East, Africa: A Struggle for Advantage

Yes- Pakistanis Really Do Hate America's Killer Drones

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