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BFP Nightly Quote

“You just sit there and tolerate it, the same way everything in this country is tolerated. Every deception, every lie, every bullet in the brains. Just as you are already tolerating bullets in the brains that will be implemented only after the bullet is put in your brains.” --Imre Kertész

International Newsworthy

UN Watchdog and Iran Fail to Reach Nuclear Deal

IRGC Commander Assassinated in Lebanon

Iran Denies Shipping Arms to Islamist Militants in Somalia

Iran Denies Interest in "Return" of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan

Ahmadinejad Declares 'Viva Spring' in Iran

Bahrain Summons Iranian Envoy Re: Statement by Tehran's Top Minister

* * * *

GAO: Lowered Standards Inflated Ratings of Afghan Forces

Karzai Summons Top NATO Commander in Afghanistan

Ministry of Information Confirms All Private Security Dissolved in South Afghanistan

Pakistan Court Stands by Democracy

Pakistan Decides Not to Unblock YouTube

Committee Urges Intel Sharing with Balochistan Govt to Counter Terrorism

* * * *

Syrian Foreign Minister & Rebel Chief to Visit Moscow

Syrian Troops Bombard Rebel Posts around Capital

Russian Arms Exporter Says Supplies to Syria Will Go On

US Plotting ‘New Options’ against Syria?

US Refuses to Move Iranian Exiles Back to Old Camp in Eastern Iraq

Iraq Back at the Brink

Iraqi Sunnis May Postpone March on Baghdad

Iraq to Hire DC Lobbyist

UN ‘Concerned’ about Palestinian Detainees

* * * *

Wide Rifts Split Egyptian Society

Egypt's Hezbollah Shift Reflects New Reality

Russia is Sending Firearms to Mali

Sudan Denies Mali Islamist Fighters Arrived in Darfur

Congo-Kinshasa: the DRC's Unofficial IDP Camps

* * * *

Russia Charges Georgian Politician with Plotting Mass Unrest

Russia Vows to Join Int'l Community to Address DPRK Nuclear Issue

Russia May be Drawn into Resource Wars in Future – Army Chief

Global Energy Majors at TAPI Project Roadshow

NATO-Pentagon Complete Transformation of Azerbaijan’s Military

The Azerbaijan America Alliance Announces Former Congressman Dan Burton as Chairman of the Board

* * * *

Australia Orders Probe into Israel's 'Prisoner X'

Mossad and Australian Spies: How Reporter Homed in on Zygier

Israel’s ‘Prisoner X’ Supplied Australian Passports to the Mossad

Zygier 'Ran Mossad Front Company Selling Electronics to Iran'

National Newsworthy

Drone Aircraft Use Spreads to Northeast Ohio, Privacy Advocates Express Concern

At Least 20 CIA Prisoners Still Missing

Meet Stingray Surveillance: The “Unconstitutional, All-You-Can-Eat Data Buffet”

Gitmo Warden Says He Didn't Know About Mics in Meeting Room

State Department Has Gone 5 Years without an Inspector General

Texas DMV Sells Personal Information to Hundreds of Companies; Drivers Not Allowed to Opt-Out

Target ‘Toddlers” : Obama to Unveil Plans to Expand Preschool Programs in Ga. Speech

EPA Allowed Chemical Industry to Control Panel Assessing Cancer Danger in Drinking Water

"Boomerang Foreclosures" Are Back as Bernanke's Second Housing Bubble Begins to Pop

Noteworthy Editorials

Paul Craig Roberts: Obama’s Expanding Kill List

Andrew Napolitano: Obama's Secret Court for Killing

Kevin Gosztola: Perpetual War Ensures Increasing Abuse of Civil Liberties

Jason Leopold: The Shooting Gallery: Obama and the Vanishing Point of Democracy

Stephen Lendman: Obama's Failed State

Drone Trust the Government

America's Leadership Decapitation Policy is Prescription for Endless War

Would-Be Head of CIA Ready for War on All Fronts

No More Truthless Heroes

BFP Nightly Video-Podcast

Video 1: Corbett Report- New World Next Week

Video 2: Charlie McGrath- State of Delusion

Video 3: James Corbett- Geoengineering: The Real Climate Threat

Video 4: RT- Big Brother is NOT Only Watching

BFP Podcast: Empire-Power & People w/ Andrew Gavin Marshall- “The Arab Spring and the American Empire”

Podcast 1: Corbett Report-Annie Machon on the FISA/Echelon spy grid

Podcast 2: Eric Draitser’s Stop Imperialism- Episode 58

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