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“If tyranny and oppression come to this land it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” --James Madison

International Newsworthy

Israeli Officials Consider 'Point of No Return' With Iran

Shameless Imperialism: Iranian Dissident Group is “Viable” Opposition- Say US Congressmen

Iran’s Rampant Inflation Called Sixth-Worst in World

Iran Scolds World Powers over Gold Sanctions “Offer”

Pakistan Reaches Out to Iran on Energy & Security

Indian Pays for Iran Oil in Rupees- Turkey Route Halted

* * * *

Afghan Gov't Bans Local Forces from Asking Foreign Troops for Air Support

US-Saudi Funded Terrorists Sowing Chaos in Pakistan

Pakistan: Gunmen Attack NATO Convoy-Kill Two

Pakistan Hands Management of Strategic Gwadar Port to China

China Set for Gwadar Port Pain

* * * *

Syrian Opposition Accuses Hezbollah of Fighting for Assad

EU Decides to Extend Sanctions against Syria for Three More Months

Washington Invites Syrian Opposition Leader

Britain Could Ramp Up Scale of Security to Syria Rebels

Iraq Foils Bid by Militants to Smuggle Arms into Syria

Russia Deploys 4 Warships Near Syria

Aleppo’s Civil Front Seeks to Prevent Islamic Rule

* * * *

Shadow Wars: Mideast’s covert ops

Saudis, Iraq Cut Oil Exports as Venezuela Shipments Surge

L3 Communications to Build Training Simulators for Iraq

Iraqi Kurdistan Shifts Investment Approach

Iraqi Judicial Reforms Include Removal of Chief Justice Hundreds of Protesters Clash with Police in Turkey amid Mass Trial

Bahrain Says Arrests Eight on 'Terror-Related' Charges

* * * *

EU “Formally” Launches Training Mission for Mali

US Direct Military Support to Mali likely to Continue after Elections

U.S. Air Force Delivers 2 Million Pounds of Cargo for French West African War

Somalia: Requesting Assistant from U.S.A to Fight Alshabab

Egyptian Court Rules Parliamentary Election Law “Unconstitutional"

Are Turks in Somalia for the Hajj or to Sell Beads?

* * * *

China Is Boosting Its Presence in Resource-Rich Antarctica

Moscow Looking for NATO Cooperation, Missile Defense Guarantees

Three Militants Shot Dead in Russia's Dagestan

Russia's Challenge in Dagestan

Rosneft to Rival Gazprom in LNG Market

CENTCOM Nominee: Central Asia A Dangerous Place

Russian Military Expert: “If Nagorno Karabakh conflict is not solved in 2013, war will be inevitable”

Azerbaijan, Turkey Seek to “Deepen” Military Cooperation

Kazakhstan to Open Transit Route for Italian Troops in Afghanistan

Tajikistan Closes 2 Major Prayer Halls

* * * *

Bulgaria Probe Bursts Hezbollah "Hypothesis"

Italy's Ex-Intel Chief Given 10-Year Sentence for Role in CIA Kidnapping

Did Aussies ‘Burn’ Israel’s Prisoner X and was he Also a British Citizen?

Israeli Officials Say Asio Knew All About Ben Zygier Case

Zygier 'Did Not Commit Treason,' Was Arrested Because He 'Might' Have Leaked Info

National Newsworthy

CIA's Covert Drone Program May Shift Further to Pentagon

CIA “Finds” 7 More Photos of Dead Osama bin Laden

Army Manual Gives Secretary of Defense the Right to Order Drone Surveillance in U.S.

DHS Advances Plan for “Public Safety” Drones

Obama’s Biggest Fan of His Drone Assassination Policy: Dick Cheney

TSA Screeners Continue to Lie to Passengers about Legality of Recording at Checkpoints

Obama Drug Czar: We Will Go After Marijuana Distributors in WA & CO

Gitmo Trials Plunged in Discord as Faith in Court Wanes

Privacy Advocates: Cybersecurity Bill Faces Tough Odds

US Senate Showdown Raises Foreign Funding Questions

GOP Lawmakers Propose $30 Million a Year to Fund Cops in Schools Program

US is Major Recipient of Humanitarian Aid from UAE

Watchdog Groups Warn of Fundraising Scandal in Obama Second Term

Israel to Award Obama Medal of Distinction

Idaho-Arizona Schools Go Into Full Prison Mode

Obama Administration Asks Banks to Regulate Their Own Foreclosure Abuses

New Report Exposes Devastating Impact of Monsanto Practices on U.S. Farmers

Labor Dept. Halts Enrollment in Job Corps

Noteworthy Editorials

Ron Paul: The Drone Threat

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: While Left and Right Fight- Power Wins

Nat Hentoff: Goodbye? We've Lost Who We Are?  

David Swanson: Hubris Isn't the Half of It

Glenn Greenwald: Obama, the US and the Muslim World: The Animosity Deepens        

Dr. James Petras: 21st Century Imperialism: Militarism-Collaborators & Popular Resistance

Paul Pillar: The Myth of Iranian Nuclear Coercion

Eric Margolis: From Sarajevo to the Senkakus

Most Domestic Terrorist Plots Are Manufactured by the FBI

Obama, the Puppet Master

Mr. Erdogan Goes to Shanghai

BFP Nightly Video-Podcast

Video 1: Shh! TSA Wants to Touch Your Kids

Video 2: Best Propaganda Film (OSCAR 2013 SPOILER! LEAKED CLIP!!)

Video 3: Corbett Report-Know Your Terrorists: Ayman Al-Zawahiri

Video 4: Sharia Shushed- 'Majority of Egypt against Muslim Brotherhood'

BFP Podcast 1: BFP Podcast- The Reality Principle with Eric Draitser- “War, Peace, and the Search for Our Humanity”

BFP Podcast 2: Geopolitics w/Ryan Dawson Presents Prof. Ira Chernus Rob- “Delving into the Real John Kerry”

Podcast 1: Lew Rockwell Show-The Wacoization of Chris Dorner

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  1. I just can’t watch that little girl getting searched by those complete idiots. It makes me so angry. What are the other people around them doing? Just watching? Yuck.

    And you know, after listening to the Gladio Series, the daily news does take on new significance. There are so many stories – I have no idea how you find the time…

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