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“This work was strictly voluntary, but any animal who absented himself from it would have his rations reduced by half.” – George Orwell

International Newsworthy

Iran to Establish Naval Base Near Gwadar

Germany Charges 2 with Selling Iran Drone Motors

Iran Claims BBC Hosts “Anti-Revolutionary” Network

'PG States Support Terrorist Ops in Iran'

West Balochistan: Iran Accelerates Executions of Baloch Prisoners

Fatwa Issued Against 3G Internet Operator in Iran

* * * *

Balkanization of Afghanistan Beckons

UN: Drones Killed More Afghan Civilians in 2012

Killings of Government Workers Soar in Afghanistan: UN

Nowhere is Safe for Pakistan's Hazaras

Pakistan Senate Sees Govt Intelligence Failure in Balochistan

* * * *

Syrian Rebels Say will Hit Lebanon in Response to Hezbollah Fire

Assad’s Troops Retreat from Golan, Leaving Islamist Rebels to Confront Israel

Russia Warns of 'Mutual Destruction' in Syria

Lebanon's Court Issues Indictment against Former Minister, Syrian Officials

Russia Steps Up Syria Evacuation Efforts

Syria’s Oil Crisis

* * * *

NATO Offers United Arab Emirates Missile Shield Training

Iraq Agrees on Gas Pipeline Deal with Iran

Iraqi Islamic Party Calls for Change in Maliki Government Fuel Pipeline Attacked in Northern Iraq

Turkey: 'World's Biggest Prison' for Journalists

Turkey-Iran Ties Strained by Iraq, Syria

Hezbollah Arrests Israel-Linked Spy

New Information Emerges on Hezbollah Commander’s Assassination

* * * *

German Government Agrees 330 Troops for Mali Support

Mali Probes Claims of Atrocities

Tunisia Islamist Leader Says New Govt Coming

Turkey and Libya Draw Closer Over Police Training

Mauritania Faces Salafist Threat

Algeria Discovers 31 Oil-Gas Wells in 2012

* * * *

China’s Energy Chess Game

Putin Defies U.S. Judge- Refuses to Hand Over Jewish Archive

Russia Opposes Trade Sanctions against DPRK

U.S. Aid to Caucasus, Central Asia to Drop, Except for “Security”

Gazprom Set to Seal KyrgyzGaz Acquisition

Tajik Activist Stabbed In Moscow

UK is largest investor in Azerbaijan in January

Saudi Fund for Development to Grant $35 Million-Loan to Azerbaijan

Kazakhstan: Widening Social Divide Fuels Protest Mood

* * * *

Poland to Drop Charges in CIA Secret Prison Investigation

Bulgaria Govt Resigns over Austerity

Iceland Considers Dropping its Currency

Israeli 'Prisoner X' Investigation: Gag Order Lifted

Netanyahu: Zygier Had No Connection to Australian Agencies

National Newsworthy

Brennan Refuses to Rule Out Drone Assassinations within the US

Madeleine Albright: Drones 'Very Effective' at Getting Rid of People

Nancy Pelosi: Drone Strikes on Americans Can Stay Secret

UN: Drones Killed More Afghan Civilians

U.S. Air Force Developing Terrifying Swarms of Tiny Unmanned Drones that Can Hover, Crawl & Even Kill Targets

Pentagon Investigating SEAL Who Shot Bin Laden

Kansas Considers Putting Limits on TSA Pat-Downs

High Court to Look at Unlimited Campaign ContributionsMoney Chase by Obama Circle Ripe for Corruption, Say Government Watchdogs

US Training of Mexican Troops Has Escalated in Step with Mexico’s Murder Rate

Pentagon Reworks PTSD Strategy

Chinese Military Group Linked to Hacks of 100+ Companies

Treasury's Audit of the Federal Reserve's Gold Is Pure Propaganda

Noteworthy Editorials

Paul Craig Roberts: America Shamed Again- A Colonized People

Paul Pillar: Pistachio Perplexity

Patrick Buchanan: Who Killed the Middle Class

NDAA: Pre-Emptive Prosecution Coming to a Town Near You

Does the War Party Have a Peace Caucus?

Money is a Form of Social Control and Most Americans are Debt Slaves

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