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What does it mean to be a ‘True Alternative’ among the too many and too powerful media outlets infested with lies and busy with implementing deception and propaganda? As a long-term truth seeker and activist, and as founder and director of Boiling Frogs Post, I believe I have gained a certain degree of moral authority to answer this question confidently:

A true alternative means a truly independent: independent of foundation mega-bucks, independent of corporate-sponsors, and independent of mega-advertisement dollars. There is only ONE way for a truly independent alternative to exist, survive, continue and expand: Through People- direct contributions and donations by the people for the people.

Fundraising ThermometerWithout the people’s support there will never be a true alternative. Never. The truly independent alternatives will not survive without the support and backing of the people. Thus, it is up to the people to decide and take steps to support the real independent and counter the mega establishment.

This website, Boiling Frogs Post, began with a promise: a site where the irate minority (that’s me and you), those aware and tired of the creators of lies-fables-smoke and mirrors, could call home. It was created on a pledge: complete independence from the establishment- those who come in many forms-whether foundations, sponsors or deep-pocket advertisers.

For over three years our team of producers and analysts has been presenting you with untainted, bold, independent and nonpartisan facts and discussions through original video reports, podcast interviews and commentaries, editorial cartoons, news and analyses. We believe we have been effective: we have been shining the light on the truth, and have been irritating the powers and their puppetries. We have expanded our team and coverage. And, we have accomplished this through one source (and one source only): You and your support.

Please take a stand and make a statement today by supporting a real alternative. Please help us continue and expand- for the independent truth, and for all of us. You can, and here is how:

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  1. avatar ProudPrimate says:

    I have been a subscriber at the $5/mo level since 12/12/09, and am devouring your material on Gladio B. I would like to give more, but I just lost my full-time status at work (I was the last full-timer, and the company did away with them), so now I have very limited medical coverage, and diminished income. I am reluctant to increase. I was spending lavishly in the election, thinking myself well set, until this. So now, I only support you, GlobalResearch and ACLU.

    But I did allow myself an extra indulgence last week: I obtained a copy of “Dollars for Terror: The United States and Islam” by Richard Labéviere, who quotes Graham Fuller:

    “The policy of guiding the evolution of Islam and of helping them against our adversaries worked marvelously well in Afghanistan against the Red Army,” explains a former CIA analyst. “The same doctrines can still be used to destabilize what remains of Russian power, and especially to counter the Chinese influence in Central Asia.” In a certain sense, the Cold War is still going on. For years Graham Fuller, former Deputy Director of the National Council on Intelligence at the CIA, has been talking up the “modernizing virtues” of the Islamists, insisting on their anti-Statist concept of the economy. Listening to him, you would almost take the Taleban and their Wahhabi allies for liberals. “Islam, in theory at least, is firmly anchored in the traditions of free trade and private enterprise,” wrote Fuller. “The prophet was a trader, as was his first wife. Islam does not glorify the State’s role in the economy.”

    Apparently it was not obvious in 2000 that “Statism” was a brush to tar the Liberals with, a word used only by Libertarians and Austrian Economists. Now it is quite obvious. The Koch brothers would use the same diction as Fuller, to laud any group they liked.

  2. @ProudPrimate: Thank you for this sincere note and activiss.

    Please send me a note via contact page- we are honored to have people/supporters like you. You’ll have your account/membership/access whether you pay or not; just let me know and I’ll have our admin set up a complimentary account when you need it. Thank you.

  3. Hi Sibel,

    This is “Pick” from your facebook page. I just joined and contributed to Boiling Frogs and look forward to your fine commentaries and from the other forum members too.

    Keep up the great work, Sibel.

    Clay & Shawn Pickering

  4. This quote from Fuller, former father-in-law of “Uncle Ruslan,” is very important. It seems there is a group of ideologists within the CIA and NSC who either belonged to or were influenced by Alexandre Benningsen and his circle at the U. of Chicago and RAND Corp as well as the notorious Working Group on Nationalities under Henze and Pipes in the 1970s-80s. Back then they promoted Islamism as a weapon of choice against the Soviet Union. Then sometime after its collapse, this group develops the idea that political Islamism would be a better partner for the Empire’s geopolitical goals than secular post-Baasist regimes of a Mubarak type. Fuller’s defense of Gulen and his peons to Islamic capitalism, Reuel Gerecht’s (also of CIA) promotion of Muslim Brotherhood as a better choice for Egypt — these are a part of the ideological component of Gladio B phase. It might also be a part of a bigger picture and relate to the ascending antidemocratic and fashizoid trends in the United States itself. After all, these ideas are only one or two steps away from concluding that a Sharia society is friendlier to capitalism than democracy. Just listen to the whining about democracy’s propensity to anticapitalist populism from free-market guru Marc Faber or Robert Kagan’s calls to return to the social and political arrangements of the 19th century. Just as Gladio “A” was about much more than a stay-behind strategy, so is Gladio “B”.

  5. avatar ProudPrimate says:

    Sibel — very kind of you, but I am quite comfortable paying $5 a month. Wish it was more. I also plan to continue my $4.75/mo to Chossudovsky and $13 a month to ACLU. Other than that though, the politicians will have to make other plans.

    I tell you what, though: I am spreading the word about your work every day. A Turkish gentleman asked to be my friend on Facebook. His English is not so hot and my Turkish of course is zero. But I use Google translator, and message him first English then the Google version. He had heard of Susurluk, but was shocked to learn some of the things you have revealed recently. I told him to drop you a line in Turkish here.

    At this point, I am no longer able to stomach MSNBC or Current TV as I did during the election. I heard one of Peter B’s podcasts (I’m glad to be indirectly supporting him also) an interview with Dave Lindorff which was linked without a paywall through a web page that included top-quality images of the Craft International guys, and I shared this with a smart young woman at work — never would have guessed she’s a scholarly Truther, and devours everything I share of yours, like your amazing Gladio B series. I’ve had the Gladio A (Timewatch) linked on my Recommended Resources page for years (http://www.proudprimate.com/Recommended%20Resources.htm), so this business with Graham Fuller just makes too much sense. All the pieces seem to be falling in place, right back to Iran-Contra. Today, even Coverup Queen Lee Hamilton told Robert Parry that if he had known about a certain document Parry emailed him, he would have confirmed the October Surprise. (http://consortiumnews.com/2013/06/08/second-thoughts-on-october-surprise/)

    Anyway, so proud to share a little bit of this cutting edge work, dear lady.

  6. avatar ProudPrimate says:

    I wish these posts were editable. I forgot why I mentioned the Lindorff interview — because Peter mentioned how he had seen Rachel Maddow waving around a copy of the 9/11 Commission report, as if that were anything but a coverup. So that’s to say, how much more than usual I watch for new posts here! I can’t stand to watch anymore over there (even if he still does!)

  7. avatar thymesup says:

    sibel; i’ve been trying for a few days to renew my 50/yr subscription but each time i type in the amount a red lettered statement says “you must specify an amount’ even though i just did and i can see the “$50.00″ clearly in the box. i don’t what to do. i need to put on credit card as my ssi meagreness of 640/mo doesn’t arrive yet and is mostly spoken for already, anyway. anyway, keep up the good work. lb in maine

  8. avatar ProudPrimate says:

    thymesup —

    Hey, kid! How ‘ya doin? Remember me from the Great Lost Bear with Richard Gage after the showing of Experts Speak Out?

    You know, it’s possible, if you use a different browser, like maybe Internet Explorer if all else fails, that error may go away. I use Chrome, but there are still things it can’t do, and I have to revert to Firefox to use Disqus, for example, because in Chrome the type is tiny tiny. IE is usually the most capable for the latest XML stuff, but I avoid it when possible for intrusion reasons.

    Great to see your sig —

    JSC in Portland.

  9. avatar ProudPrimate says:

    see how much we love you, Sibel

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