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  1. so now, ‘suddenly’, just as Assad is ‘winning’ this dreadful covert war, just at the time UN poll finds 70% Syrians back Assad, and Turkish Police arrest al-Nusra mercenary thugs with sarin, and UN envoy finds sarin use by imported Jihadists the most likely,

    the white house of shadow tells us they have CIA ‘proof’ of Assad sarin gas use, and now US are going to go in deeper. ESCALATION . CIA proof. Can you imagine anything with less currency in the world at the moment?


    Don’t we ever consider the News and “who is behind the story”
    Evidently not!
    So why do these things happen? Are they really a surprise?

    If we have all this “unrest” and civil-disobedience going on all over the world, why? should be the question. Where do we find the answer to this question?

    Try looking at who controls the media and the “propaganda” that has flowed past our eyes.
    As the old proverb tells us, “follow the money” and the “power elite”.

  3. avatar ProudPrimate says:

    So glad at least we have sites like this and GlobalResearch — otherwise, we would be totally abandoned and deprived of the facts of the matter.

    RT and Press TV are of course also on the side of accuracy here, though the Russians and Iranians are not entirely trustworthy either.

    It’s an empty feeling, isn’t it?

  4. avatar thymesup says:

    congrats, sibel. you’re almost there. hope my donation went through. let me know if not. you are appreciated. crucially.

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