Podcast Show #119- Talking Turkey & The Possible Machiavellian Angle in the Latest Developments on Iran

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On this episode of Boiling Frogs Show we are joined by roving journalist Pepe Escobar to discuss the latest developments on Iran and Turkey pushing crossroad politics. The episode is more of a lively debate than a straight-forward interview. You will be hearing facts, perspectives, and analyses completely absent from the mainstream media, including the high stakes for Turkey in its pursuit of becoming the East-West energy transit corridor with Iran by its side, and the possibility of this entire new situation with Iran being another well-calculated, cynical and highly Machiavellian set up concocted by the usual imperial hawks. We suggest you read Pepe’s latest analysis on Turkey here, and join this lively discussion with your own reaction and feedback.

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  1. Extremely interesting and useful analysis!
    I don’t know if the host or Sibel could hear that when Pepe spoke especially loudly the sound cut out. If you heard it I suggest it would have been good to stop him and ask to keep the microphone a bit more distant.
    Otherwise thank you very much.

    May I suggest as a topic and a guest, explore the British East India’s role with purported agent Hempher in the early 18th century, doing a clever psy op on the fanatic Wahhab, encouraging his views which tragically pitted Muslim against Muslims to further British imperial aims. I suggest you invite Michael Stuart to speak about this with you. I know some say this is a fabrication, but it appears likely to be valid and should be exposed as the Wahhabis, who claim to be ‘Salafist’ but are not, are the cause of the dreadful mercenary destruction of life in Syria. Thanks for your consideration.

  2. tonywicher says:

    This was a great discussion. I learned a lot. Let me throw in my two cents worth. Western imperialism suffered serious defeats in both Syria and Egypt, as their whole economic system is on the verge if collapse, the dollar is being replaced by the yuan and the BRICS countries form economic and military alliances against it. It is really losing power, and possibly some of its insane hubris. If so, the negotiations with Iran may be sincere, but Sibel is right to be very suspicious that this is only a temporary retreat. The leopard does not change his spots and the imperialists are looking for every opportunity to create political divisions in Iran.

    On Egypt, I agree with galaxo (above) that a study of the relationship between the British (now Anglo-American) Empire and the Muslim Brotherhood would be very instructive. The MB have been supported by imperialism for decades. This is why they won the election, not because they represented the will of the Egyptian people. They are a small, fanatical and intolerant minority of Muslims and of Egyptians. Obama is personally very close to the MB – his half-brother Malik is an official of the MB. Liberals laugh at Christian right-wingers who say Obama is a secret Muslim, but the Bible thumpers are not so far off in this case. The overthrow of Mubarak was part of the CIA-sponsored “Arab Spring” and was supported by the Obama administration. The imperialists wanted to get rid of Mubarak because he was getting uncooperative. He was becoming too independent, too much of an Egyptian nationalist. The managed to put in their man Morsi under the cover of a “democratic election”, but as soon as he got in, he started to act like the fanatic that he is and assumed dictatorial powers. The people of Egypt demonstrated against him in the millions, and the army properly removed him from power. This was a crushing defeat for imperialism and for Obama personally. My idea of the best possible outcome for Egypt would be for Al Sisi to run for President and win, and be the new Nasser, a true anti-imperial nationalist.

    Meanwhile, we the American people have the responsibility for regime change here at home. We have the power to take back this country. We only have to act. We are the ones who stopped Obama from bombing Syria and possibly starting World War III two months ago. Calls to Congress were running 10 to 1 against war. We had help from some sane people remaining in the military including JCS Chairman Dempsey, and from Russia, Putin and Lavrov, but we the American people deserve much of the credit. We must redouble our activism in the coming weeks and months. Our government is supposed to represent us and not the damned imperialists, and we can make it do so if enough of us get involved. We must demand the restoration of Glass-Steagall to bring Wall Street under control and prevent economic collapse. We must also demand an end to the national security state, the repeal of the National Security Act of 1947 and all the other unconstitutional laws that have given our executive branch dictatorial and police state powers. The CIA, NSA, FBI etc must be disbanded. As the imperialist economic system collapses and its grip on power weakens, we have this opportunity if we seize the moment.

  3. Hi tonywicher,

    While I agree with your sentiment in the following statement, I’m skeptical about its validity:

    We are the ones who stopped Obama from bombing Syria and possibly starting World War III two months ago. Calls to Congress were running 10 to 1 against war. We had help from some sane people remaining in the military including JCS Chairman Dempsey, and from Russia, Putin and Lavrov, but we the American people deserve much of the credit.

    How many people generally call in support of any military action?

    How many people generally call when their position is the same as their representative’s public statements?

    While polls also showed a majority of people against escalation of our ongoing (and still ongoing) military actions against Syria, I don’t think this had much to do with the willingness of the Obama administration to agree to the deal orchestrated, ostensibly, by Russia.

    That said, I agree that we need to continue public education and pressure. With civil liberties and family economies both going down the same toilet, big changes to the reigns of government are the goal and overwhelming pressure will be necessary for those. But, I think that some prosecutions are necessary as a precursor to some of the things you mentioned.

    If we keep justice and accountability in mind as a priority, we’ll get a more pitchfork (figurative) oriented public pressure coming to bear from a wider swath of the population. This allows folks with different political philosophies to work together to prosecute the establishment criminals who are breaking existing laws and pissing on our existing constitution. I really like Rocky Anderson’s idea for a Justice Party and did vote for him for president.

    I wouldn’t dissuade anyone from speaking out or lobbying representatives about the things you mentioned, but think the performance of public pressure regarding Syria escalation is highly overestimated.

    • richardFitzwell says:

      Indeed, I doubt we will know for a long while [if ever] what actually averted the ‘Kinetic Freedom Strikes’ in Syria, but you could sure feel the resistance against intervention this time around…or at least more so then in the last decade.

  4. colinjames says:

    I’m of the opinion that while public pressure was a factor in preventing, at least temporarily, an attack on Syria via cruise missiles, it was one of many reasons. Arguably a huge factor, but I wonder how many of those calls to Congress were from a war-weary public, as opposed to an anti-war public that understand we’ve been arming, training, and funding the worst of the worst Islamic jihadis in an illegal, imperial proxy-war of aggression. Not to rain on the parade too much because it was a big deal, and something to celebrate. And while of course no one really calls Congress to CALL for a war, the sheer volume and ratio of no-attack-on-Syria calls was impressive. Anyways, as for the imperial decline meme, while obviously the dollar is in distress and the economy perpetually at risk from speculative bubbles, James Petras has an interesting article with a different perspective:


    So, take it for what it’s worth, I don’t know the furore holds, only that it really needs a course correction.

  5. Xicha,

    I think that if even 5 percent of the people in the country really became active, led by an experienced leadership, we could overthrow the Empire in short order. Obama and the insane people behind him were ready for war, had announced that they were going to start bombing without consultation with Congress or the U.N. Security Council. If it wasn’t the American people that stopped them, what did? I think every call to Congress is valuable. Let’s get those phones ringing off the hook!

  6. If it wasn’t the American people that stopped them, what did?

    Please do write more on that point..tonywicher.

    maybe also in my contry of Denmark(europe).
    we are asking why…

    and we are in nato also…hmmm.

    kind regards.

  7. NATO is the aggressive war machine of Western imperialism. Its charter is world conquest. There should be a campaign in Denmark and the rest of Europe to withdraw from NATO. The governments of all the NATO countries have been hijacked as has that of the U.S. They do not represent their people.
    Contact Helga LaRouche of the Schiller Institute, which was involved in the recent Danish local elections:

  8. Thank You…Tonywicher

    I am very Greatfull..

    Very Kinds Regards.

  9. Tonywicher…the road ahead….

    Just who is Growing up…

    USA or EUROPE…

    What are We…

    Across the ATLANTIC…


  10. James McGowan says:

    I really enjoyed the lively discussion between the three of you … I sense something very positive is going to come of your all joining forces. I am very impressed with the professionalism of BFP and the Corbett Report. Here though is some counterpoint to the recent Iran accord will not amount to anything. Jim Dean of coure is the managing editor of Veteran’s Today. http://journal-neo.org/2013/12/05/u-s-public-opinion-a-major-shift/

  11. One country not mentioned was Qatar. Isn’t Qatar the tail wagging the dog? Qatar has Al-Jazeera to wage the info war and move the chess pieces around as it sees fit. Curious to know what others think of Qatar’s role in all this?

  12. Apologies, Pepe mentions Qatar at minute 55.

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